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Annie's Favorite Crochet Dolls

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Annies Favorite Crochet Dolls, featuring "Cookie Cutter Witch."

       Annie's Favorite Crochet Dolls , a hardcover book published in 1997 by Annie's Attic, LLC, features 39 doll and doll clothing patterns. My "Cookie Cutter Witch" is among them. (You can also order "Cookie Cutter Witch" in its original publication here.

Other patterns in this book include:

  • Sweetheart Doll Wreath
  • Annie Air Freshener
  • Tissue Cover Girls
  • Dolly Dreams Pajama Bag
  • Sweet Scents
  • Trinket Box Debutante
  • Granny Buttons
  • Little Orphan Arf Arf
  • Wintertime Bear
  • Cuddly Cottontail
  • General Ted E. Bear
  • Indian Brave & Maiden
  • Jolly Scotsman
  • Native American Pals
  • Persian Princess
  • Hopi Warrior
  • Yesterday's Child
  • Vintage Finery
  • Mary Elizabeth Bed Doll
  • Cupie Doll Cuties
  • Rag Doll Twins
  • Bride & Beau
  • Country Cousins
  • Lisa Diane
  • Bitty Baby
  • Fashion Doll Queen Elizabeth
  • Fashion Doll Wedding Party
  • Fashion Doll Sleepytime Sisters
  • Fashion Doll Arabian Nights
  • Fashion Doll Flamenco Dancer
  • Fashion Doll Hawaiian Beauty
  • Fashion Doll Ice Skater's Delight
  • Fashion Doll Prom Night Pair
  • Bridal Belles
  • New Year's Gala
  • Cookie Cutter Witch
  • Pilgrim Pillow Dolls
  • Clothespin Christmas
  • Potpourri Angel

       Please note:  Quantities are very limited. Due to the copyright laws, and the fact that the copyrights for the published items do NOT belong to me, these patterns may only be sold as part of the publications in which they appear. I cannot sell scans or copies of these patterns by email.

       Shipping & Handling costs will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for Michigan residents.

Please note: this copy is in excellent condition.
PD-012 Annie's Favorite Crochet Dolls $24.99

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