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Page updated 8 April 2020
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       Reminder: All pattern booklets are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.



Crochet Fun:

       Crochet Fun another one of those wonderful little digest- size magazines, published by Jerry Gentry, Inc. starting in 1987. Each issue was packed with outstanding patterns, designed by newcomers and subscribers, as well as by established designers such as Barbara Anderson, Sandra Maxfield, Michele Wilcox, Carolyn Christmas, and more.

GS-7371 Crochet Fun No. 2, Dec/ Jan 1988

Crochet Fun No. 2, Dec/ Jan 1988. Projects include: Charlie Chimp, Evening Set (Cape & Purse), Necklace, Play Set (Little Girl's Apron, Large Bowl, Pitcher, Tumbler, Place Mat, Small Bowl), Snowflake Baby Sweater (knit- look), Stripe on Stripe Afghan, Coffee & Cream Afghan, Fashion Doll Party Dress, Panda Set Child's Purse & Scarf, Bear & Honey Pinsuchion, Touch of Country Pillows, Baby Bear, His 'n Her Booties. Very good condition.

GS-7372 Crochet Fun No. 3, Feb/ Mar 1988

Crochet Fun No. 3, Feb/ Mar 1988. Projects include: Star Beret, Baby Decor Pillow and Picture Frame, Bird Cage, Just For Him Sweater, Babies & Bears Mirror ir Pillow Doll and Afghan, Lace Stole, Reggie Racoon and Puffy Bunny, Pretty Pastels Afghan, Book Tote, Ladies' Jacket Vest, Kitty Hang- Ups, Soap Ducky, Little Girl's Purse. Excellent condition.

GS-7373 Crochet Fun No. 4, Apr/ May 1988

Crochet Fun No. 4, Apr/ May 1988. Projects include: Hat Trim, Frilly Hat Band, Balloon Romper, Chains on Shells Baby Afghan, Baby Bloom, Lady's Apron, Turtle Potholder, A- Maze- N Afghan, Decorative Pllow, Fancy Sweatshirt, Peggy Panda, Comb Set (Ruffle, Daisy, Rose, Worm, Clown, Girl). Excellent condition.

GS-7374 Crochet Fun No. 5, June/ July 1988

Crochet Fun No. 5, June/ July 1988. Projects include: Tank Top, Li'l Chick, Earth Tones Afghan, Cindy & Swing (14" tall crocheted doll and baby swing), Flowers & Lace Baby Layette (Afghan, Bonnet, Bootie), Mesh Cardigan, 4 Lemon Slices Potholders, Little Girls' Swimsuit, Berry Patch Sweatshirt Yoke, Crochet Bazaar (Glasses Case, Framed Ducks, Lizard Bookmark, Mouse Bookmark, Music Pillow, Sachet, Daisy Necktie and Suspenders Set, High Top Booties, Kite and Balloon Fun Fridgies, Chili Peppers). Excellent condition.

GS-7375 Crochet Fun No. 6, Aug/ Sept 1988

Crochet Fun No. 6, Aug/ Sept 1988. Projects include: Football caddy, Ritzy Sweater, Prehistoric Pals Afghan, Hair- Care Set, Cotton Candy Cardigan Set, Sweetheart Bear, Country Heart, Pot Snuggy, Black Forest Afghan, Frog Hopper, Summer Collar, Flip- Flops, Stage Cats. Excellent condition.

GS-7376 Crochet Fun No. 8, Dec/Jan 1989

Crochet Fun No. 8, Dec/ Jan 1989. Projects include: Quick Country Afghan, Afghan of Many Colors, Himalaya Vest, Skating Accents (child's mittens and scarf), Kristina Kitty and Bobby Bear P. J. Bags, Sweet Dreams Bear Pillow, Baby in Blankie Puppet Playmate, Splatterware Tea Cozy & Potholders, Baby's First Catch Footed Overalls and Sweater, Convertible Cowl, Evening Shawl, Penguin Pal. Excellent condition.

GS-7377 Crochet Fun No. 9, Feb/ Mar 1989

Crochet Fun No. 9, Feb/ Mar 1989. Projects include: Fisherman's Afghan, Clown Tissue Cover, Daybed Coverlet, Dogwood Applique, 4- Hour Doily, Grover Goat, Rattan Hearts, Strawberry Kitchen Set Toaster Cover and Potholder, Rabbit Toy, Pretty 'n Pastels sweater, Rainbow Bath Set (Tank Cover, Lid Cover, Rug), Dribble bib, V- Shaped Bib, Victorian Trinket. Excellent condition.

GS-7378 Crochet Fun No. 10, Apr/ May 1989

Crochet Fun No. 10, Apr/ May 1989. Projects include: Country Heather Sweater, Siesta Afghan, Color Time Carryall, Pick- A- Puppet (Boy, Girl, Grandma, Grandpa), Child's Silver Sweater, ABC Afghan, Crochet Reticule, Handy Clown Note Holder, Baby Bank, Palomino Pillow, Rise 'n Shine Rooster, Bluebonnet Collar. Excellent condition.

GS-7379 Crochet Fun No. 11, June/ July 1989

Crochet Fun No. 11, June/ July 1989. Projects include: Quacky Quackers duck, Patchwork Fans Afghan, Petite Patchwork Pillow, Pierre Potpourri Skunk, Country Tissue Cover, Frog Romper, Bear and Clown Handle Huggers, Simply Chains Clown Jar, Dainty Feet Sock Trims, Head To Toe Highlights (3 Ponytail ties), Summer Fashions for Fashion Dolls (Sundress, Shorts, Slacks, and Top), Cotton Sherbet Afghan, Beach Pullover, Fairy Tale Pincushion (Mouse on Pumpkin), Folk Bookmark, Chickenwire Pot Holders. Excellent condition.

GS-7380 Crochet Fun No. 12, Aug/ Sept 1989

Crochet Fun No. 12, Aug/ Sept 1989. Projects include: Antique Radio Pillow, First Day of School Picture, Racing Pals Tortoise & Hare, Casual Cover- Up Sweater, Sweet Petite Baby Dress with Panties & Booties, Bridget's Monster, Baby's Bear, Sweatshirt Accent, Pretty Ponies Sweatshirt Appliques, Rainbow Ripples Baby Afghan, Bottle Babies Bottle Covers (Flower, Baby, Clown), Lapghan. Excellent condition.


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