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Booklets and Magazines: Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Items

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       Michelle Crean of Treasured Heirlooms Crochet has been designing crochet patterns for publication by companies such as Annie's Attic, The Needlecraft Shop, Annie Potter Presents, and Herrschners for over 25 years.

       We are pleased to be able to bring you one last chance to own some of these out-of-print publications. Because of the difficulty in obtaining some of these pattern booklets, condition will vary from new to good used. Quantities are very limited.

       Please note:  due to the copyright laws, and the fact that the copyrights for the published items do NOT belong to me, these patterns may only be sold as part of the publications in which they appear. I cannot sell scans or copies of these patterns by email.

       In rare cases, the sample item is available for sale, as noted.

Please click on any photo for a larger view and full description.

White crocheted snowflakes decorated with pearl beads
Pearl Ornaments
PC-001 -- $9.95
Details & Ordering
The Seasons of Crochet, published by Annie Potter Presents, contains my Pilgrim Cookie Cutter Doll patterns.
The Seasons of Crochet
PD-011 -- $24.95
Details & Ordering
Roses and Snowflakes ornaments
Roses and Snowflakes Ornaments
PC-006 -- $8.99
Details & Ordering
Poinsettia Blossom Doilies and Coaster set
Poinsettia Blossoms
PA-008 -- $9.95
Details & Ordering
Childhood Memories wooden ice cream spoon dolls
Childhood Memories Spoon Dolls
PD-005 -- $9.95
Details & Ordering
These crocheted snowflakes have rose centers and pearl bead accents.
Rose Snowflake Ornaments
PC-005 -- $14.95
Ask Annie's Attic to reprint!
Cover of The Ultimate Crochet Christmas Tree pattern booklet
"The Ultimate Christmas Tree"
book from Annie's Attic
PC-002 -- $24.95
Details & Ordering
{short description of image}
Cookie Cutter Cuties
PD-004 -- $9.95/$12.95
Details & Ordering
Pineapple Christmas Ornament
Pineapple Ornament
"The Ultimate Christmas Tree"book from Annie's Attic
PC-002 -- $24.95
Details & Ordering
Aunt Irma's Snow Angel is crocheted in white pearlized cotton thread on a cookie cutter base.
Aunt Irma's Snow Angel
PD-010 -- $9.95
Details & Ordering
Cookie Cutter ornaments
Cookie Cutter Ornaments
PD-003 -- $14.95
Details & Ordering
Crocheted snowflake ornament
Sunshine Snowflake Ornaments
PC-002 -- $7.99
Details & Ordering
  Plastic Canvas picture frame Christmas ornaments
Plastic Canvas Christmas Surprise Ornaments
PC-003 -- $7.95
Details & Ordering

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