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"Donna Raye and Her Doll"
Outfit for 5-Inch Baby Doll

Donna Raye and her Doll


       Intrigued by the story behind my "Donna Raye's Dolls" pattern sets, Doll Castle News magazine asked me to write an article for their November- December 2016 issue about crocheting, designing, dolls, and Donna Raye -- my Mom. Donna Raye and Her Doll is the pattern set I designed to accompany the article. It was inspired by the 1925 photo of Mom and her aunt's doll (which was almost as big as she was!). That's the actual Donna Raye and Ophelia in the photo inset, above.

       This pattern set is sized for the 5-inch vinyl Berenguer baby doll and a 1-inch "party favor" size baby doll and includes: Dress, Coat, Bonnet, Shoes, and Panties for Donna Raye, and Dress, Diaper, and Bonnet for tiny baby Ophelia. All pieces are worked in size 10 crochet cotton. Though I haven't tried it, the larger doll's outfit should also fit a 7-1/2-inch soft body baby doll, if worked in baby yarn with a larger hook.

       The Coat and Bonnet patterns originally appeared in the magazine.

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       6% sales tax will be added to all orders for Michigan residents, but you can save printing, shipping and handling costs by ordering the PDF version of the pattern! It will be emailed to you as soon as I receive your order from PayPal, and you may print it yourself at your leisure.

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ED-025E Donna Raye and Her Doll- PDF $6.95 Total*
ED-025P Donna Raye and Her Doll - Printed $6.95 + s/h*
* Plus 6% tax for Michigan residents.

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