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Page updated 26 May 2018
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       Reminder: Unless otherwise noted, all magazines are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.



Old-Time Crochet:

       Old-Time Crochet was published by House of White Birches. I believe that it was originally "Old-Time Crochet Patterns & Designs" (though I could be wrong). "Old-Time Crochet Patterns & Designs" seem to have been reprints of vintage/ antique patterns. "Old-Time Crochet" appears to be a mixture of vintage & modern. The pages in the earilier editions were a newsprint-type paper, so many of these older magazines may show some degree of page- yellowing.

GS-7350 Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1989

Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1989. Designs include: Electric Light Shade - 1916, Crocheted Basket - 1942, Pineapple Frosting Bedspread - 1952, World War I Liberty Towels, Cupid Filet 3- Piece Chair Set - 1937, Rose Filet Edge, Crocheted Sacqu3 - 1931, Crocheted Dress - 1934, Berry Spray Lace & Corner - 1924, Tulip Luncheon Set - 1945, Frolic Teacloth - 1941, Beret - 1934(?), Irish Crochet Doily, Manor House Doily, Exquisite Insertions - 1939, Midsummer Day Runner - 1942, Peacock Pillow - 1911, Filet Point Lace - 1919, Blossoms of Summer Tablecloth, Basket Filet Chair Set, 19 Tatted Edgings - 1940, Briar Rose Tablecloth with Matching Runner - 1943, Come Into My Parlor Chair Set - 1944, Swan Rug & Seat Cover, Pink Aster Doily - 1950's, Fluted Frill Doily - 1950's, Louisana Bayou Bedspread - 1944, 7 Glamorous Edgings, Simple Sweaters for Summer Wear - 1959 (Cluster, Jiffy Crochet), Crocheted Frills (Collar, Dickey), Have A Heart Pin Cushion, Rose Design Yokes in Filet - 1924 (Pointed, Square), Embroidered Gauntlet - 1937, Crochted Border - 1923. Mailing label and sticker on cover, some page- yellowing; otherwise, very good condition.

GS-7351 Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1990

Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1990. Designs include: Irish Crocheted Collar, Mother's and Daughter's Bed Jackets, Opera Stole, Charmer Women's Top - 1935, Simplicity in Easily Worked Edgings (3 edgings), Snow- White Bedspread, Glass Jackets and Coasters, Three Doilies for Beginners (Trousseau Treasures, Wedding Cake, Bridal Lace), Sweet Clover Tablecloth, Filet Place Mat, Rose Bowl Doily (1939), Feminine Gifts For Those Hard To Please (Leaf Sachet, Square Sachet, Small Pincushion, Large Pincushion), Comfy Slippers, Tricolor Apron, Pineapple Luncheon Set - 1946 (Place Doily, Berad and Butter Doily, Glass Doily), A Set of Three Coordinating Potholders (Cookie Jar, Teapot, Plate), Beauty's Worth Bedspread - 1943, 1944 Filet Chair Set, Royal Starburst Table Cover - 1915. My dog nibbled the top corners off (he was going for the box these were stored in but miscalculated slightly) -- damage confined to the margins, so does not affect the patterns in any way. Otherwise, good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7352 Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1990

Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1990. Designs include: Pineapple Butterfly Chair Set, Two Pretty Pillows in Filet Crochet -1916, 3 Delightfully Different Edgings, Quick Work Bedspread - 1941, Harvest Moon Place Mat and Glass Jacket - 1951, Three Handy Pot Holders - 1948, Soft and Luxurious Bath Rug - 1944, The Marguerite Baby Set - 1944 (Sacque, Cap, Bootees, Carriage Cover), Four- Leaf Clover Tablecloth, Primrose Filet Yoke (1916), Junior Miss Sweater, Popcorn Trail Bedspread - 1937, Americana Seven- Piece Luncheon Set - 1940, Table For Two Tablecloth, Hot Plate Mats, Bright & Early Bed Jacket and Slippers - 1945, Pineapple Centerpiece, Popcorn Pillow Front, Octagon Crown Doily. Very good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7353 Old-Time Crochet, Spring 1991

Old-Time Crochet, Spring 1991. Designs include: Aristocrat Place Mat, Soft Beauty Shawl, Arrowhead Doily, Spring Basket, Diamond Delight Baby Set (Carriage Robe, Sacque, Bonnet, Booties), Snow in Summer Bedspread, Easter Bonnet Pincushion, Pineapple Whirl Console Set - 1943, One O' Clock Luncheon Set (Placemat, Runner), 5 Edgings from 1945, Milk Glass Dish, Venetian Tablecloth, stepping Stones Bedspread from 1938, Pond Lily Tablecloth, Rose of Erin Doily, Our Father Is Love, Feminine Crocheted Blouse (1949),Party Piece, For the Music Room, Fan Chair Set, Bread Tray Doily. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-8027 Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1991

Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1991. Designs include: Butterfly Insertion, Briar Rose Runner, Cross, Hairpin Lace Hanky, Cluster Stitch Doily, Fluffy Puppy, Good Morning Bed Jacket, Edgings of Many Uses (from the 1880's), Cluny Design Tablecloth, Hero's Salute (1942), Country Cousin Luncheon Set, Maker of Dreams Bedspread, Modern Squares luncheon set, Regency Blouse (1937), Pineapple Edging, Irish Melody Bedspread (1941), Daisy Doily, Peter Pan Collar for Little Girls, Carriage Set (Cap & Sacque), Marguerite Centerpiece in Cluny Lace, Tatted Star with Six Points, Triangular Baby Shawl, Tatted Star Doily, Forget- Me- Not Place Mat, Glass Muffs, Square Medallion (1936). Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7354 Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 1991

Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 1991. Designs include: Five Edgings - 1952, Bibs for the Youngest (Filet Bib in Dog Design, Flowered Bib), Filet Top for Pincushion with Irish Edge, Spanish Tile Runner - 1941, Training Vine Runner - 1941, Sundial Doily - 1948, Crocheted Baby Shoes - 1929, Patriotic Designs in Filet (Support Our Troops Wall Hanging, American Eagle), Star Doily, Carriage Cover - 1940's, Pineapple Place Mat, Pineapple Doily, Bread Tray Ruffle - 1948, Tailored Ruffle Doily (1948), Star of India Doily - 1941, The Puritan Bedspread - 1940's, Today's Heritage Tablecloth - 1942, Pineapple Doily and Apron - 1942, Night Life Pretty Stole - 1948, Nightgown Yoke - early 1900's, Pineapple Pillowcase Edging - 1951, Flower Handkerchief Edging - 1953, Filet Bird Design - 1920's, Cross Bookmark, Flower and Leaf Bookmark. Hole in front cover, but pages in very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7349 Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1991

Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1991. Designs include: filet crochet Flower Vase, Filet Peacocks antimacassar/ wall hanging, filet Picture Frame, Ring Bearer's Pillow, Cross Bookmark, Starbright Doily, Heirloom Pinwheel Doily, Pineapple Place Mat, Victorian Snowflake Doilies, Motif Runner & Place Mats, Victorian Pearls & Bow Collar, Angel Centerpiece, Holiday Suncatchers (Lacy Pinwheel, Double Shell suncatcher, White Christmas Irish Rose Suncatcher), Lace Bell Ornaments (Lacy Bell, Petal Bell, Delicate Shell Bell), Elegant Crochet Edgings, Filet Ornaments (Wreath, Picture Ball, Basket, Fan, Star, Bird), Crocheted Golf Balls, Mile- A- Minute Edging (An Old Favorite Edging), Pretty Litle Candle Holders, Candy Cane. Cover wear, some page yellowing.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-7355 Old-Time Crochet, Spring 1992

Old-Time Crochet, Spring 1992. Designs include: Windmill Doily, Ferris Wheel Doily, Spiderweb Doily, Rabbit Panel, Toddler's Lace Dress - 1946, Cockle Shells Afghan - 1963, Alphabet in Filet Crochet - 1935, Baby's Five Piece Crocheted Set - 1946 (Sacque, Carriage Cover, Cap, Booties), Two Puff- Stitch Baby Blankets - 1946, Soakers for Baby, Flower Stole - 1957, Spider Yoke in Filet Crochet, Afternoon Bridge Tea Cloth, Filet Insertion for Sofa Pillow, Bright Cluster Chair Back - 1940's, Ohio Farmhouse Bedspread - 1944, Lucky Star tablecloth, Fan Design Antimacassar - 1934, Peacock Tails Table Set, Seven Simple Edgings - early 1900's, Pineapple Wheel Luncheon Set - 1952 (Doily Luncheon Mat, Napkin), A 1920's Luncheon Set (Centerpiece, Service Plate Doily, Bread and Butter Plate Doily, Tumbler Doily). Either well- used or poorly stored -- cover and first few pages with large crease across corner, many other bent bottom corners.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7356 Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1992

Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1992. Designs include: Irish Morn Doily - 1944, 5 Edgings for Towels - 1943 (Loopy Scalloped, Shells with Scallops, barred Scallop, Wheels, Crosbow Diatonal), Crocheted Rug - 1949, Flowers Doily - 1955, Baby's Checkerboard Carriage Set (Carriage Cover, Pillow), Cuddle Dog, Rippling River Afghan, Quartet of Pot Holders (Flower, Squared Round, Stripes, Spokes), Puffed Shell Carriage Set - 1946 (Carriage cover, Pillow), Pineapple Buffet Set - 1948 (Oblong Doily, Square Doily), Pineapple Runner & Night Table Doily - 1948, Pond Lily Doily, Two Edgings With Interesting Detail (Diagonal Scallop, Picot Scallop), Peter Piper Helmet, Doggy Pillow, Bonnet & Mittens, Lacy Pineapple Doily - 1948, Alphabet in Lowercase for Filet Crochet - 1946, Bean Bag, Pineapple Posy Doily - 1950's, Picot Picot Doily, Wheels Doilies - 1944, Tatting Techniques (Bookmark, Stationery, Christmas Wreath Lapel Pin). Very good condition.

GS-7357 Old-Time Crochet, Spring 1993

Old-Time Crochet, Spring 1993. Designs include: Pinwheel Classic Luncheon Set - 1950, Crocheted Blouse - 1936, Speed Crochet Edging, Wheel of Fortune Chair Set, The Wedding Party - 1951 (Bride, Groom, Bridesmaid outfits for 8" dolls), A Trio of Pineapple Edgings (Narrow, Diagonal, Wider), Chariot Wheel Chair Set, Large Pineapple Doily 1953, Hollywood Bedspread, Manhatten Bedspread - 1944, Crocheted Flower Basket - 1946, Toddler's Crocheted Dress -1953, Crib Cover - 1967, Nursing & Hot Water Bottle Covers - 1951, Oblong Pineapple Doily - 1956, Lacy Buttercup Infant's Set - 1953 (Sacque, Cap, Booties), Tatting A Valentine, Two Tatted Edgings (clover Leaf, String of Hearts), Pansy Luncheon Set - 1950 (Large Doily, Medium Doily, Small Doily), Tatting Techniques (Handkerchief With Tatted Lace, Bride's GarterLace). Very good condition.

GS-7358 Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1993

Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1993. Designs include: Blue Ribbon Doily, Bed or Roses, Afghan, Baby's Five Piece Set - 1946 (Carriage Cover, Sacque, Cap, Booties), Pricilla Alden Doll - 1952 (8"), Miss Showboat (8"), Miss Seventeen - 9152 (11" doll), Good Companions Doily - 1942, Rose Filet Edging - 1959, Flower Chain Doily, Hairpin Lace Stole, Royal Pineapple - 1941, Cathedral Window Doily, Arrow & Pine KNIT Doily, Alphabet in Filet Crochet, Governor's Lady KNIT Doily, Pineapple Round DOily, Autumn Wheat Doily, Sea Scallop Doily, Four Square Doily, Evening Shrug, Sqpare Pineapple Centerpiece - 1946, Tatting Techniques (Baby Bonnet in Tatting & Net, Edging Lace). Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7359 Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 1993

Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 1993. Designs include: Block- Stitch Vest - 1912, Tatted Handkerchief Edging, Round Pineapple Tablecloth, Tatted Tab Collar, Tatted Lace Insert, Two Lace Edgings for Handkerchiefs, Square Baby Blanket, Trailing Vine Luncheon Cloth - 1942, Bread Tray Doily, Jack & Jill (5" - 6" child dolls), Square Filet Doily, Daydream Doily - 1944 , Two Lace Edgings & Insertion - 1943 (Petal Edging, Block & Lacet Edging, Block & Lacet Insertion), Martha Washington Tablecloth - 1942, Toddler Sweater - 1953, Glamorous Beaded Doily - 1956, Dahlia Doily - 1944, Tray Mat, Tatting Techniques. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7360 Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1993

Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1993. Designs include: Twelve Tatted Snowflakes, Pineapple Sachet - 1955, Cluster Stitch Afghan - 1912, Alphabet for Filet Crochet - 1982, Eight Edgings & Insertions (Scallop Edging, Half Wheel Edging, Pyraid Edging, Windowpane Insertion, Cloverleaf Edging, Lozenge Edging, Petals in A Row Edging, Boxes Insertion), Six Piece Baby Set (Cardigan, Leggings, Bonnet, Bootees, Pants), Spinning Wheel Luncheon Set - 1942, Spiderweb Doily Set - 1951, Small Daisy Doily, Miss Empire State - 1952 (8" doll), Miss Georgia Peach - 1952 (8" doll), Miss Williamsburg - 1952 (8" doll), Pineapple Motif Centerpiece - 1951, The New Pineapple Doily, Double Ring Doily, Child's Star- Stich Cardigan, Daisy Runner - 1944, Women's Crocheted Mittens - 1912, Infant's Thumbless Mittens - 1912, Carnations - 1946, Place Mat of Medallions, Tatting Techniques (Edging Lace inBlock Tatting, Doily). Very good condition.

GS-7361 Old-Time Crochet, Spring 1994

Old-Time Crochet, Spring 1994. Designs include: Pineapple Fan Chair Set - 1942, Pomegranate Doily, Pink Petal Doily, Place Mats - 1959, Queen of Hearts - 1951 (8" doll), Alice in Wonderland (10" doll), Tweed Filet Woven Afghan, Monograms, Six Crocheted Edgings (Scalop, Floral, Candy Cane Fence, Narrow, Diamonds, Love- Knot Scallop), Tea Cozy, Heirloom Pineapple Doily Rose Filet Insertion, Fan Doily with Flower Center, Pansy Doily, Double Pansy Douly, Spring Violet in Two Sizes, Lily of the Valley Doily, Seashell Ruffled Doily, Forsythia Doily, Four- Petal Pineapple Doily, Bellflower Doily, circle of Flowers Doily, Tatting Techniques (Napkin Ring in Lattice Pattern, Novel Trims Combine Tatting with Needle Weaving). Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7362 Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 1994

Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 1994. Designs include: Three scallop- Shell Doilies, Marlborough Lunchheon Set, Crocheted Bed Jacket, Two- Color Baby Blanket,Butterfly &Tulip Chair Set, Flower Spoke Lunchheon Set, Flower Strewn Runner, Fern Leaf Doily, Alphabet for Filet Crochet, Pineapple Wheel Doily, Star Cluster- Stitch Doily, Pineapple & Fan Douly, Lace- Edged Handkerchief, Shortie Gloves, Ro se Runner, Easy Doilies in Two Sizes, Crocheted Round Rug, Square Doily with Rose Center, Coral Reef Doily, Blue Ribbon Tatted Doily, Pot Holders, Spider Web Doily, Tatting Techniques (5 Tatted Medalliions & Matching Edgings With Turned Corners). Former owner's name written on cover. NOTE: pages 9 - 10 very neatly removed; pattern for Random Rose Doily is MISSING! At least half of the graph is here, but unless you know what this is supposed to look like and are very experienced in filet crochet -- if you are specifically looking for the Random Rose Doily, don't buy this!

GS-7363 Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1995

Old-Time Crochet, Winter 1995. Designs include: Tab Collar - 1920, Irish Melody Bedspread & Pillow, 19th Century Table Mats - 1892, Ppinwheel Doily with Irish Crochet Roses, Baby's Crocheted Dress, Pineapple Points Doily, Alphabet for Filet Crochet, Pineapple Chair Set, Zigzag Shell Handkerchief Edging, Filigree Shell Handkerchief Edging, The Shortie Cape, Girl's Cardigan & Skirt, Rose Ring Doily, Loopy Doll, Small Pinwheel Doily, Shell Pot Holder, Magnolia Centerpiece, Checkerboard Runner, Shinig Star Motif Tablecloth, Snowflake Tablecloth, Tatted Basket Ornament, Tatted Parasol, Tatting Techniques (Fan Bookmark, Collar, Rosary). NOTE: Pages 61 - 62 are missing! Photo of Tatted Rosary and Hot Plate Mats pattern are NOT in this magazine! Everything else seems to be here.

GS-7364 Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 1996

Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 1996. Designs include: Centerpiece - 1913, Chrysanthemum Square (Place Mat, Tablecloth, Pillow, Bedspreads), An 1890 Doily, Hat Pincushion, Swedish Popcorn Bedspread, Striped Place Mats, Beach Bag, Pointed Yoke - 1920, Chiffon Froth Ruffled Doily Set, Alphabet in Filet Crochet, Pineapple Chair Set, Moonlight Sonata Luncheon Set, Crocheter's Sampler Book (Bleeding Heart Lace, Shell Lace Edging, Spiderweb Filet Edging, Filet Edging, Lacy Shells, Dogwood PAttern, Shell Insertion), Doily With Acorn Edge, Grecian Goddess Pillow, Filigree of Gold Luncheon Set, Popcorn Diamond Evening Bag - ca 1910, Tatted Diamond Doily, An 1890 Table Mat or Doily, Tatting Techniques (A Tatted Collar from an 1873 Godey's Lady's Book. NOTE: Oh, my goodness, the pages are all mixed up! ALL ARE HERE, but not necessarily in the correct order! It looks like the former owner may have removed the staples, taken some pages out, then replaced them haphazardly in the wrong order!

$5.99 SOLD
GS-8028 Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1998

Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1998. Designs include: LUV Centerpiece & Coasters, Daisy Doily, Grape Arbor Doily, Woven Plaid Carriage Blanket, Alphabet in Filet Crochet, Snowflake Chair Set, Spanish Fan Doily, Pinecone Doily, Laxy Daisy Layette (Sacque, Blanket, and Bonnet), Tatted Child's Cap or Bonnet, Tattin' 'n' Satin Ornaments, Tatted Cloverleaf Motif, Baroque FIlet Crochet Centerpiece, Star Ruffle Doily, pineapple Centerpiece, Indian Summer Centerpiece, Seashells Centerpiece, Colonial Cottage Afghan & Pillow, Floral Fantasy Hanging, Greek Key Edging, Floral Edging, Bells Edging. Very good condition.

GS-8029 Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 2000

Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 2000. Designs include: Penny Circles Doily, Harvest Hues Afghan, Gossamer Web Tatted Doily, Acorn Edging, Men's Slippers, Tatted Edgign in Two Colors, Wheat Field Doily, Sunset Luncheon Set, Textured Rug, Child's Aran Cardigan, Autumn Bouquet Doily, Hairpin Lace Hanky Edging, Reversible Tea Cozy, Autumn Memories Photo Album & Frame, Woven Ribbon Filet Bookmark, Grape Harvest Doily, Hospitality Tablecloth, Filet Alphabet, Lattice Towel Edging, Summer's Last Hurrah Afghan. Very good condition.

GS-7365 Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 2002

Old-Time Crochet, Autumn 2002. Designs include: Victorian Lace Ripple Afghan, Blue Heaven Rug & Footstool Cover, Golden Woven Pillow, Hairpin Baby Set (bonnet & sweater), Lacy Fans Shawl, Diminutive Doilies Set (Fireworks, Winter Frost, Lacy Shells), Summer Blossom Doily, Swirls & Squares Doily, Crown of Roses Tatted Doily, Pineapple Stitch Revisited, Great Scott Drawstring Bags (Beaded Purse, Pretty Purple Pansies Purse -- fabric with crocheted top), Embroidered Daisy Filet Sachet, Every- Woman's Cloche, Grapes Hot Mat, Tatting Talk (Two- Shuttle Tatted Candy Dish), The Year Was...1915 Doily. Very good condition.


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