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Updated 16 May 2021
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.

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GS-8657 Annie's Crochet Dream Catchers

Crochet Dream Catchers, designed by Bendy Carter, Annie's, 2017. Projects made with #2 nylon cord, beads, and feathers include: Pure Gold, Star Feather, Swirling Wheat, Lone Feather, Featherd Bonnet, Moon Phases. BRAND NEW 2017 RELEASE!


Details and Ordering

GS-8183 Annie's Attic Plant Pot Holders

Plant Pot Holders, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, 1990. Designs to crochet in worsted weight yarn include: Duck Planter, Giraffe Planter, Bluebird Planter, Bunny Planter, Ladybug Planter, Donkey Cart Planter, Frog Planter.


Details and Ordering

GS-6354 Annie's Favorite Home Decor Projects

Annie's Favorite Home Decor Projects, Annie's Attic, 1999. Hard-cover book; designs include: Pretty Parlor -- Irish Wall Clock, Floral Set, Luncheon Cloth, Victorian Wreath, Parlor Perk- Up, Tassel Trimmings; Boudoir Basics -- Delicate Lampshade, Picture Mat, Vanity Set, Rose Trellis Bedspread, Boudoir Pillows, Lady's Fan Set; Holiday Home -- Cardinal Pillow, Rag Wreaths, Poinsettia Afghan, Nutcracker Duo, Angel Doily, Snowflake Potholders; Dining Decor -- Grape Basket, Mini Mats, Bellflower Tablecloth, Luncheon Decor, Motif Tablecloth, Spiderweb Set, Sideboard Cover; Kitchen Charm -- Round Rug, Kitchen Cutie Bag Holder, Chicken Place Mat Set, Countryside Curtain, Country Apples Set, Collectible Thread Potholders, Heart & Home Set; Beautiful Bath -- Swan Lake, Ribbon 'n' Bows Bath, Tissue Hanger, Cameo Bath Set, Shells 'n' Bows; Kid's Stuff -- Sparkler Rug, Happy Hangers, Stork Wall Art, Kitty Caddy, Clown Nursery; Afghans All Around - Lap Afghan, Fans Afghan, Striped Afghan, Spring Flowers, Diagonal Cables, Loop & Lace, Rose Filet. Excellent condition.


Details and Ordering

  LA Animal Face Tissue Box CoversLA Tissue Box Pals

Animal Tissue Box Covers


Details and Ordering

Annie's Pattern Club Darling Daughters: April Fresh Air Freshener CoverAnnie's Pattern Club Darling Daughters: BJ for PJ's

Darling Daughters: Pajama Bag, Air Freshener Cover, Hairspray Cover, Curlery Caddy


Details and Ordering

  Annie's Attic Planty- Pals: Tiny Turtle

Planty Pals


Details and Ordering

  Annie's Attic Pillow Patch: Pot of JonquilsAnnie's Attic Pillow Patch: Pot of Violets

Pillow Patch Flower Pillow Collection


Details and Ordering

GS-7321 TNS Crochet Tank Top Tissues

Crochet Tank Top Tissues, designed by Estella Whitford, The Needlecraft Shop, 1992. 6 toilet tissue covers in worsted weight yarn: Bearly Fishin', Cowpoke Pig, Pretty Kitty,Farmin' Bunny, Pokey Puppy, Toad Froggert. Center staples slightly rusty, but otherwise like new.


Details and Ordering

GS-9107 Crochet! Magazine Presents Crochet Home

Crochet! Magazine Presents Crochet Home, Crochet Magazine, April 2019. Designs include: MODERN FARMHOUSE -- Sampler Pillow, SBanded Cable Throw, Linked Loops Pouf, Fringed Throw, Woven Stitch Basket Set, Step- By- Step Afghan, Stone Garden Rug, KNotted Fringe Pillow, Wicker Weave Basket, Corolla Mini Bowls; BOHO BRIGHTS -- Pompom Throw, Pop of Color Pillow, Potted Plant Hanger, Boho Stripes Blanket, Bliss Pillow, Boho Basket, Octie Throw, Carribean Cabana Lights, Retro Mandala, Slice of Color Coasters, Haworthia Succulent, Jubilant Table Runner; BEACH COTTAGE -- Cottage Life Throw, Beachside Wall Hanging, Sand Dollar Throw, Ripples in the Sand Pillows, Tweed Dish Covers, Beach Cottage Pillows, Tropic Island Table Mat, Seashell Basket, Seagrass Rug, Sand Dunes Throw; RUSTIC COUNTRY -- Granny's Gingham Lapghan, Indigo BLues Coasters, Country Living Table Runner, Woven Stripes Denim Rug, Log Cabin, Woven Basket, Pillow Ticking Kitche Set, Country Roads Throw, Splatterware Basketsk, Microwave Bowl Cozy; ARTICLES -- Perfect Pompoms, Tassel Making 101. BRAND NEW 2019 RELEASE!

GS-9108 Annie's My Sleepy- Time Friends Crochet Pillows

My Sleepy- Time Friends Crochet Pillows, designed by K. Calliste Hawke, Annie's, 2018. Designs include: Bear, Bunny, Doggie, Kitty, Lamb, Lion, Tiger, Piggy. BRAND NEW 2018 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-9109 Annie's Bath Time Fun

Bath Time Fun, designed by Sue Penrod, Annie's, 2018. Designs in worsted weight cotton yarn to sew to bath puffs include Dog, Duck, Pig, Frog, Hippo, Lion, & Bear. BRAND NEW 2018 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-8264 Annie's Stash Baskets

Stash Baskets, designed by Laura Hontz, Annie's, 2016. One design in three sizes, to crochet in worsted weight yarn. BRAND NEW 2016 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-7465 Annie's Baskets for All

Baskets for All, Annie's, 2015. Designs in a variety of yarn sizes with both written instructions and symbol charts include: Owl on Guard, Colorful Chevrons, Lacy Elegance, Stylish Storage, Hanging Around, Go Team!, Textured Perfection, Woven Wonder. BRAND NEW 2015 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-7421 Annie Potter Presents Fanciful Tissue Box Covers

Fanciful Tissue Box Covers, designed by Annie Potter, Annie Potter Presents, 2009. 4 designs to crochet in worsted weight yarn for boutique tissue boxes: Victorian Beauty, Blue Danube, Bright Bouquet, Lace Fantasy. BRAND NEW!

$9.95 SOLD
GS-7310 Annie's Victorian Lace Bedspread

Victorian Lace Bedspread, designed by Diane Simpson, Annie's, 2015. Crochet in worsted weight yarn for any size bed. BRAND NEW 2015 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-6629 Coats & Clark Home Sweet (Crocheted) Home

Home Sweet (Crocheted) Home, Coats & Clark, 2012. Instructions in both written and symbol crochet using a variety of crochet cotton and yarn sizes include: Dancing Doilies Tablecloth, Popcorn Stitch Scrubbie, Everyday Dishcloths, Mini Tomatoes, Crocheted Cacti, Creativity Baskets, Woodsy Acorn Pots, Elegant Runner, Tea & Cupcakes tea cozy, Granny Slippers, Shimmery Afghan. BRAND NEW!

GS-6277 Annie's Cute Crochet Rugs for Kids

Cute Crochet Rugs for Kids, designed by Tara Cousins, Annie's, 2014. 7 designs in worsted weight yarn: Give A Hoot Owl, Bella Butterfly, Granny Shell Turtle, Baby Elephant, Mischievous Monkey, Sammy the Stegosaurus, Spots the Ladybug. . BRAND NEW 2014 RELEASE!

GS-1996 Annie's Attic Lovely & Lacy Home Decor

Lovely & Lacy Home Decor, designed by BellaCrochet, Annie's Attic, 2003. 6 pansy- inspired designs in size 10 crochet cotton include: Pansy tassle, Picture Frame Trim, Potpourri Bowl, Dresser Scarf, Air Freshener Doll, and Sachet. Brand New!

4 Available

GS-3789 Annie's Attic Baskets & Bowls in Crochet

Baskets & Bowls in Crochet, designed by Darla Sims and Jocelyn Sass, , Annie's Attic, 2009. 6 great projects include: Clothesline Crochet Basket, Oblong Basket, Large Round Bowl, Party Bowl, Jute Basket, and Duck Basket. Brand New!

$7.95 SOLD
GS-3663 Annie's Attic Painted Jute Rugs

Painted Jute Rugs, designed by Sonja Hood, Annie's Attic, 2010. 5 designs; add color with paint to rugs crocheted with jute! Brand New!

GS-3422 Leisure Arts Little Books Dashing Decor to Crochet

Dashing Decor to Crochet, Leisure Arts Little Books, 2005. 5 quick projects in worsted, bulky, and super bulky weight novelty yarns include: Pillow, Granny Afghan, Table Scarf, Textured Wall Art, and Rug. Brand New!

2 Available

GS-3423 Annie's Attic Crochet Accent Pillows

Crochet Accent Pillows, designed by Sue Childress and Frances Hughes, Annie's Attic, 2003. 10 projects using fabulous fibers accented with beads, butterflies, and bows. Brand New!

$5.95 SOLD
GS-3071 Annie's Attic Favorite Throws & Table Toppers to Crochet

Favorite Throws & Table Toppers to Crochet, Annie's Attic, 2006. 304- page spiral- bound hardcover book, containing close to 100 beautiful designs to dress up your home. Chapter headings include: Tempting Tesxtures, Happy Holidays, Bits & Pieces, Fabulous Florals, Pretty Pineapples, and Fancy Filet. Brand New!

$39.95 SOLD
Note: Additional postage required for shipping outside of the US.
PN-242 TNC Plastic Canvas Towen Toppers Around the Home

Plastic Canvas Towel Toppers Around the Home, designed by Ronda Bryce, The Needlecraft Shop, 2008. 8 designs inlcude: Eau de Parfum, Bath Powder, Salt, Pepper, His, Hers, Honey, & Apple. Hand or dish towels fold in half over ribbon and under topper. Brand New!

4 Available

GS-2695 Annie's Attic Crochet Around the Home

Crochet Around the Home, Annie's Attic, 2010. 16 great projects: Spider-web Place Mat, Shadow-Box Trellis Afghan, Couch Tissue Box Cover, Towl Tenders Kitchen Naturals, Jar Topper, Lovely Tablecloth, Fallen Petals Afghan, Delightful Doily, Variegated Rug, Rhapsody in Rose Afghan, French Dishcloth, simple Place Setting, Summer Skies Afghan, Easy Covered Hangers, and Delicate Edgings. Brand New!

3 Available

GS-2696 Annie's Attic Wiggly Crochet Rugs

Wiggly Crochet Rugs, designed by Susan Lowman, Annie's Attic, 2009. 5 beautiful designs worked in a combination of Luster Sheen and worsted weight yarn, using the Wiggly Method. Brand New!

2 Available

GS-2660 Annie's Attic Bathroom Blossoms Toilet Tissue Toppers

Bathroom Blossoms Toilet Tissue Toppers, designed by Glenda Winlkeman, Annie's Attic, 2009. 7 projects in worsted weight yarn include: Morning Rose, Cactus Flowers, Sunflower, Carnation, Garden Roses, Cornflowers, and Daisy. Brand New!

2 Available

GS-2274 Annie's Attic Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself, Annie's Attic, 2007. 16 projects include: Shoulderette, Slippers, Jewelry Roll, Hanger Cover, Floral Washcloth, Headband, Back Scrubber, Basket, Flip- Flops, Bath Mitt, Soap Holder, Bath Puff, Pineapple Candle Mat, Pineapple Coaster, Pineapple Bookmark, and Potpourri Holder. Brand New!

2 Available

GS-2058 Annie's Attic Bath Sets

Bath Sets, Annie's Attic, 2009. 3 colorful 5-piece sets using worsted & sport weight yarn. Each set includes: Seat lid cover, tank top cover, tissue box cover, toilet tissue cover, and rug. Brand New!

3 Available

GS-1530 Annie's Attic Ultimate Book of Pineapples

Ultimate Book of Pineapples, Annie's Attic, 2001. 35 pineapples used in every form and fashion, in both thread and yarn: doilies, edgings, table cloths & runners, afghans, purses, shawl, beaded top. pineapple butterfly hair clip, bedspreads, tissue holder, swan appliques for towels, earrings, sculptured swan, baby sweater & cap, hot pad, poncho, valence, and more! Brand NEW!

GS-832 Annie's Attic Pineapples Through The Home

Annie's Attic Pineapples Through The Home, Annie's Attic, 2008. 14 must-have projects, including: a gorgeous Angel; lampshade cover; afghan; round tableclothl doilies in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes; wreath; basket; tissue box cover; runners; rug, and edgings. Brand NEW!

$14.95 Details & Ordering
GS-1533 ASN Ultimate Pineapples For Your Home

Ultimate Pineapples For Your Home, American School of Needlework, 2004. 18 projects in crochet thread, including: doilies, tablecloths & toppers, bedspreads, and 8 edgings for pillowcases, placemat & matching napkin ring, towels, curtain tiebacks, etc. Brand NEW!

5 Available

GS-941 Annie's Attic Roses Through the Home

Annie's Attic Roses Through The Home, Annie's Attic, 2007. 16 great designs, for every room in your home, including: Afghan, Pillow, Doily, Lampshade Trim, Basket, Placemats, Potholders, Salt & Pepper Shaker Covers, Napkin Ring, Hook Holder, Toilet Seat Cover, Tank Runner, Tissue Box Cover, Rug, and Towel Trim. Brand NEW!

$7.95 SOLD
GS-743 American School of Needlework In-Style Crochet for the Home

In-Style Crochet for the Home, designed by George Shaheen, American School of Needlework, 2005. 63 pages of exciting and contemporary crocheted home accessories, including afghans, pillows, towel edgings, rugs, etc. Brand NEW!

2 Available

GS-942 Annie's Attic Hobnail Crochet

Annie's Attic Hobnail Crochet, designed by Ellen Anderson Eaves & Margaret Anderson, Annie's Attic, 2007. 9 Milk Glass look projects in yarn and thread include: Afghan, Doily, Pitcher & Bowl, Lamp, Bell, Bowl of Mums, Candy Dish, Tall Vase Cover, and Bud Vase. Brand NEW!

2 Available


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