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Afghans, Page 10

Page updated 10 February 2019
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Afghans, Page 10:

GS-6430 Afghan Classics in Bear Brand and Fleisher Yarns

Afghan Classics in Bear Brand and Fleisher Yarns, Bernhard Ulmann Co., Inc., 1955. Designs include: AFGHAN STITCH/ TUNISIAN Pilgrim, Heritage, Cornflower, Concord ,Dresden; KNIT Evergreen; CROCHET Pond Lily, Americana, Rose Marie, Chevron. Excellent condition, particularly considering its age!

GS-2287 Annie's Attic Crochet Scrap Applique; Afghans

Crochet Scrap Applique Afghans, designed by Eleanor Albano Miles, Annie's Attic, 2000. 5 quilt- inspired designs using scrap worsted weight yarn to created small motifs that are sewn or glued onto a crocheted block. Like new, but may smell slightly of cigarette smoke.

GS-2286 Annie's Attic Chainlink Afghans & Pillows

Crochet Chainlink Afghans & Pillows, designed by Shirley Patternson, Annie's Attic, 2001. 5 designs in worsted weight yarn, utilizing interlocking chains to form textures and patterns. Designs include: Tadpoles, Turbulence, In Flight, Along a Garden Path, Interlocking. Like new.

GS-2332 Leisure Arts Pretty Pastels

Pretty Pastels, designed by Patricial Kristoffersen, Leisure Arts, 1995. Six designs in a variety of motif, strip, and mile- -a- minute styles. Bent corners from mailing; otherwise very good condition. May smell slightly of cigarette smoke.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-1549 Annie's Attic Crochet Quilt Applique Afghans

Annie's Attic Crochet Quilt Appliquè Afghans, designed by Eleanor Albano Miles, Annie's Attic, 2000. 5 Basic quilt concepts using worsted yarn and an applique technique. Brand New.

2 Available

GS-1550 ASN Crochet Afghans for Kids

Crochet Afghans for Kids, designed by Kathy Wesley and Kathy Wigington, American School of Needlework, 1994. 6 designs include: Buttons & Bows, Soccer Ball, Teddy Bear, Checkerboard, Cats in a Corner, and Jellybean ripple. New.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-1551 LA Heavenly Afghans Inspired By Angels

Heavenly Afghans Inspired By Angels, designed by Gail Tanquary, Leisure Arts, 1997. 5 designs with angel squares, filet, and lace: Angel Border, Cherub Filet, Angel & Cloud Squares, Cloud Square, Flying Angels. Cover wear, but pages in very good condition. May smell like fabric softener sheet.

2 Available

GS-1491 Navajo Afghans

Navajo Afghans, designed by Katherine Eng, House of White Birches, 1997. Six traditional Native American patterns in desert shades. Excellent condition.

$9.99 SOLD
GS-1492 Annie's Attic Crochet Southwest Charm

Annie's Attic Crochet Southwest Charm, designed by Marilyn Mezer, Annie's Attic, 2000. 7 dynamic creations celebrating the charm of the southwest using worsted yarn and pony beads, include: Afghan, Dream Catcher, Key Holder, Flower Pot Band, Socks, Tote Bag, Yarn Can Cover. SERIOUS CONDITION PROBLEMS: Well- used, to put it mildly. Pages all rippled as if they may have gotten dam; heavy wear, notes, and stains on Afghan pattern. Everything is here and readable, though, and I'm not discerning any "damp" smells.

GS-2497 Leisure Arts Southwest Afghans to Crochet

Southwest Afghans to Crochet, Leisure Arts, 1989. 8 crocheted afghans "with a Southwestern Flavor." Cover & edge wear, notes on pages about which afghans the former owner made and to whom she gave them. Overall good condition.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-1493 Leisure Arts Southwest Serenade

Southwest Serenade, designed by Kay Meadors, Leisure Arts, 1999. 11 crocheted afghans in southwest - inspired colors and designs. Like new.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-1494 On the Double Southwest Ripples

On the Double Southwest Ripples, designed by Eleanor Albano-Miles, The Needlecraft Shop, 2001. 5 ripple designs in earthtone colors using worsted yarn and a double-ended hook. New.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-853 ASN Color Happy Afghans

Color Happy Afghans, designed by Edie Eckman, American School of Needlework, 2005. Six bright, cheerful designs worked in worsted weight or bulky yarn. New.

$5.95 SOLD
GS-854 ASN Crochet Filet Afghans

Crochet Filet Afghans, American School of Needlework, 2000. Full instructions for filet crochet tecnique and five afghan designs: Renaissance Roses, heart Beats, Dragonflies in Flight, Symphone of Flowers, and Floral Spray. New.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-605 Crochet Favorite Flower Afghan

Crochet Favorite Flower Afghan, designed by Mary M. Hammers, Annie's Attic, 2000. 42 different flowers make up one blooming afghan delight using worsted weight yarn. Flowers include: Petunia, Peony, Ranunculus, Impala Lily, Carnation, Mexican Hat, Moss Rose, Daffodil, Fuchsia, Bluebonnet, Iris, Anthurium, Coreopsis, Pansy, Tulip, Camellia, Anemone, Orchid, Brown- Eyed Susan, Cineraria, Buttercup, Chrysanthemum, Canna Lily, Hollyhock, Crocus, Hydrangea, Columbine, Impatiens, African Violet, Bird of Paradise, Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Arum Lily, Clematis, Bleeding Heart, Bachelor's Button, Morning Glory, Aster, Indian Blanket, Gladiolus, Harlequin, and Gardenia. Like new.

$18.99 SOLD
GS-1384 Annie's Attic Patriots Pride Granny Square Afghans

Patriot's Pride Granny Square Afghans, designed by Martha Brooks Stein, Annie's Attic, 2000. 6 quilt-look granny square variations to crochet in red, white, and blue worsted-weight yarn. Like new, but may smell slightly of fabric softener sheet.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-1385 Annies Attic Marvelous Mix & Match Afghans

Marvelous Mix & Match Afghans, designed by Darla Sims, Annie's Attic, 2000. 6 designs using worsted weight yarn and an extensive variety of stitches include: Flower Garden, Plaited Puffs, Flying Geese, Tri- Panel, Squares, and Sampler. Like new.

GS-678 Annie's Mile-A-Minute Afghans

Annie's Mile-A-Minute Afghans, designed by Annie Potter, Annie's Attic, Inc., 1991, 1992. Traditional favorites in Mile-A-Minute format: Granny, Summer Shells, Aran, Victorian Lace, Southwest Trails, and Pineapple Strips. Like new.

GS-8174 Annie's Mile-A-Minute Afghans II

Crochet Mile-A-Minute Afghans II, designed by Eleanor Albano- Miles, Annie's Attic, Inc., 1998. Designs include: Shades of Plum, Bold Chevron, Bisterous Bobbles, String of Pearls,Southwest Sun, Floral Fantasy. Like new.

GS-4225 Annie's Attic Easy Tunisian Crochet Afghans For the Family

Easy Tunisian Crochet Afghans For the Family, designed by Carolyn Christmas, Annie's Attic, 2004. 5 projects worked using oversized Easy Tunisian crochet hooks and worsted weight yarn. Some shelf wear to cover, but otherwise like new.

GS-4022 LA Crocheted Patchwork Granny Afghans

Crocheted Patchwork Granny Afghans, designed by Lissa Ammann, Leisure Arts, 1991. 3 basic quilt designs with several variations each: Lob Cabin (Traditional, Diamonds, Furrows, Streak of Lightening), Shadow Box (also Split Rail and Lover's Knot), and Variable Star (witn one alternate arrangement). Excellent condition.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-3742 Annie's Attic Crochet Harvest of Homespun Afghans

Crochet Harvest of Homespun Afghans, Annie's Attic, 1992. 5 designs worked in Homespun or bulky yarn. Like new.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-3674 LA Irresistible Ripples

Irresistible Ripples, designed by Anne Halliday, Leisure Arts, 1992. 4 designs to crochet include: Clusters, Shells, V-Stitch, and Fans. Very good condition.

3 Available

GS-3576 ASN Afghan Bouquet

Afghan Bouquet, designed by Linda Mershon, American School of Needlework, 1994. Six designs to crochet in worsted weight yarn. Good used condition.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-3301 ASN Afghan Elegance

Afghan Elegance, designed by Ann Kirtley, American School of Needlework, 1992. Five designs to crochet in worsted weight yarn: Anastasia, Carriage Wheels, Victorian Vieyard, Antique Fans, Katerina. Like new.

3 Available

GS-3301r Annie's Afghan Elegance

Afghan Elegance, designed by Ann Kirtley, Annie's, 1992. REPRINT of ASN book above. Five designs to crochet in worsted weight yarn: Anastasia, Katerina, Antique Fans, Victorian Vinyard, Carriage Wheels. BRAND NEW!

GS-3681 Susan Bates No. 17310: Afghans

Susan Bates No. 17310: Afghans, Susan Bates Inc., 1982. 12 designs for knit, crochet, Hairpin Lace, embroidered afghan stitch (Tunisian), Daisly Loom, and Jiffy Lace (broomstick crochet). Scribble on cover, address label inside front cover -- otherwise very good condition.

GS-3577 HWB Heather Afghans

Heather Afghans, designed by Judy Teague Treece, House of White Birches, 1997. 7 quick stithc, textured afghans in shades of heather. May have small stain inside front cover. Otherwise, excellent condition.

2 Available

GS-2720 LA Scrap Happy Afghans

Scrap Happy Afghans, designed by Judy Bolin, Leisure Arts, 1995. 3 simple designs. Some cover wear, but overall very good condition. May smell slightly of cigarette smoke.

GS-2637 TNC On the Double Luscious Scrap Afghans

On the Double Luscious Scrap Afghans, designed by Darla Fanton, Eleanor Albano- Miles, and Christine Grazioso, The Needlecraft Shop, 2002. 6 unique ways to use one background color with scraps of worsted yarn to make a beautiful home accent. New.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-383 New Ripple Afghans by Rita Weiss

New Ripple Afghans, by Rita Weiss; American School of Needlecraft, 1988. Knitted Patterns include: knitted Golden Sunshine, San Diego Sunset Ripple, Fisherman Ripple, Southwest Ripple. Crocheted Patterns include: Ripple Olè, Popcorn Ripple, Lazy Ripple, Rose Garden Ripple, Tote Along Ripple. Price tag residue on front cover, but otherwise excellent condition.

GS-2498 Annie's Attic Crochet Grannie's on the Double

Crochet Grannies on the Double, designed by Anne Halliday, Annie's Attic, 2002. 10 gorgeous afghans combining traditional style with new techniques using worsted yarn and a double-ended hook. Like new.

GS-2499 LA Crochet Patchwork Grannys forAfghans, Pillows, & Bedspreads

Crochet Patchwork Grannys for Afghans, Pillows, & Bedspreads, designed by Diane Marie Goff, Leisure Arts, 1983. "Extra Easy Instructions" for Basic Granny Square and Diagonal 2-color Granny Square, along with two quilt- inspired patterns sized for Afghan, Twin-size spread, Full-size spread, Queen-size Spread, and Pillow. May have some cover wear & page yellowing, but overall very good condition.

2 Available


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