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Updated 14 April 2016
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

        Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Cross-Stitch: Animals & Birds, Page 2

XS-897 LA Go Team in Waste Canvas

Go Team in Waste Canvas, designed by Holly DeFount, Leisure Arts, 1995. Sports- themed motifs to cross- stitch include: Basketball Bear, Football Bear, Baseball Bear, Ribbon Dancer Bear, Cheerleader Bear.

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XS-887 Jeanette Crews Teddybet

Teddybet, designed by Barbara Christopher, Jeanette Crews Designs, 1989. Teddy bears and balloons.

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XS-876 Dale Burdett It's A Baby Teddy

It's A Baby Teddy, designed by Dale Burdett, Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc., 2000. Designs include: Birth Sampler Insert, Baby Teddy Bear w/ Balloons, Small Flying Bears, Falling Baby Bear with Bird, Babby Teddy on Cloud with baby blocks, Baby Bear with Star Wand, Baby Bear With Butterflies, Baby Girl Bear with Teddy Doll, Baby Teddy on Rocking Horse w/ alphabet, Baby Birdhouse with Bears of a Feather, Baby Teddy with Birdies, Baby Teddy with Birdie and Heart Balloon, baby Girl Teddy with Birdies - Blocks - Ball, Baby Girl Teddy with Birdie and Heart Balloon, Baby Booties (Stick Horses, Small Toy Trains, Roses, Butterflies, Star Balloons, Giraffes, Chick Pull Toy, Heart Balloons, Baby Rattles, Gingham Heart with Baby Beads), Velour Baby Bibs with Rainbow Border (Blue Baby Elephant, Large Train with Star Balloon, Baby Teddy Faling, Baby Girl Bear with Teddy Doll, Bee My Baby), Gingham Infant Bibs (Bee Bear, I'm So Cute, Lion Cub, Girl Teddie with Birdie & Heart Balloon, Ladybug Teddy "My Little Lady", Rose), Large Quilted Bibs (Baby Teddy Catching Butterflies, Baby Teddy with Balloons, Baby Birdhouse, Babies Are Angels), Gingham Alphabet, Prefinished Baby Items (Pink/ Blue Bubble Letter Alphabet, Polka Dot Bubble Letter Alphabet, "Ashley" Bib, Hug Me Bib with Teddy and Heart Balloon, Oh Soo Cute Burp Towel & Bib, Babies are Angels Afghan Lion Cub Wash Mitt, Baby Terrycloth Towel); BABY Framed, Baby Tote with Rainbow Border, Baby Alphabet and Animals (Alphabet, Lion Cub, Stuffed Toy Giraffe Baby Elephant, Baby Teddies for Alphabet Letters, Extra Balloons - Stars - Hearts), Baby Sipper Cups (Baby Elephant, Large Train with Star Balloon, Birl Teddy Sitting with Heart Balloon, Baby Teddy Crawling on Cloud, Giraffe with Heart Balloon), Baby Afghan, Kitten - Puppy - Lamb, Baby Teddy Angel Bear, My Blankie Afghan, Variegated Alphabets, Let Me Tell You About the Bears & the Bees.

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XS-738 LA Friendly Persuasion Charted Designs for Cross Stitch

Friendly Persuasion Charted Designs for Cross Stitch, Leisure Arts, 1982. Designs with Teddy Bears include: Say Your Prayers, Smile, Keep Out, Come In, Say Please, Wash Your Hands, Thanks For Helping, Clean Your Room, Mommy's Helper, Brush Your Teeth, Hang Up Your Clothes, Don't Forget the Light, full upper case alphabet.

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XS-005 Donna Kooler Designs Bears in Cross-Stitch

Bears in Cross-Stitch, designed by Linda Gillum, for Donna Kooler Designs, American School of Needlework, 1998. Bears for all seasons and bears for all reasons, from Moms to Musicians, from Pandas to elves! Brand NEW!

XS-888 Kappie Book 79: Alphabears

Kappie Book 79: Alphabears, designed by Veronica Altman, Kappie Originals Ltd., 1986. 3 plain alphabets (upper case and matching upper and lower case), Alphabears alphabet, and projects including: Alphabears sampler (Teddybears Love Apples, Bumble Bees, Cotton Candy, Danding, Easter Eggs, Flowers, Goldfish, Honey, Ice Cream, Juggling, Kite, Lollipops, Music, Naps, Oranges, Pancakes, Quail, Rainbows, Sunshine, Tents, Umbrellas, Violins, Wagons, Xylophones, Yoyos, and Zebras), Shhh Sign,Katie's Kitchen Wall Hanging,Tutu Much Pillow, Music Music Music Pillow, Grow Chart, Kites, Jim's Rpp,. Welcome to our Den, Bear Love, Diet, and Home Sweet Home. Large Alphabears graph detached from center staples (it folds out and must be detached to use). Very good condition.

XS-668 ASN Cross-Stitch Teddy Bears

Cross-Stitch Teddy Bears, designed by Sam Hawkins, American School of Needlework, 1993. Designs include: Baby Bear's Butterfly, Sitting Pretty, Lady Lou, Patchworthy Pete, Flossie, Bears Across the Border, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, Best Buddies, Bear Hugs, Arbor Day, and Welcome. Excellent condition.

XS-596 Cross- Stitch Leisure Arts' Best Teddy Bear Treasury

Cross- Stitch Leisure Arts' Best Teddy Bear Treasury, Leisure Arts, 1997. 144- page book with designs including: TEDDY BEAR REUNION -- Bear Family Welcome, Chatter Hat Bears, Teddy Bear Reunion, Yo Dude! Bears, Teddy's Tea Party, Star- Spangled Bears, Life's A Beach, The Bears' Picnic; FOR SENTIMENTAL REASONS -- A Mother's Love, A True Friend, Sunny Touch, World's Best Parents, Afternoon Tea, Little Inspirations, Beary Best Friends, Kindred Spirits, Favorite Things; LITTLE TEDDY BEARS -- Look What I Did, Angel Baby, Loving Lessons, Rocking Horse Bears, Football Player, Spirited Cheerleader, Alphabet Sampler, Baby's Dream Boat, Tender Teddies, Terrific Totes, Pandas for Baby, Bears 'n' Blocks; BEARY HAPPY HOLIDAYS -- Candy Cane Red, Cupid Bears, Patriotic Parade, Beary Bewitching, Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas Surprises, Busy Holiday Bears; VERY VOGUE TEDDIES -- Beary Cute Chirt, A Bearable Resolution, Bee- coming Shirt, Bubbly Bears, Garage Sale Junkie, Autumn Teddy, Chocolate Temptation, Ladybug Bear, Loving Companions, Just For Nurses, Campfire Bears; FOR THE FUN OF IT -- Another Day in Paradise, Basket Case Bear, Bubble Bath Bear, Beary First Haircut, Microwave Super Chef, Happiness Is A Cookie, Flour Power, Saturday Night Bath, Soft Shoulders, Ups and Pounds, Alphabetical Bears, Teddy Bear Repair. New, but slight store shelf wear.

Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
XS-629 Stoney Creek Boyds Bears and Friends: Eddie -- Proud To Be A Bearmerican

Boyds Bears and Friends: Eddie -- Proud To Be A Bearmerican, Stoney Creek Collection, 2000. Like new.

XS-630 LA 101 Bears With Personality

101 Bears With Personality, designed by Lynn Busa, Leisure Arts, 1999. Designs include: Graduation, Bride & Groom, July 4th, Halloween, Pilgrim Boy & Girl, Happy Birthday, Bumble Bee, Christmas, Brownie, Cub Scout, Anne & Andy, Sailor Girl & Boy, Cowboy, Indian Princess, Yum, Vacation, Tea Party, Baby, Ice Cream, Noah, Bubbles, Best Friends, Shopper, Knickers, Scarecrow, Nighttime, Sandy, Li'l Girl, Golfer, Hunter, Aerobics, Ballerina, Karate, Tennis, Archer, Skier, Figure Skater, Bowler, Boxer, Fisher, Roller Skater, Scuba, Skateboard, Soccer, Baseball, Cheerleader, Football, Basketball, Hockey, China, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, Mailman, Fireman, Policeman, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Doctor, Nurse, Secretary, Businessman, Teacher, Photographer, Accountant, Computer Whiz, Mr. Fix- It, Plumber, Waiter, Waitress, Conductor, Hairdresser, Farmer, Cook, Quilter, Gardener, Cross Stitcher, Seamstress, Clown, Magician, Artist, Mom- to- Be. Excellent condition.

XS-631 Good Natured Girls The Big Book of Teddies

The Big Book of Teddies, designed by Linda Gillum, Good Natured Girls, 1998. Designs include: Theopolis and Maggie, Cookie and Joefus, Party Time, Angel Bears, Love Bears, Blessed Bears, Welcome Bears, Bookmark Bears, Bear Facts, Playtime, Never Too Many, Friendly Bears, Guardian Angel, Best Friends, Fair Weather Bears, Fishing Bear, Sweet Dreams, Bear Buddies, Fun Bears, Fresh Produce, Favorite People, Bear Borders, Professor Bear, No Ordinary Bears, Bless This Castle, Cupid Bear, Easter Bear, Holiday Bears, Trick or Treat, Rein-Bears, Decorating Bears, Christmas Bears. Excellent condition.

XS-597 Ellen McCarn Piddles T. Bear

Piddles T. Bear, Country cross- Stitch for Paragdesigned by Ellen McCarn, McCarn Enterprises, Inc., 1983. Designs include: You're Special, Child Praying, Sleepy Moon, "Now I Lay Me", Baby's Sleeping, Grow Where You're Planted, Birth Announcement with alphabet & numbers. Very good used condition -- check marks by color key on one pattern.

XS-246 Paragon Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear, Country cross- Stitch for Paragon, 1984. 12 different designs. Good condition.

XS-681 LA Winnie The Pooh Quick To Stitch

Winnie The Pooh Quick To Stitch, Leisure Arts, 2000. Designs include: Several different Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eyore; plus acorns, leaves, sun, butterfly bee hive, butterfly, balloons, Hunny Pot. Definitely used; tear about 1" up bottom of all pages (doesn't affect charts), cover "floppy" (don't know how else to describe it -- like all of the stiffening has been taken out of the cover stock!).

XS-371 LA Winnie The Pooh Kid's Room

Winnie The Pooh Kid's Room, Leisure Arts, 2000. Designs include: Tigger - Just Can't Help Bouncin', P & Tigger room sign, Pooh & Tigger thinking, Pooh & Tigger dancing, Tigger with Sock Puppets, Pooh with Honey Pot, Tigger, Pooh, 2 Tigger Faces, 2 Pooh Faces, Tigger Taking a Bouncin' Break, complete upper- and lower- cawe alphabet. Project suggestions include Hanging Sign, Paper Mache Box, Photo Album, Pillow, Tote Bag, Wall Hanging. Slight shelf wear to covers; otherwise, like new.

XS-112 Paragon Presenting Care Bears™ in Counted Cross Stitch

Presenting Care Bears™ in Counted Cross Stitch, designed by Gloria & Pat for Paragon Needlecraft, 1985. 16 bear designs plus borders & other motifs. Excellent condition.

XS-113 Paragon Care Bears™ ABC in Counted Cross Stitch

Care Bears™ABC in Counted Cross Stitch, designed by Gloria & Pat for Paragon Needlecraft, 1985. 26 designs plus suggestions for stitching names.

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XS-114 Paragon Care Bear™ Cousins

Care Bear™ Cousins, designed by Gloria & Pat for Paragon Needlecraft, 1985. Designs include Rabbit, Elephant, Lamb, Monkey, Cat, Pig, Dog, Raccoon, Lion, Penguin, and Logo, as well as borders and lettering. Excellent condition.

$9.99 SOLD
XS-147 Burdett Publications Teddy's Alphabet

Teddy's Alphabet, designed by Dale Burdett, Burdett Publications, 1984. A - Z with Teddy and friends.

  Details & Ordering
XS-149 Oak Tree Pandorable

Pandorable, designed by Frieda G. Pearce and Lisa A. Keller, Oak Tree, 1982. Panda themed graphs for a variety of baby projects including bib, christmas ornaments, pillows, picture frames, a bedtime prayer, and a complete Panda alphabet. Very good condition.

XS-150 The Berenstain Bears Designs in Counted Cross Stitch

The Berenstain Bears Designs in Counted Cross Stitch, designed by Paragon Needlecraft, 1983. Designs include: Summer Skies, Sister Bear and Rainbow, Papa Bear, Mama's Lap, Home Sweet Tree, Berenstain Picnic, March Winds, Summer Friends, Jogger, and Slugger. Like new.

XS-247 Graphworks Ltd Koalified Professionals

Koalified Professionals, designed by Norman B. Brown, Graphworks Ltd, 1987. Koala Bear professions include: Artist, Carpenter, Pilot, Teacher, Truck Driver, Cub Scout Leader, Patrol Mother, Bank Teller, Architect, Baker, Secretary, Lawyer, Banker, Fireman, Scientist, Nurse, Dentist, Bookkeeper, Computer Operator, Veterinarian, Mechanic, Policeman, Dancer, Doctor, Minister, Musician. Some cover & corner wear, but overall very good condition.

XS-442 TNS AlphaBears

AlphaBears, designed by Judy Chrispens, The Needlecraft Shop, 1991. Letters & related bears: Artist, Bath Time, Chef, Dancing, Electrician, Father Time, Graduate, Hot Air Balloon, Indian, Jogging, King, Lamp Post, Mother, Night Time, Outer Space, Pilot, Quilting, Rocking Chair, SuperBear, Tricycle, Umbrella, Victorian, Winter, X- Ray, Yard Work, and Zzzzz. Excellent condition.

  Details & Ordering
XS-462 Designs by Gloria & Pat Bears Ahoy!!

Bears Ahoy!!, Designs by Gloria & Pat, 1984. Charts include: Large Boy Bear with Boat, Small Girl with Boat, Small Boy with Boat, Girl Skipping, Boy Skipping, Large Girl Bear With Boat, Girl in Life Preserver, Boy in Life Preserver. Good used condition -- cover is scuffed and somewhat soiled, but pages are in very good condition.

XS-598 Designs by Gloria & Pat Cherished Teddies and Friends

Cherished Teddies and Friends, designed by Priscilla Hillman, Designs by Gloria & Pat, 1993. Charts include: A Quiet Moment, Calico Companion, O Bother, Just You and Me, Happiness is Loving Someone, Yesterday's Memories, Cleaning Day, God Bless Us, Memories to Treasure, Sisters, Friends Are a Blessing, Together, Tending the Flock, Spring Bonnet, Happy Birthday, Happy Days, Be My Love. Very good used condition -- shelf wear to cover with slightly bent bottom corners, but pages in excellent condition.

XS-875 Designs by Gloria & Pat Cherished Teddies: Lesson Number One

Cherished Teddies: Lesson Number One, designed by Priscilla Hillman, Designs by Gloria & Pat, 1996. Like new.

XS-398 Alma Lynne The Bear Crossing

The Bear Crossing, Alma Lynne Designs, Inc., 1984. Graphs include: Miss Beary Christmas, Bearbo the Clown, Bashful Bear, Ma and Pa Bear, Pedalin' Bear, Rolling Bear, My Beary Favorite, Albeart, Mr. Albearica, Birfday Bear, Angel Bear, Little Bearbie. Former owner's name on first page; pages are quite yellowed though from age or original paper color, I can't tell. Otherwise very good condition.

XS-399 Alma Lynne Bear Occupations

Bear Occupations, Alma Lynne Designs, Inc., 1984. Graphs include: Reading, Writing, and Bearithmetic, Flobear, J. Paul Teddy, Secreteddy, Bearternal Instincts, Bear- Be- Que Expert, LIttle House on the Bearie, Farbear's Wife, Trapbear John MD (Medical Bear), Clara Bearton, Bear- A- Tone, Bearshoi Ballet, Grin and Bear It, Salvabear Dali, US Army Bear, US Navy Bewar, "Go Bear Pyle" USMC, "Air Bear" USAF, Lt. Bearetta. Scuffs on front cover, pages are quite yellowed though from age or original paper color, I can't tell. Otherwise very good condition.

XS-400 LA Teddies

Teddies, designed by Ginny Fraser, Leisure Arts, 1985. 33 projects include: Aerobic Teddy (Headband, Hoop, Leotard, and Towel), Baby Teddy (Apothecary Jar, Diaper Stacker), Ballerina Teddie (Tote), Balloon Teddie (Hoop, Jacket, Shirt), Bathing Teddie (Basket Towels, Towel Holder), Garland Teddie (Hoop, Pillow, Socks), Joggig Teddie (Sweatshirt), Party Teddies (Mason Jar, Notecard, Pillow), Picnic Teddie (Picture), and Top Hat Teddie (Scrap Book). All four corners seriously bent -- overall good condition.

XS-401 Dale Burdett Teddy's Playtime

Teddy's Playtime, designed by Dale Burdett, Burdett Publications, 1985. Charts include: Tedidies Cutting Paper Dolls, Teddies Playing Checkers, Ring- Around- The- Rosie, Teddy with Balloons, Rainy Day Teddy and Friend, Teddies Eating Ice Cream, Teddy Bear Express, Teddy Acrobat, Roller Skating Teddy with Kite, Teddy "Paw" Painting, Cowgirl Teddy, Teddy Playing Indian, Personalized Child's Room Plaque (Boy or Girl), Alphabet. Very good condition.

XS-468 Dale Burdett Teddy n' Friends

Teddy n' Friends, designed by Dale Burdett, Burdett Publications, 1984. Charts include: Teddy Feeding Goose, Teddy Petting Goose, Teddy Riding Goose, Teddy Bears In Overalls, Teddy with Building Blocks, Teddy With Balloons, Teddy Pulling Toy Horse, Hurray for Teddy, 2 Bears With Ball, Teddy Leading Goose, Teddy Pulling Wagon, Tumbling Teddies (With Ball, One Hand, Handstand, Whoops, Tumbling Bear), Teddy in Cradle, Goodbye, several phrases to match with bears. Very good used condition.

XS-402 Gordon Fraser's A Bear Book

Gordon Fraser's A Bear Book, designs by Gloria & Pat, 1984. Graphs include: Bear with Large Bow, Small Bear Lying on his Back, A. B. C Bear, Lady Bear, Bear with Cane and Top Hat, Bear Wrapped in a Quilt, Bear Reading A Bear Book, Bear with Lots of Balloons, Two Bears With Balloons, Daddy and Baby Bear Playing Ball, Bear With 1 Balloon, Baby Bear With Bow, Bear on Wheels, Bear in the Box, Clown Bear With Balloons, Bear Dressed in a Night Shirt, Mr. & Mrs. Bear, Bear on Rocking Horse, Baby Bear, Mini Designs for Corners of Aghans, Alphabets. Bottom corner kind of crunched, damp stains around some of bottom corners, light staining in the middle of a few other pages. All graphs intact and easily readable.

$5.99 SOLD
XS-403 Gloria & Pat Teddy Bearers

Teddy Bearers, designs by Gloria & Pat, 1984. Graphs include: Beary Patiently, Bearfoot in thePark, Blowing Bearbles, Bearing Up, Hanging In Bear, Bearing it Together, Embearaceable You, A Little Bearsket, Hello Bear, Bearfriended, Teddy Bar Repair Thought Bearing, Happy Bearthday, All Bear Myself, Debonair Bear, Uninhibearted, Bear Rearview, Bearloved. Possible damp stain on bottom corner; some bending. Overall good condition.

XS-599 Aida Plus Carousel Mobile

Aida Plus Carousel Mobile, designed by Anis Duncan, EZ International, nd. Graphs for 5 horses and canopy designed for use with stiff Aida Plus fabric, but might also be adapted to 14- mesh plastic canvas or perforated paper. Price crossed off on cover; otherwise, very good condition.

XS-669 LA Carousel Magic

Carousel Magic, designed by Terrie Lee Steinmeyer, Leisure Arts, 1993. 6 designs: 3 separate heads, two different horses, 3 horses' heads together. Finishing instructions for Pillow, Mug, Anne Cloth Afghan, and Hunt Club Afghan. Back cover torn and taped, but pages with graphs in very good condition.

XS-211 LA Teresa Wentzler's Cross Stitch Carousel Horses for All Seasons

Teresa Wentzler's Cross Stitch Carousel Horses for All Seasons, designed by Teresa Wentzler, Leisure Arts, 1998. Like new.

$12.99 SOLD
XS-670 Teresa Wetzler Carousel Horse: Spring

Carousel Horse: Spring, designed by Teresa Wentzler, Just CrossStitch, 1989. Excellent condition.

XS-219 Just CrossStitch Dreamscape Leaflet 1: Chestnut

Dreamscape Leaflet 1: Chestnut, designed by Teresa Wentzler, Just CrossStitch, nd. Slight shelf wear on cover; otherwise excellent condition.

XS-220 Just CrossStitch Dreamscape Dreamscape Leaflet 2: Trotter

Dreamscape Leaflet 2: Trotter, designed by Teresa Wentzler, Just CrossStitch, nd. Slight shelf wear on cover; otherwise excellent condition.

XS-221 Just CrossStitch Dreamscape Leaflet 3: Misty

Dreamscape Leaflet 3: Misty, designed by Teresa Wentzler, Just CrossStitch, nd. Slight shelf wear on cover; otherwise excellent condition.

XS-267 Sporting Horses

Sporting Horses, designed by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath, Pegasus Originals, 1988. Charts include: Show Jumper, World Grand Champion, They're Off, The Hunt, Polo Match, Barrel Racer, and Born To Trot (with and without harness). Tag scars on cover; otherwise very good condition.

$12.99 SOLD
XS-671 LA The Champion

The Champion, needlework adaptation by Carol Emmet, Leisure Arts, 1991. Excellent condition.

XS-268 Something Special Horse Collection

Something Special Horse Collection, designed by Holly Martin, Candamar Designs, 1988. Charts include: Amerian Saddlebred, Arabian, Clydesdale, Morgan, Paint, Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walker, and Thoroughbred. Corners bent from mailing, but otherwise excellent condition.

$11.99 SOLD
XS-230 Cross My Heart, Inc. Fantasy Horses

Fantasy Horses, designed by Melinda Blackman, Cross My Heart, Inc., 1990. Designs include: 2 Carousel Horses, A Gothic Romance, Knight and Steed, Sultan, The Young Stallion, Pegasus, The Unicorn. Very good condition.

XS-217 Frying Pan Patterns The Elusive Unicorn

The Elusive Unicorn, designed by Starling S. Bradley and Ann E. Marimow, Frying Pan Patterns, 1981. Charted designs include: Unicorn Head, Unicorn Birth Sampler, Prancing Unicorn, Sea Unicorn, Lady and Unicorn, Two Sitting Unicorns, Reclining Unicorn, Flying Unicorn, Rocking Unicorn, Baby Unicorn with Bunny, Two Unicorns with Crossed Horns, 13th Century Unicorn, nand Crochet Purse Instructions. Store sticker on cover, some cover wear and page yellowing.

XS-248 Bette Ashley Designs The Unicorn Book

The Unicorn Book, designed by Bette Ashley, Bette Ashley Designs, 1980. Charts include: Unicorn in Outline, Small Unicorn Head, 2 Mini Unicorns, Baby with Butterfly, Unicorn in Captivity, Unicorn with Maiden, Unicorn in a Flower Garland, Reclining Unicorn, Unicorn with Rainbow, Mini Head, Unicory with Ivy. Cover appears to have been split all the way up spine and taped together, but pages in good shape.


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