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Updated 5 March 2024
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        Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc.

       PleaseEmail me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back! Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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XS Flowers, Fruits, Veggies   *   XS Samplers   *   How To: Cross Stitch/ Embroidery   *   XS Christmas & Holidays   *   XS Angels

See also: Easter


Cross-Stitch/ Embroidery Samplers:

XS-942 Dale Burdett Baby Sampler

Baby Sampler, designed by Dale Burdett, 1988. Designs include: Baby's ABC Sampler, Mini Baby Sampler, Baby Teddy. Very good condition.

XS-788 ASN Cross Stitch Baby Samplers

Cross Stitch Baby Samplers, designed by Linda Gillum, American School of Needlework, 1993. Charts include: Choo Choo Baby, Quilts and Comforts, Teddy in Toyland, Traditional Sampler, Three- Ring Announcement, Sweet Pea Garden, Country Charmers, Snack Time, Ballet Bunnies, Showtime, and Alphabets & Numerals. Staples have been pulled out of cover & first pages, leaving tears at the staples on both. All pages are here, clean, and in otherwise very good condition.

XS-789 ASN Cross Stitch Birth Samplers

Cross Stitch Birth Samplers, designed by Polly Carbonari, Anis Duncan, Sam Hawkins, and Kathleen Hurley, American School of Needlework, 1988. Charts include: Little Lamb, Toyland, Parade of Bears, Sweet Dreams, Barnyard Celebration, Rosy Bear, Baby, Guardian Angels, Baby Bunny. Scar on cover from tag removal; otherwise, excellent condition.

XS-790 ASN Cross Stitch Words to Live By

Cross Stitch Words to Live By, designed by Linda Gillum & Holly DeFount, American School of Needlework, 1996. Charts include: Be Gentle in Spirit, Each Day is a New Beginning, For Gifts Beyond Counting, Thank You Lord, Whoever Eats My Bread, Plenty and Grace, Expect a Miracle, May the Work of My Hand, Consider the Wondrous Works, A Day Hemmed in Prayer, Alphabets & Numerals. Like new.

XS-791 Country Handicrafts Say It In Cross Stitch

Say It In Cross Stitch, Country Handicrafts, 1988. Samplers include: Life Should Be Like A Square Dance, Count Your Blessings, A New Friend, A True Friend, This Day I Will Marry, Never let Go, Th Road of Life, Country Is, Tis With Our Judgements Clock, Lasting Gifts, Peace Begins At Home, Years Go Fast, Who Waits Bathroom Sampler, Housework Never Killed Anyone, I Love My Wife, You Can Always Find Time, Memories. Cover detached from staples, damp stains in the bottom margins of some pages. I'm not detecting any odors (though if you are sensitive, you may want to pass on this one as it has been damp), and otherwise, this book is in very good condition.

XS-792 Cross 'n Patch Heritage Samplers

Heritage Samplers, designs by Eleanor (Ernie) Bishop, Cross 'n Patch, nd. Combination of Heritage Samplers Book One and Heritage Samplers Book Two: Her Children Arise Up and Call Her Blessed, A Mother's Heart is a Child's Classroom, Scatter Sunshine, Choose You This Day, Color Pictures, Love One Another, Teach Me to Walk in the Light of His Love, Tis Easier... Forgiven... Permission, Love At Home, For Some Must Push and Some Must Pull. Like new.

$6.99 SOLD
XS-793 Kappie Samplers For All Occasions

Samplers For All Occasions, designed by Joyce Cameron, Kappie Originals Ltd, 1982. Designs include: Hearts and Flowers, Floral Pitcher, Our Home, Merry Christmas, Urn Sampler, Modern Bordered Alphabet, Peach Tree, Long Border Sampler, Autumn Sampler, Wedding Sampler, Lazy Daisy Border, Congressional Gray Home, Backstitch Alphabet. Price tag on cover, but otherwise very good condition.

XS-794 Jeanette Crews Sample of Love

Sample of Love, designed by Jeanette Stone Crews and karen Ulich Bowdish, Jeanette Stone Crews Designs, 1980. Graphs include: Love, God Bless Our Home, Love One Another, Mother, Home Sweet Home, No Place like Home, Father, Sister, Remember Me, Friendship, Love (Corinthians -- "Love is Patient, love is kind..."). Good used condition.

XS-795 DMC A Journey Through Embroidery Library: Samplers

A Journey Through Embroidery Library: Samplers, DMC Library, 1978. A history of samplers -- both cross stitch and traditional/ crewel embroidery-- along with drawings to trace, enlarge, or reduce; motifs taken from art and tradition, Nowaday objects to embroider, simpler instructions for each stitch used. Simple alphabet & number samplers, Rhythm of the Seasons, Nature's Fertility, Home Sweet Home, Welkom, The Tree of Life, 1976, Rose & Lily, Color and Poetry of Counting Out Rhymes (French), "Glucklich ist...." (German saying), many mottos and sayings in English, French, and German; alphabets, borders, The House of Happiness, and lots more. Very good condition.

XS-757 LA Sunny Samplers

Sunny Samplers, designed by Deborah Lambein, Leisure Arts, 1998. Graphs include: Closest to God, Remember Me, Home Tweet Home, Behold the Day, If Friends wer Flowers, Alphabet Sampler. Projects include Tote, Towel, Bread Cover, Wreath, Bookmark, Cooler, Candle Ring, Mug. Excellent condition

XS-758 LA More Than Samplers

More Than Samplers, designed by Terrie Lee Steinmeyer, Leisure Arts, 1985. Graphs include: Blessing Sampler, Rembrance Sampler, Birth Sampler, Wedding Sampler, Welcome Sampler, Christmas Sampler, Home Sampler, Friendship Sampler. Projects include: Apothecary Jar, Dor Sign, Mason Jar, Frames, Gift Tag, Ornament, Towel, Wooden Box Center, Basket, Pillow. Center staples rusted, but otherwise very good condition.

XS-759 LA Keepsake Samplers

Keepsake Samplers, designed by Susan Dean Hartman, Leisure Arts, 1983. Graphs include: Spring/ Winter, Marriage Sampler, Border Sampler, Birth Sampler, Traditional Sampler, Alphabet Sampler, Summer/ Fall. Excellent condition.

XS-760 LA Herb Samplers

Herb Samplers, designed by Linda Culp Calhoun, Leisure Arts, 1994. Graphs include: Sage Sampler, Thyme Sampler, Herb Sampler, Parsley Sampler, Rosemary Sampler. Tag on cover, some cover wear; pages in good condition.

XS-153 Graphique Needle Arts Classic 18th Century Sampler

Classic 18th Century Sampler, designed by Robin McGinn, Graphique Needle Arts, 1981. The Lord's Prayer, Wedding Sampler, Birth Sampler, and Traditional Sampler. Tag smudge on cover, but otherwise like new.

XS-406 A Sampling of Samplers

A Sampling of Samplers, designed by Barbara Christopher, Pegasus Originals Inc., 1985. Graphs include; Peace and Plenty, Give Us This Day, Love Alone, Exertion/ Calorie Chart, Kiss the Cook, Beautiful Baby, Silent Night, ABC Sampler, Wedding Sampler, Apple of My Eye, Simple Sampler, Sailing, Take Time To Smell the Flowers, Peace Be To This House, Home Sweet Home, Blessed Be the Poor. Pages are yellowed (may have been off-white to begin with?) but otherwise excellent condition.

XS-411 LA Hopscotch Samplers

Hopscotch Samplers, designed by Polly Carbonari, Leisure Arts, 1984. Graphs include: House Sampler, Rose Sampler, Lovebirds Sampler, Carousel Horse Sampler. Corners bent, cover wear, overall good condition.

XS-415 LA Family Heritage Samplers

Family Heritage Samplers, designed by Phyllis Pamper, Leisure Arts, 1976. Includes graphs for: Marriage, Birth, Homes & Trees, Family and Pets, Sports, Occupations and Professsions, Hobbies, Travel, Borders, and Alphabets. Good used condition -- center pages pulled away from staples, but pages are all here.

XS-421 African Violet Sampler

African Violet Sampler, designed by Lilija Allison, Lilija Designs, 1986.

  Details & Ordering
XS-943 Teresa Wentzler Wedding Sampler

Wedding Sampler, designed by Teresa Wentzler, Just Cross Stitch, 1994.

XS-944 LA Proverbs 31 Sampler

Proverbs 31 Sampler, designed by Anne Van Wagner Young, Leisure Arts, 1985. Very good condition.

XS-935 The Sewing Bird Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home, designed by Merrily Beams, The Sewing Bird, ca 1980. Has been used, light staining at seam, but everything is here and readable.

XS-936 Cross Stitch Counter School Days

School Days, designed by Linda G. Peeler, The Cross Stitch Counter, 1980. Good condition.

XS-921 The Cricket Collection Rabbit Sampler

Rabbit Sampler, designed by Karen Hyslop, The Cricket Collection, nd. Charts for Rabbit birth Sampler, Welcome Little One, and Shhh... Rabbit door sign.

  Details & Ordering
XS-578 Imaginating 1858 Peace Sampler

1858 Peace Sampler, designed by Diane Arthurs, Imaginating, Inc., 2005. Excellent condition.

XS-879 Debra Designs A Victorian Home Sampler

A Victorian Home Sampler, designed by Deborah Lambein, Debra Designs, 1987. Like new.

XS-601 Heirlooms Unlimited Longhair Cats Sampler

Longhair Cats Sampler, designed by Charlotee Guthrie, Heirlooms Unlimited, 1986. Like new.

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XS-761 Jean Deurloo Dog Silhouettes In Samplers

Dog Silhouettes In Samplers, June Deurloo, 1985. Graphs include: Newfoundland, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Poodle. Center staples rusty and rust stains on inside of pages, but otherwise excellent condition.

XS-826 Debra Designs Flowers of the Field Sampler

Flowers of the Field Sampler, Debra Designs, 1989. Flowers included: Daffodil, Iris, Rose, Tulip, Daisy, Aster, Liliy, Pansy, Sunflower, Morning Glory, Poppy, Black Eyed Susan. Slight discoloration from tag on cover, but otherwise like new.

  Details & Ordering
XS-762 LA All Things Beautiful Sampler

All Things Beautiful Sampler, designed by Leta Sullins, Leisure Arts, 1990. Very good condition.

$5.99 SOLD
XS-763 LA Prairie Sampler

Prairie Sampler, designed by Kathy Middleton Elrod, Leisure Arts, 1987. Additional Projects include; Basket, Mini Pillows, Mini Pillow String, Towel. Excellent condition.

XS-764 LA Seasons Sampler

Seasons Sampler, designed by Deborah Lambein, Leisure Arts, 1994. Instructions for Sampler and Mug. "X" marks to keep track of some rows on graph, but otherwise very good condition.

XS-765 LA Kitchen Sampler

Kitchen Sampler, designed by Deborah Lambein, Leisure Arts, 1992. May have tags, wear on front cover, but otherwise very good condition.

$5.99 SOLD
XS-766 Shepherd's Bush Bilberry Sampler

Bilberry Sampler, designed by Tina Richards Herman, Shepherd's Bush Printworks, 1990. 4-1/2" x 5-1/2" pattern card. Stain along bottom, but otherwise good condition.

XS-767 The Prairie Schooler Wedding & Birth Sammplers IV

Wedding & Birth Samplers IV, designed by Pamela Bird Smith, The Prairie Schooler, Inc., 2005. Boy & Girl Birth Samplers, United in Marriage, Wedding Sampler, Bell & Bear Cardboards. Excellent condition.

XS-768 Hillside Samplings, The Pineapple Sampler

The Pineapple Sampler, designed by Leslie Rudnicki, Hillside Samplings, nd. Sampler and Welcome Bellpull. Excellent condition.

$7.99 SOLD
XS-769 Cornerhouse Designs Victorian Birth Sampler

Victorian Birth Sampler, designed by Debra Stump, Cornerhouse Designs, 1991. Excellent condition.

XS-770 Barkraft Designs Patchwork Sampler

Patchwork Sampler, Barkraft Samplers, 1984. Definitely battered, and has a dark browh stain on one page -- tan stain on graph on corresponding page. Everything is still readable, though.

XS-771 The Artists Collection The Sporting Life

The Sporting Life, designed by Jane Monroe, The Artists Collection, 1991. Discoloration on front cover from tag/ store label removal, but otherwise excellent condition.

XS-772 Alma Lynne A Country Home Sampler

A Country Home Sampler, Alma Lynne Designs, 1986. Price tag, small scar on cover but otherwise very good condition.

XS-773 Lindy Jane Designs The Quilted Sampler

The Quilted Sampler, designed by Melinda Cole Gorney, Lindy Jane Designs, 1985. Graphs include: The Quilted Cross, The Quilted Heart, Quilted Sampler Verse, Weocome House/ Pineapple, and The Quilted Sampler. Tag stain on front cover; otherwise, very good used condition.

XS-774 LA American Sampler

American Sampler, designed by June Chandler, Leisure Arts, 1994. Very good condition.

XS-775 LA Salute to America!

Salute to America!, Leisure Arts, 1993. A collection of five patriotic mini samplers. Excellent condition.

XS-776 Dimensions Nancy Rossi A Country Sampler Book Two

Nancy Rossi A Country Sampler Book Two, designed by Nancy Rossi, Dimensions, Inc, 1986. "East or West, Home is Best." Very good condition.

XS-777 Need'l Love Company Sampling Country

Sampling Country, designed by Diane Kramer, The Need'l Love Company, 1985. Three designs: Sheep At Home, Simple Words, French Country Sampler. Very good condition.

XS-778 The Needle's Work Pastel Palette Stitches Sampler

Pastel Palette Stitches Sampler, designed by Dawn Lewis, The Needle's Work, 1993. Price tag on cover; otherwise, like new.

XS-779 The Sweetheart Tree There Is Always Music

There Is Always Music, designed by Sandra Cox Vanosdall, The Sweetheart Tree, 1990. Very good condition.

XS-780 JBW Designs The School House Samplers

The School House Samplers, designed by Judy Whitman, JBW Designs, 1992. Two designs: Village Square Sampler, and Apple Tree Sampler. Discoloration on front cover from store label, but otherwise very good condition.

XS-781 Tea Time Samplers #8: Gazebo Sampler

Tea Time Samplers #8: Gazebo Sampler, Just CrossStitch, nd. Some shelf wear; otherwise good condition.

XS-782 Willow Ridge Gentle Creatures

Gentle Creatures, designed by Judy Westra, Willow Ridge Designs, 1993. Price tag smudge on cover; otherwise, excellent condiiton.

XS-783 Serendipity Designs Felicity's Sampler

Felicity's Sampler, designed by Carolyn Meacham, Serendipity Designs, 1992. Price tag on cover; otherwise, excellent condition.

XS-784 Janlynn Quilts Sampler

Quilts Sampler, Janlynn, 1987. Quilt blocks include Grandma's Love, Sister's Choice, Octagonal Star, Stepping Stones, Pine Tree, Robbing Peter To Pay Paul, Double T, RIsing Star, Dutch Puzzle, Pierced Star, Log Cabin, Flying Geese, Churn Dish, Pus In Corner, Combination Star, and Jacob's Ladder. Price tag on cover, but otherwise excellent condition.

XS-785 Shepherd's Bush Pumpkin Stew

Pumpkin Stew, designed by Teri L. Richards, Sheherd's Bush Printworks, 1994. Halloween Sampler, plus Halloween Birdhouse. Price tag on cover; otherwise, excellent condition.

XS-786 Praying Hands Beloved Bible Story Samplers

Beloved Bible Story Samplers, designed by Diane Williams, Praying Hands, 2002. Graphs include: Creation, Psalm 23, Ten Commandments, The Lion's Den, Coat of Many Colors, Forty Days, The Great Fish, Joshua 24. The former owner obviously made the last one (Joshua 24) -- page corners are bent, one small note on graph, size notes on page.

$5.99 SOLD
XS-787 Praying Hands United in God's Love

United in God's Love, designed by Mary Scott, Praying Hands, 1996. Graphs include: If We Love One Another, And the Two Shall Become One, And They Shall Become One Flesh, Love One Another With a Pure Heart, This is My Beloved, Love is Patient, For Whither Thou Goest, Behold How Good, Love One Another As I Have Loved You, Ye Shall Abide, Behold What Matter Of Love. This book was a favorite of the former owner, who made several of the wedding samplers. Lots of notes, most in pencil, but they show a lot of love!

XS-251 Bee Gee Designs Schoolhouse Sampler

Schoolhouse Sampler, Bee Gee Designs, 1985. Tag residue on cover, but otherwise very good condition.

XS-232 Reproduction Sampler IV: Strawberry Border

Reproduction Sampler IV: Strawberry Border, designed by Sandra Sullivan, Homespun Elegance Ltd, 1986. Like new.

2 Available

XS-293 Redwear Stencil Sampler

Redwear Stencil Sampler, Homespun Hearts Collection, 1987. Sampler and Checkerboard. Pencilled numbers at the bottom of one graph; otherwise very good condition.

XS-295 LA Through The Year, Book 3

Through The Year, Book 3, designed by Susan Winget, Leisure Arts, 1988. Stitch sampler with all twelve months or individual months only. Cover scuffed, but otherwise very good condition.

$4.99 SOLD
XS-302 The Julia Trask Sampler

The Julia Trask Sampler, design reproduced by Susan L. Coyle, Creative Designers, 1985. Like new.

XS-303 Good Shepherd Sampler

Good Shepherd Sampler, designed by Margaret McKee, Margaret & Margaret Inc., 1988. Excellent condition.

XS-305 Sampling Country

Sampling Country, designed by Diane Kramer, The Need'l Love Company, 1985. 3 designs: Simple Words, French Country Sampler, Sheep at Home. Excellent condition.

XS-306 Samplers for All Seasons

Samplers for All Seasons, Glenda Carr, Blue Whale Designs, 1985. Four seasons plus "For Every Thing there is a season anda time to ever Purpose." Excellent condition.

$5.99 SOLD

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See also: Easter

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