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Page 3 (1998 - 2003)

Updated 18 February 2022
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       Reminder: Unless otherwise noted, all magazines are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


P. 1 (1988 - 1992)   *   P. 2 (1993 - 1997)   *   P. 3 (1998 - 2003)   *   P. 4 (2003 - 2005)


Decorative Crochet, P. 3 (1998 - 2003):

       Decorative Crochet is published by Les Editions De Saxe SA in France, with editions in English for the US and Canada. The magazines below are the English editions, but patterns do include "symbol crochet" as well as the more familiar crochet abbreviations. The majority of patterns seem to be thread crochet.

P. 1 (1988 - 1992)   *   P. 2 (1993 - 1997)   *   P. 3 (1998 - 2003)   *   P. 4 (2003 - 2005)

GS-8527 Decorative Crochet No. 61, January 1998

Decorative Crochet No. 61, January 1998. Dresser Doily, Tubework Special Doily, Sideboard Runner, Chrystal Cascade Runner, Pineapple Petals Doily, Elegant Lunch Mat & Coaster, Lucky Clover Mat, Pineapple Harvest Centerpiece, Lampshade and Lace, Lightning Speed Dily, Pineapple Treat Doily, Hanging Roses Cafe Curtain, Coral Reef Doily, Hieroglyphics Runner, Heart's Desire Doily, Sqaring the Circles Mat, Fantastic Ferns Doily, Diamonds and Fans Doily, The Good Things of Life Doily, By the Window Curtain Panel, Telescopic View Doily, Out to Win Doily, Sea Aster Doily, Just a Shawl, Home Cooking Table Center, Sweet Cinnamon Runner, Dresser Doily, Garden Variety Doily. Very good condition.

GS-8528 Decorative Crochet No. 62, March 1998

Decorative Crochet No. 62, March 1998. Oval Charmer Doily, Dunny Disposition Doily, Hawthorn in Relief Runner, Twirling Pinwheels Doily, Color Play Doily, Elegant Curtain Curtain Tie and Lace Insertion, Memories of Scotland Bedspread, Gardenhouse Lilies Doily, The Right Address Doily, Bermuda Triangle Doily, Pedestal Table Topper, Frilly Fans Doily, Citrus Fruit Runner, Solomon- Knot Lace, Off To Sea Lace, Strawberry Sherbet Table Topper, Tea and Cakes Doily, Luxury Treatment Lace/ Towel Edging, Off to the Seashore Lace, Breakfast in Bed Bedspread, Blue Lagoon Doily, White Roses Pillow Cover, ROund Tray Mat, Glorious Gothic Runner, Breakfast Nook Doily, Table Manners Doily. Very good condition.

GS-8529 Decorative Crochet No. 63, May 1998

Decorative Crochet No. 63, May 1998. Back To Basics Doily, Pinwheels Turning Doily, Oh What A Morning Bedsperad, Tropical Heatwave Tablecloth, Where the Heart Is Curtain & Valance, Sheer Poetry Doily, Arrows Pointing Doily, Double Up Filet Wall Hanging, Ruffle Refinement Doily, Collector's Item Table Topper, Heart of the Matter Doily, Square Deal Mats, Peak Performance Centerpiece, Floral Oval Doily, Heirloom Bedspread, Oval Opportunity Doily, Color Play Doily, Wild Narcissus Doily, Rambling Roses Cafe Curtain & Valance, For One or Two Bedspread in two sizes, Mum's the Word Tablecloth, Tulips and Such Runner, Days of Wine and Roses Doily, Coasters to Covet, Cactus Flowers Doily, Deep In Your Heart Mat, At Sunset Centerpiece. Slight cover damage, but otherwise very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8530 Decorative Crochet No. 64, July 1998

Decorative Crochet No. 64, July 1998.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8531 Decorative Crochet No. 65, September 1998

Decorative Crochet No. 65, September 1998. Framing with Lace, Evening Time Doily, Pretty Pinecones Doily, A Fine Romance Doily, The Art of Joining Doily, Triple Alliance Mat, White Camellia Doily, Pale Gardenia Doily, Pineapplesi n Oval Tablecloth, Botanist's Delight Doily, Loops and Pineapples Doily, Total Transparency Doily, Exotic Bloom Doily, Pineapple Wheel Doily, Maple Leaves Mat, Refreshments Served Coaster and Carafe Mat, Cupid Takes Aim Filet, White Stallion Filet, Pineapples in Rows Mat, Tulip Festival Bedspread, Lovebirds in Flight Filet, Bootees for Baby, Dimensional Bedspread, Ace of Spades Doily, After the Bath Filet Wall Hanging (MUCH marking on the graph!), Branch of Roses Wall Hanging. Some bent bottom page corners and the noted markings on the bottom 60 rows of the After the Bath graph apparently to keep track of stitches. It's cluttered, but I think it is still legible.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8532 Decorative Crochet No. 66, November 1998

Decorative Crochet No. 66, November 1998. Heart's Desire Doily, Souvenir Frame, Branching out Centerpiece, Pasque Flower Doily, Think Pink Doily, Tiny Twist Doily, Inserting Roses Runner, Beaded Hexagon Doily, Rambling Roses Curtain Panel, The Charm of Beads Doily, Circling the Square Doily, Amber and Pearls Doily, Silver and Brass Doily/ Gift Wrap, The Romance of Roses Centerpiece, Waltz of the Flowers Doily, Cultivated Blooms Centerpiece, Caribbean Dreams Bedspread, Cornered Butterflies Mat, Little Nosegay Doily, Woman's World Doily, Your Very Own Throw, Six- Part Invention Centerpiece, Ivy League Pillow Top, White Irises Centerpiece, To Top It All Table Topper, It's A Small World Doily. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8533 Decorative Crochet No. 67, January 1999

Decorative Crochet No. 67, January 1999. Arrowheads Aligned Doily, Silver- Rimed Mat, Pale Dogwood Doily, Picoted Rosette Doily, Two-Tone Diamond Doily, Breakfast in Bed Bedspread, Triple Treat Doily, Cottage Curtains, Geometric Play Mat, Spendid Performance Dioly, Amazing Arabesques Mat, Treasurable Tablecloth, Crochet Butterflies Appliques - Embroidery and Cutwork for Tablecloth and Place Mats, Gardenias Galore Lace, Sailing Away Ship Wall Hanging, Wonderful Whitescape Bedspread, Table Topper to Cherish, Host of Butercups Mat, Toying With Trims, Triple Feature Centerpiece and Small Mat, Jumbo Jonquil Centerpiece, Early Days Bedspread in Twin and Double Bed sizes, Three Matchign Pieces Curtain Panels & Table Center, Song of Autumn Doily, LIttle Shepherd Boy Fliet, Pinecones and Such Doily. Very good condition.

GS-8534 Decorative Crochet No. 68. March 1999

Decorative Crochet No. 68. March 1999. Floral Diamond Centerpiece, Floppy Hexagon Centerpiece, Inner Galaxy Centerpiece, Swallows Homeward Fly Filet, Oval Option Centerpiece, Duo of Roses Mat, Twinkle Twinkle Mat, Morning Glories FIlet Runner, Man's Best Friend Filet Dog (Labrador Retriever?), Fine Geometrics FIlet Mat, Lovebirds in Flight Wall Hanging, Dainty Diamonds Tablecloth, Major and Minor Runner, Loyal and True German Shepherd Filet, Mountain Ash Doily, African Violet Doily, Sweet Lelani Doily, Romantic Bedspread, Loves Me Loves Me Not Doily, Surprise Surprise Lucky Bags, Orange Blossoms Doily, Scatter Pillows, Fiesta Finery Hat, Colorful Ruffles Coaster and Tray Mat. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8535 Decorative Crochet No. 69, May 1999

Decorative Crochet No. 69, May 1999. Delicate Hanky, Popcorn Oval Runner, Andalusian Fans Doily, Peaceful Afternoon Doily, Feather in Your Cap Doily, Tender Moment Doily, Box with Mask, Mini Cushion, Favors and Sachets, Little Wheel Doily, Tintinnabulation Mat, On the Subject of Roses Doily, Summer Twilight Doily, Gift Basket, Keepsakes and Gifts Pouches, Cottom Blossom Mat, Starry Night Bedspread, Diner for Two Place Mat & Coaster, Shells of Santiago Mats, Winning Hand boxes (Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs), Floral Square Doily, Stellar Performance Centerpiece, Lacey Vase Display, Romance ofLeaves Doily. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8536 Decorative Crochet No. 70, July 1999

Decorative Crochet No. 70, July 1999. In Nature's Footsteps Doily, Welcome Wagon Water Glass Mats, It Takes a Virtuoso Doily, Hospitable Hexagon Doily, Jumbo Daisy Centerpiece, Diamonds in Setting Runner, Found in the Fields Doily, Field of Pineapples Runner, Exclusive Tieback, Constellation Doily, Summer Evening Doily, Victorian Lace and Collar, Cabbage Roses Filet Curtain and Mat, Pineapple Lace, Ring Around the Roses Centerpiece, Fan and Marigold Laces, Holiday Home Bedspread, Carpet of Flowers Runner, Special Occasion Mat, Steadfast Star Doily, Center of Attention Doily, Royal Bedspread, Multicolored Pyramid, Imperial Crown Doily. Very good condition.

GS-8537 Decorative Crochet No. 71, September 1999

Decorative Crochet No. 71, September 1999. On Vacation Doily, Late Summer Leaves Runner, Festival Flair Doily, Andalusian Dream Doily, Waves of Grain Doily, Through the Garden Tablecloth, Young At Heart Puppy Filet Pillow Top and Cafe Curtain, Multicolored Rosettes, Cockles and Mussels Doily, Good at Winning Doily, Antique Ceramics Doily, Autumn Leaves Doily, Tender Tulips Runner, Centerpiece, Fragrant PotPotpourri Doily, Guardian Angel Crib Coverlet, Jumbo Tulips Tablecloth, Cheerful Cow Filet Curtain Panels, Portrait of a Lady Collar, Sumptuous Duo Oval and Round Mats, Shells Shells Shells Runner, Country Brunch, Doily, Colorful Checkers Mat, Ripe Wheat Round and Oval Mats, Exquisite Table Topper, Embossed Blossoms Tablecloth. Very good condition.

GS-8538 Decorative Crochet No. 72, November 1999

Decorative Crochet No. 72, November 1999. Ovalissimo Runner, FLoral Impact Doily, BackFrom Vacation Doily, Hit the Spot Doily, Recipe For Repose Dily, Lace By the Yard, Heavenly Comfort Bedspread, Tieback Curtains, Fringed Hexagon Doily, Honeysuckle Vine Runner, In The Kitchen Centerpiece, Floral Exuberance Tablecloth, Raw Diamond Doily, Four Into One Doily, Fresh As a Daisy Doily, Constellation Centerpiece, Blue is Beautiful Centerpiece, Party Favors, Reception Favors, Dainty Sextet Doily, Heart To Heart Doily, Man's Best Friends German Shepherd & Pups Filet, Ace of Hearts Centerpiece, Intricate Border Table Topper, Gourmet Mat, Presentation Table Center. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8539 Decorative Crochet No. 73, January 2000

Decorative Crochet No. 73, January 2000. Perfect Placemat, Mediterranean Fare Doily, Golden Moment Doily, Ranbling Roses Curtain Panels, Panther on the Prowl Filet Mat, White Trillium Doily, Blue Setting Mat, Best of Friends Girl & Lamb Filet, Santa Lucia Mat, Table Skirt, Romantic Rosette Doily, Nature Study Doily, Perfect Partners Oval and Round Mats, Happy Event Baby Filet Place Mat, Fantastic Ferns Doily, Garden Center Doily, Guiding Star Centerpiece, Rain of Petals Doily, Shell Placemat, White on Blue Tablecloth, Pinneapples in the Oval Runner, Black and White Narcissus Doily, Elegant Basket, LEt's Have A Party Pouches, Petal on Petal Doily, Be My Valentine Filet Curtain Panel. Very good condition.

GS-7021 Decorative Crochet No. 74, March 2000

Decorative Crochet No. 74, March 2000. Designs include: Diamond Doily, Northern Star Doily, Treasures From The Deep Doily, Sunny Morning Bedspread, Busy Bushytail Filet, Cactus Flower Doily, Fascinating Fans Doily, Botanist's Deligth Doily, Majolica Tile Doily, Roses on the Table Tablecloth, Floral Diamond Doily, Time For Partying Tablecloth, Mignonne Miniatures Heart Box and Basket, Bedroom Sachets, Vest inVESTment Lady's Vest, Hang Up Your Hat Hat, Ooptical Illusion Doily, Heirloom Bedroom Set Bedspread & Pillow Cover, Bathroom Sachets, Windrose Turning Doily, Party Basket, Keepsake Box, Tidy Table Topper, Filet Insertion Doily. Very good used condition.

2 Available

GS-8540 Decorative Crochet No. 75, May 2000

Decorative Crochet No. 75, May 2000. Celtic Magic Doily, Colorful This And That Doilies and Sachet, Concentricity Doily, Blessed Event Pillow Top, Cookies Are Dandy Basket, Treasure Box, Petals - Diamonds - Fans Doily, Runaway Success Runner, Lucky Groom Top Hat, Happy Bride Hat, Fresh As Springtime Pillow Top, A Place in the Sun Centerpiece, Floral Oval Doily, White Cornflower Doily, Squaring the Square Pillow Top, Waterlilies Afloat Doily, Gardenias on View Doily, Harmony of Colors Runner, Blossom Studded Cushion, Ready For Company Tablecloth, Stairway to the Stars Runner, Doily With the Delicate Air, Upward Mobility Mat, Wood Anemone Doily, Jasmin in Bloom Doily, An Eye for Drama Tablecloth. Very good condition.

GS-8541 Decorative Crochet No. 76, July 2000

Decorative Crochet No. 76, July 2000. A New Twist Doily, Mariposa Lilies Doily, Grandly Gothic Doily, Oval Leaves Doily, Home From the Sea Doily, Cultivated Marigolds Doily, Azalea in Season Doily, Private World Mat, Tutti Frutti Doily, Fans and All That Doily, Thank- You Note Pillow Top, Back To School Alphabet Square Pillow Top, Whirlwind Romance Doily, Art- Deco Curtains, A Rose By Any Name Doily, Early Birds Curtain Panels, Weekend Activity Doily, Day Into Night Filet Bedspread, Four- Leaf With Fans Doily, Calypso Song Doily, Roses Have Thorns Doily, For the Sweet Tooth Candy Dish, Cuddly Cushion Pillow Top, Today's Tradition Tablecloth, Among Friends Doily, Calypso Song Basket. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8542 Decorative Crochet No. 77, September 2000

Decorative Crochet No. 77, September 2000. Page Collar and Lace, White Poinsettia Mat, Hearty Quartet Dilet Piece, Hold the Curtain Tie Backs, Popcorns and Fans Mat, Romantic Oval Mat, Playing with Lace Laces, Many Happy Returns Mat, Canadian Thistles Mat, Tropical Heatwae Mat, Dutch Windmill Mat, Diamonds All Over Tablecloth, Crown Jewel Mat, Oh What A Lovely Oval Mat, Ninepins Motif Mat, Pamela's Hat, Hexagons in Bloom Doily, Two of Everything Doily, Octangualr Mat, Priz Pinwhieel Mat, Penny For Your Thoughts Mat, Daisy Runner, Rose of York Filet, Gift of Hearts Mat, Catching Butterflies Mat, Daisies for Decor Mat, Botany at Home Mat, Check and Match Centerpiece. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8543 Decorative Crochet No. 78, November 2000

Decorative Crochet No. 78, November 2000. Blossom Coasters, Ornamental Oval Runner, Deep In My Heart Filet Piece, Zigs and Zags Doily, Bedspread Panel (filet with horse), Treasureable Openwork Runner, Filigree Frieneds Oval Mat and Round Mat, Fanciful Fans Mat, Spectacular Sea Star Doily, Blooms in a Whirl Mat, Rose Medallion Mat, Shells and Knots Doily, Single White Rose Doily, Sign Your Name With X's Mat, Two of a Kind Mats, Pedestal Table Mat, Climbing Roses Mat, Meadow Thistle Centerpiece, Day Into Night Bedspread, Wheat Harvest Round and Oval Mats. Fantasy Flower Doily, Exotic Perennial Centerpiece, Happy Anniversary Centerpiece, Baby Orchids Runner, The Best of Scents Doily. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8544 Decorative Crochet No. 80, March 2001

Decorative Crochet No. 80, March 2001. Zigzags All Around Runner, Mid - Afgernoon Coffee Centerpiece, Take A Spin Doily, Double Star Doily, Floating Dandelion Doily, Floral Rosette Doily, Many Happy Returns Doily, Doily With the Delicate Air, All Good Things Doily, Winnign Hand Centerpiece, Stay Connected Doily, Private World Runner, Personal Viewpoint Doily, Miniature Hat, Tieback and Bow, Two for Tea Doily, Collector's Choice Runner, Remarkable Runner, Indoor Gardener Basket, Two- Tone Lace, The Leaves Are Dancing Centerpiece, Regal Table Center, Country Breakfast Set Place Mat with Coaster and Napkin Ring, Megadaisy Doily, Flowers Cast a Spell Runner, Exotic Qartet Mat. Very good condition.

GS-8545 Decorative Crochet No. 81, May 2001

Decorative Crochet No. 81, May 2001. Sturdy Doily, Lone Star Mat, Three By Three Mat, The White and the Blue Runner, Wheel of Fortune Doily, Wedding Garter, Star Upon Star Doily, Leafy Branches Doily, Sturdy Doily - round, You're Invited Placemat, Blue Meanders Runner, Voices of Spring Doily, Anniversary Tea Mats, Made To Last Bedspread, A Woman's Touch Doily, Blue Arabesques Doily, Pride of Home Placemat, Sweet- Scented Sachets, k Table Mat, Floating Daisies Runner, Cutest Favors, Great Masterpiece Curtains, Let There Be Light Lampshade, Golden Labyrinth Mat. CONDITION PROBLEMS: Heavy cover and page wear. Everything seems to be here and readable, though.

GS-8546 Decorative Crochet No. 82, July 2001

Decorative Crochet No. 82, July 2001. Daisy Daisy Doily, In Full Bloom Doily, Country Living Bedspread, Carribean Souvenir Doily, Whirlabout Doily, South Sea Flora Runner, Snooth Ruffles Doily, Wild Flowers Doily, White Passion Flower Doily, A Passion For Trimming Edging, Magnificent Mosaic Table Topper, Affectionately Yours Mat, Blue Grotto Doily, Window Treatment, Trimming With Flair Edging, Ribbon Rosettes Runner, Rose Medallion Runner, Town and Country Cap and Weave A Little Tote Bag, Hexagon Magic Runner, Let's Have Lunch Mat, Beaded Collar, Rose of My Heart Doily, Heirloom Extraordinary Table Cloth, Pale Hydrangeas Runner, Rosegarden Blooming Doily, Petal Basket, Luxurous Basket for Baby Blanket and Lace Edging. Very good condition.

GS-8547 Decorative Crochet No. 83, September 2001

Decorative Crochet No. 83, September 2001. Beaded Basket, Last Rose of Summer Doily, Burges Lace Cushion, Cat on a Pillow Filet, Magnificent Mosaic Table Topper, Dresser Diamond Doily, A Woman's Touch Doily, Notions and Niceties Doily, The Dainty Dozen Doily, Two Hearts As One Mat, The Hit Parade Mat, Oriental Mood Runner, White Poinsettias Mat, Rose on a Lattice Mat, Claire De Lune Doily, Antique Shelf Lace, Tasseled Tieback, On the Right Track Runner, Early Sunrise Centerpiece, Trpical Bloom Doily, Stunning Stags Filet Tablecloth, Walk in Beauty Runner, Souvenir of Spain mini - tablecloth, All Throug the House Curtain, All Through the House Pillow, Pride of Home Table Center and Runner, Pride of Home Tray or Armchair Mat, That's Entertainment Party Favor Pouches. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8548 Decorative Crochet No. 84, November 2001

Decorative Crochet No. 84, November 2001. Let's Have Lunch Place Mat & Coaster, Twin Petals in Gold Doily, Irish Crochet Medallion Doily, Concentricity Doily, Nosegay of Narcissi Doily, Square in Squares Doily, Tulips Attract Butterflies Doily, Floral Diamond Doily, Down a Country Lane Shawl, Fun With Solomon's Knots Dily, Optical Ilusion Doily, Master Class Runner, Elegant Match Pillow Top an Tieback, WIndmill Table Topper, White Cyclamens Doily, Narcissus Magnified Tablecloth, Prize- Winning Curtains, The Sign of Pisces Pillow Topper, Spring On Your Mind Runner, Tomantic Statement Doily, The Big Catch Mat (shaped like a fish), Decorative Runner, Chasing Butterflioes Table Topper, Baroque Vase Cover, Ornamental Oval Runner, Luxurious Oval Centerpiece. Very good condition.

GS-8549 Decorative Crochet No. 85, January 2002

Decorative Crochet No. 85, January 2002. Hold That Curtain Tieback, Shell Upon Shell Doily, Adorable Kitty Filet, Rich Harvest Tablecloth, Fish Got To Swim Filet, Lavender's Blue Doily, Forget- Me- Not Halter, Luxurious Tieback, Celestial Spheres Doily, Beach Dreams Doily, Sprig Melody Doily, fringed Square Mat, Small is Beautiful Doily, Rhododendron Doily, Harvest Moon Doily, Squares Into Octagon Doily, Attractive Accessory Collar, Nautical Note Tablecloth, Ginger and Spice Runner, Two Lumps Please Doily, New Constellation Mat, Triangles into Squares Doily, Decorative Centerpiece, Significant Signs Doily, Sensational Top 'n' Cap, After- Dinner Treat Doily, Caravel Crossing Crochet Sailboat. Very good condition.

GS-8550 Decorative Crochet No. 90, November 2002

Decorative Crochet No. 90, November 2002. Arabesque Reflections Doily, Bugres Lace Motifs Runner, Pineapple Quartet Doily, Late Wheat Harvest Doily, Falling Leaves Tablecloth, Bit of White Bit of Blue Doiily, Hexagon in Bloom Doily, Mississippi Paddle Wheel Doily, Gathering of Squares Mat, White Poinsettia Doily, Four Hearts as One Doily, Rhapsody in White Mat, Sunflowers in a Row Runner, Call of the Sea Doily, Frame of Leaves Doily, Diamond Filigree Doily, Diaphaneous Runner, Total Bed Set Headboard and Bedspread, Raindrops On the Pond Tablecloth, Simply Round Doily, Magnolia Garlands Runner, Lavender Sachet, Showing Off Collectibles Shelf Edging, Treasureable Tieback, Shells and MOre Shells Doily, Olden- Time Tea Cozy, Triangles in the ROund Doily. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD

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