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Hats, Scarves, Gloves & Mittens

Updated 8 April 2022
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        Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       PleaseEmail me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back! Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Slippers & Socks


Hats, Scarves, Gloves, & Mittens, Page 1:

GS-8083 Crochet With Style from Simplicity #0495: Accessories to Crochet

Knitting & Crochet With Style from Simplicity #0495: Accessories to Crochet, Simplicity Pattern Co., 1989. Digest- size booklet; designs include: Looped Hat & Scarf, Fair Isle Beret & Scarf, Fur Trimmed Hat, HiTop Slippers, and Hat- Scarf - & Mittens set. .

  Details & Ordering
GS-7510 ASN Red & Purple RULES!

Red & Purple RULES!, designed by Ruthie Marks, American School of Needlework, 2004. Designs include: Caroline Hat, Caroline Shawl, Julianna Scarf, Rebecca Scarf, Rosalie Tube Scarf, Rebecca Hat & Tote, Royal Scepter, Julianna Hat.

  Details & Ordering
GS-7252 Crochet World Presents Quick & Easy Crochet Accessories

Crochet World Presents Quick & Easy Crochet Accessories, Crochet World, April 2015. Designs include: SWEET SUMMER SCARVES -- Garden Trellis, FLowers in Paradise, Candy Delight, Diagonal Boxes, Drop- Stitch Ascot, Flirty Fans, Fish Tail, Vlower- Chain Scarf; IT'S A WRAP lace shawls -- Delicate Blooms, Desert Flowers, Shells & Lace, Goodess of Hospitality, Isolde, Blossom Spins, Rolling Meadows, Right- Angle Review; IN THE BAG -- Points of Interest, Roundabout in Red, Market Shopper, Peekabook Rows, Floating Squares, Summertime Hibiscus, Flowers on the Beach; JUST PERFECT JEWELRY -- Carnival Colors Necklace, Beaded Beauties Bauble and Flower Rings, Elegant Statement Necklace, Anicia Bolo Necklace, Sculptured Lace Earrings, Petite Blooms Earrings, Blue Hawaii Bracelet & Earrings, Open Flowers Necklace & Earrings, Sea Glass Pendant, Moonlight Bay Bracelet; HEADS UP Hats -- Beachcomber Babe, Sunny Day, City Girl, Fun in the Sun, Shady Lady, Spring Breeze. BRAND NEW 2015 RELEASE!

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GS-8656 Annie's Learn to Crochet Mosaic Hats

Learn to Crochet Mosaic Hats, designed by Melissa Leapman, Annie's, 2016. Projects include: 3- in- 1 Hat, Confetti Stripes Hat, Diagonal Stairsteps Hat, Dotted Stripes Hat, Byzantine Hat, Mosaic Grid Hat, Zigzag Hat. BRAND NEW 2016 RELEASE!

GS-8111 Annie's Alpine Cables Hat & Scarf

Alpine Cables Hat & Scarf, designed by Lisa Naskrent, Annie's, 2016. Crochet in worsted weight yarn. BRAND NEW 2016 RELEASE!

GS-7452 Annie's Happy Hats for Kids

Happy Hats for Kids, designed by Kristi Simpson, Annie's, 2015. Designs to crochet in worsted weight yarn include: Lacy, Bella Bouquet, Hoot Owl, Stripes & Pom, Sweet & Sassy, Mosaic, Classic, Newsboy, Dapper Diamonds, Fab Flap, Pink Perfection, Dancing Rainbow, Ripples & Roses, Lizzy, Sweet Pea. BRAND NEW 2015 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-7260 LA Texting Mitts

Texting Mitts, designed by Andee Graves, Annie's, Leisure Arts, 2013. Designs for fingerless gloves worked in "super fine weight - 1" sock yarn include: Simple Beginner Lace Mitts, Smaller V- Stitch Wristers, Diamond Back Mitts, Seashell Mitts, Cabled Shells Mitts, Chunky V's Lace Mitts, staggered Cross Stitch Mitts, Twisted Cable Columns Mitts. BRAND NEW!

GS-6791 Annie's Modish Crochet Hats

Modish Crochet Hats, designed by Selena Baca, Rebecca Huber, and Margaret Hubert, Annie's, 2014. 8 designs; Side Tab Mini Slouch, Easy Beanie, Aviator Hat, Mini Slouch Hat, Unisex Beanie, Summer Hat, Cozy Ribbed Hat, Newsboy Hat. BRAND NEW 2014 RELEASE!

KS-445 Annie's KNIT More Than A Dozen Hats & Beanies

KNIT More Than A Dozen Hats & Beanies, designed by Carri Hammett, Annie's, 2012, 2014. KNIT 15 projects -- something for all members of the family. Easy- To- Follow circular knitting tutorial also included. BRAND NEW 2014 RELEASE!

GS-5590 Annie's Hooked on Crochet! Hats II

Hooked on Crochet! Hats II, designed by Sara Dudek, Annie's, 2012. 8 colorful & fun styles made using worsted weight yarn. BRAND NEW 2012 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-4486 Fireside Favorites Head Cowls

Fireside Favorites Head Cowls, designed by Sue Childress and Frances Hughes, Fireside Favorites, 2011. 2 designs to crochet. Brand new 2011 release!

GS-4064 Annie's Attic Crocodile Stitch Fashions

Crocodile Stitch Fashions, designed by Lianka Azulay, Annie's Attic, 2011. An unusual stitch using only a chain stitch and double crochet. Projects include: Triangle Shawl, Crocodile Stitch Hood, Wrist Warmers, Crocodile Stitch Cloche, Neck Warmer, Slouchy Beret, and Crocodile Stitch Gauntlets. BRAND NEW 2011 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-3785 Annie's Attic Easy Springtime Hats

Easy Springtime Hats, designed by Frances Hughes, Annie's Attic, 2011. 3 hats, 2 crochet and 1 knit, in worsted weight yarn. Brand New 2011 Release!

2 Available

KS-178 HWB KNIT Mittens, Mittens, Mittens

KNIT Mittens, Mittens, Mittens, designed by Diane Zangl, House of White Birches, 2000. 10 fun- to- KNIT designs for the entire family! BRAND NEW!

KS-117 HWB KNIT Warm Hands Warm the Heart

KNIT Warm Hands Warm the Heart, Edited by Kara Gott Warner, House of White Birches, 2010. KNIT 8 pairs of mittens for everyone you love. Sizing options from kids to adult; tutorials and full- color, step- by- step instructions for mastering several techniques. NOTE: not for the beginning knitter! Most patterns are rated Intermediate. BRAND NEW!

GS-3466 Annie's Attic 8-Hour Fashion Scarves

8- Hour Fashion Scarves , designed by Mickie Akins, Annie's Attic, 2007. 7 scarves for all seasons; make each in 8 hours or less. Brand New!

$7.95 SOLD
GS-3343 Annie's Attic Scarves to Crochet

Scarves to Crochet, edited by Connie Ellison, Annie's Attic, 2011. 16 easy everyday designs in a variety of styles and yarns. Brand New 2011 Release!

2 Available

GS-3310 Red Heart Book 0740: Petting Zoo

Red Heart Book 0740: Petting Zoo, designed by Grace Alexander and Mary Jane Protus, Coats & Clark, 2006. Digest-size leaflet with designs in worsted weight yarn that include: Knit OR Crochet Ladybug and Bumblebee Hats, KNIT Critter Mittens (Ladybug, Bumblebee, Rooster, and Chicken) and Lion Backpack, and CROCHET Cat & Dog Scarves. Out of print, but BRAND NEW!

5 Available

GS-3203 ASN Crochet Hats, Mittens, & Scarves

Crochet Hats, Mittens, & Scarves, designed by Edie Eckman, American School of Needlework, 1999. 9 sets sized for children and adults. BRAND NEW!

GS-3204 Jeanette Crews Heads Up!

Heads Up!, designed by Deborah Wood, Jeanette Crews Designs, 2004. 6 quick and easy hats to crochet. BRAND NEW!

GS-3169 Annie's Attic Chemo Caps & Wraps

Chemo Caps & Wraps, Annie's Attic, 2010. Designs include a variety of caps, scarves, lapghans and lap robes, Infusion Wrap, Poncho, and shawls for men, women, children, and there is even a baby set. All models in this book are cancer patients and survivors or friends of cancer survivors. Also includes information on Halos of Hope and how you can donate hats and wraps to cancer patients in your community. Brand NEW 2010 Release!

2 Available

GS-3167 Annie's Attic Hooked on Crochet! Hats

Hooked on Crochet! Hats, Annie's Attic, 2008. 16 fun designs for men,women, and children. BRAND NEW!

2 Available

GS-3168 ASN Hats, Scarves, & Mittens for the Family

Hats, Scarves, & Mittens for the Family, designed by Lisa Naskrent, American School of Needlework, 2008. 4 matching sets to crochet in vivid colors: Frost Fire, Stone Lodge, Snow Crest, Polar Peak. BRAND NEW!

KS-082 Annie's Attic KNIT a Dozen Beanies

KNIT a Dozen Beanies, designed by Edie Eckman, Annie's Attic, 2006. BRAND NEW!

GS-1628 Annie's Attic Slip Stitch Caps

Slip Stitch Caps, designed by Nancy Nehring, Annie's Attic, 2009. 8 great projects for all members of the family, crocheted entirely in slip stitch to give a knit-like look and stretch. BRAND NEW!

GS-1629 Coats & Clark Crochet & Knit Family Warmers

Crochet & Knit Family Warmers, Coats & Clark, 2007. 15 projects include: Arm Warmer Mittens, hats, scarves, mittens, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, and even a dog coat! BRAND NEW!

GS-708 Scarves With Attitude

Scarves With Attitude,designed by George Shaheen, American School of Needlecraft, 2004. Six to knit and five to crochet. BRAND NEW!

GS-8688 Spinnovations 16: Heads Up -- Hats, Scarfs, and Mittens

Spinnovations 16: Heads Up -- Hats, Scarfs, and Mittens, Spinnerin Yarn Company, Inc., 1978. Sets include: KNIT Shades of Striped Rose on Unscoured White Hat and Scarf, White Hat with Mosaic Striped Band and Scarf, Blue/ Gray/ White Striped Fair Isle, Knit and Purl Diamond Camel Hat and Scarf, Ombree Rust and Appricot Striped Scarf/ Hat/ Mittens, Maroon/ Navy/ Unscoured White Hat, Scarf, and Mittens, Peruvian Cap, White and Blue Lace Ripple Hat and Scarf, Blue Eenim Tan Hat and Scarf, Hood and Collar Combo BLue and Mosaic, Lattice Work Fisherman Hat and Scarf, Bubbling Brown Hat/ Scarf/ Mittens, Rust Tweed Hat/ Scarf/ Mittens Set, Pocket Scarf and Cap, Mosaic Diamond Hat and Scarf, Rib and Cable Hat/ Scarf/ Mittens; CROCHET Rust Man's Cap and Scarf, Blue with Blue Tweed Ripple Hat and Scarf, Broomstick Lace Hat/ Scarf/ Mittens, Gold/ Tan/ Brown Hat and Scarf, Rust/ Gold/ Unscoured White Hat and Scarf, Cross Stitch Multi Color Crochet Hat and Scarf with Tassel Top, Multi- Strip Hat/ Scarf/ Mittens, Blue and White Hat and Scarf, Red and White Hat and Scarf, White Hat and Scarf with 6 Color Small Stripe Trim, Pink Trimmed Hood/ Collar Combo, Black/ Gray/ Unscoured White Crochet Hat and Scarf, White with Red and Gray Hat and Scarf, Blue/ Gray/ White Hat and Scarf, 3 Color Long Stitch Striped Hat/ Scarf and Mittens. Notes on one page; otherwise, very good used condition.

GS-8150 LA Hats for Kids

Hats for Kids, Leisure Arts, 2012. Digest- size book featuring a variety of hats to crochet for children size 3 months to child's large include: Beanie, Bundle of Joy tam, Chill Breaker, Cool Charmer, Tri Corner Hat,Li'l Lumberjack Hat, Elf Hat, Cozy Cuddle. Price tag smudge on front cover; otherwise, like new. May smell slightly perfumey.

GS-7279 Caron Simply Soft Knit & Crochet Designs

Caron Simply Soft Knit & Crochet Designs, Caron International, nd. KNIT His and Hers Shadow Scarves, Textured Purse; CROCHET Lacy Scarf Trio. May have markings on front cover; otherwise, very good condition.

GS-7044 Nomis NFL Hat and Scarf Sets to Knit and Crochet

NFL Hat and Scarf Sets to Knit and Crochet, designed by Pat Marks, Nomis Yarn Co., 1994. Two designs each hats and scarves to KNIT and two designs each hats and scarves to CROCHET, with lettering charts and color schemes for: Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, New York Jets, Oalkand Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Oilers, Washington Redskins. Bent corner on front cover; otherwise, excellent condition.

$9.99 SOLD
GS-6551 LA Caps and Wraps to Knit and Crochet

Caps and Wraps to Knit and Crochet, Leisure Arts, 1976. KNIT Honeycomb Hat and Scarf Set, Fisherman Rib Hat and Scarf Set; CROCHET Popcorn Hat and Scarf Set, Puff Stitch Hat and Scarf Set, Nop Hat and Scarf Set. Very good condition, but may smell slightly musty.

GS-6087 Columbia-Minerva Tops in Crochet and Knits

Tops in Crochet and Knits,Columbia- Minerva, nd (I'd guess early 1970's). 7 cap and maxi scarf sets: KNIT Celtic Scarf & Cap, Pebble Beach Scarf & Beret; CROCHET Chain Mail Scarf & Cap, Cloche Hat & Scarf, Jacob's Ladder Scarf & Cap, Trellis Scarf & Beret, and Sunflower Scarf & Hat. Overall good condition.

$5.99 SOLD
KS-366 LA Fashion Scarfs to KNIT

Fashion Scarfs to KNIT, designed by Catherine B. Spann, Leisure Arts, 1990. 6 designs in a variety of styles and yarns. Corners bent from mailing, but otherwise very good condition.


Hats, Scarves, Mittens p.1   *   P. 2   *   P. 3

Slippers & Socks

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