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Updated 6 May 2018
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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MA-011 Clapper Publishing Macrame the Easy Way

Macrame the Easy Way, Clapper Publishing Co. Inc., 1976. Projects include: Criss Cross Square Knot Belt, Panel or Shelf, Belt with Ring in Back, Planter Hanging, Diagonal Double Half- Hitch Rug Yarn Pillow, Macrame Jewelry (Square Knot Diamond Dog Collar, Reverse Double Half Hitch Dog Collar, Diagonal Ridge Dog Collar), Bell Pull, Macrame Purse, Sand Doollar Hanging, Lamp Shade, Orange Hanging. Most pages dog-eared at bottom corner, cover wear, center page detached from top staple. Printed on lighter paper that just has a flimsy "feel."

MA-012 Lynne Tucker Macrame Forms and Figures

Macrame Forms and Figures, designed by Lynne Tucker, 1975. Designs include: Owl, Owl on a Sling, Tiny Owl Necklace, Fish, Clown, Witch, Santa Claus, Your Basic Angel, Bookworm Bookmark, Wreath. Slight cover wear, but pages in excellent condition.

MA-074 Liz Miller Kitchen Helpers

Kitchen Helpers, designed by Liz Miller, Maxwell International, nd. Projects include Casserole Holder and Napkin Holder. Very good used condition.

MA-075 Plaid's Kitchen Knottery

Kitchen Knottery, designed by Pauline Finch, Plaid Enterprises, 1981. Projects include: Basket Case, Pretty Handy, Triple Good Weed Pockets, Salt 'n Pepper, Spoon 'n Towel, Wine for Two, Nice 'n Spicy, Tiffany, Spice 'n Spoons, Nifty For Napkins, Kitchen Organizer, Toothpicks in Style, Coffee Time, Just Peachy. Cover is a mess from tag removals, but pages in pretty good condition.

MA-076 Plaid's The Fashionable Macrame Purse

The Fashionable Macrame Purse, designed by Liz Miller, Plaid Enterprises, 1988. Projects include: Country Handiwork Purse, Lakeside Purse, Bright Beauty Purse & Belt, Hearts and Stripes Purse, Fashion Satchel, The Cat's Meow Purse, Sports Model Purse, A Soft Touch Purse, Row of Diamonds Purse. Tags on front cover, but otherwise excellent condition.

MA-077 Plaid's Macrame Chairs for Country Living

Macrame Chairs for Country Living, designed by Liz Miller, Plaid Enterprises, 1988. Projects for lawn and patio chairs include: Gone Fishing, Plaid 'n Crosses, Designing Hearts, Mexico City, Falling Leaves, A Country Welcome, Sit in a Circle, Kitty's Favorite, Indian Dance, Chocolate Mint Wooden Folding Chair with Matching Footstool, Softly Plaid, Norwegian Winter. Pages age- tanned, but otherwise very good used condition.

MA-078 Plaid's Furniture Fanfare

Furniture Fanfare, designed by Liz Miller and Larry &Linda James, Plaid Enterprises, 1982. Projects for lawn furniture, chair bottoms, footstools, etc. include: The Reading Rack, Indian Country Footstool, Basket- Tweed Straight Chair, Sitting Pretty Straight Chair, Filled with Twill Straight Chair, Easy Feet Footstool, Jazzy Plaid Footstool, Honeycomb Patio Chair, Star Crossed Patio Chair, Here's To Herring bone Patio Chair, Checkers on the Terrace Lounge Chair and Patio Chair, Sand Ripples Patio Chair, Terrific on the Table Hot Plate, Dinnertime Delight Hot Plate, Table Guardian Coaster, Coaster Guard Coaster, Some Like It Hot Hot Plate, Red Hot Hot Plate, Sweet 'n Spicy Hot Plate, Star of the Show Wallhanging, Lazing Lounge, Patio in the Spring, Team Colors Football Wallhanging, Outdoor Sunshine Patio Chair, Terrace Sunset Patio Chair, Sun and Shade Patio Chair, Patio Petite Child's Patio Chair, Sun and Shade Patio Chair, Team Colors Football Patio Chair, Go Team Go Football Helmet Patio Chair. Tag on cover; otherwise, very good condition.

MA-013 Plaid's Macrame Sitting Pretty Chair Seats

Plaid's Macrame Sitting Pretty Chair Seats, designed by Liz Miller and Linda & Larry James, Plaid Enterprises, 1986. 15 chair seats to make from Macrame cord: Mosaic Scallops Chair, Medallion Footstool, Americana Ladder Back Chair, Diamond Ripples, Patio Pinwheels Lounge, Lovely Leisure, By the Beautiful Sea, A Little Sunshine (child's patio chair), Summer Kaleidascope, Radiant Summer Rocker, Gametime Patio Chair, Kid Stuff Patio Chair, Diamonds & Stripes Beach Chair, Granny Square Rocker. Some cover wear, but overall very good used condition.

MA-079 Juliano's Book 2: Hang It All

Juliano's Book 2: Hang It All, designed by Elaine & Dominick Juliano, Juliano's Inc., 1975. Instructions for knots include: Mounting Cord, Larks Head (Reverse Double Half Hitch) on Ring, Alternating Larks Head Braid, Interlocking Larks Head Braid, Half Knot, Loose Half Knot Sennit, Half Knot Sennit, Square Knot/ Solomans Knot, Square Knot Chain or Square Knot Sennit, Square Knot Sennit, several multi-cord Square Knots, Alternating Square Knots, Alternating Square Knot plus One Half Knot, Square Knot Interchanging (Switching), Square Knot Picot, Horizontal Half Hitch or Clove Hitch, Horizontal Double Half Hitch, Horizontal Double Half Hitch and Return, Vertical Double Half Hitch, Diagonal Double Half Hitch, Double Half Hitch Angling, Single Alternatint Half Hitch or Clove Hitch, Two Cord Half Hitch Chain, Double Alternating Half Hitch Chain, Triple Alternating Half Hitch Chain, SIngle Half Hitch or Corkscrew, Double Half Hitch Cross, Half Hitch Leaf or Flower, Overhand Knot, Alternating Overhand Knot, Alternating Interlocking Overhand Knot, Picot, Double Half Hitch with Three Loops and Square Knot, Picot Overhand Knot with Double Half Hitches, Picot Square Knot with Double Half Hitches, Picot Alternating Half Hitch CHain, Picot Scallped Double Half Hitches, Picot Half Hitch on Holding Cord, Button Knot, Berry Knot with Double Half Hitches, Berry Knot Simple, Genoese Bar, Genoese Waved Bar, Shaping For a Belt, Variation for End of Belt, Picot Shape for End of Belt, Double Half Hitch Shaping for Belt, Horizontal Double Half Hitch with Picots for Belt, Josephine KNot, Figure Eight, Oriental Triangle Knot, Chinesse Crown Knot, Chinese Crown Knot Flat, Turks Head, Monkey Fist, Wrap or Hangman's Knot, Butterfly, Adding a Cord Square Knot, Adding a Cord Double Half Hitch, Splicing, Sling, Coil Knots. Projects include: Macramania Hanging, Knock About Bags. Very good condition.

MA-080 Wanda Seney Love Bloomin' Macrame

Bloomin' Macrame, designed by Wanda Seney Love, Crown Crafts & Notions, Inc., 1976. Unique floral arrangements in Macrame. Instructions include: Leaves, Fillers, Basic Flower, Lily, Trillium, Cactus Flower, Large Double Flower, Curly Poppy, Blue Ruffles, Tulip, Tropical Rose, Red Amaryllis, Two Color Flower, Iris & Daisies. Cover looks like it was laid in paint, but pages are in good condition.

MA-081 Macrame Unlimited

Macrame Unlimited, designed by Doreene and Clint Clement, Macrame Unlimited, 1976. Projects include: Illuma Table, Splendor, Ultimate, Maximum, Mary's Braids, Cactus Garden, Beginner's Luck, Plant Lamp, Essential, Christmas Ornament, Christmas Angel, Window Greenhouse, Jill and the Beanstalk, Luna, Table Runner, Tiffany Lamp, Plucked, 3 Feathers, Earrings, Hat Rack, It's a Breeze, The Plant Cradle. Former owner's stamp on inside front cover; otherwise, very good used condition.

MA-086 Creative Critters in Macrame

Creative Critters in Macrame, designed by Martha Holton, Craft Publications, Inc., 1977. SERIOUS CONDITION PROBLEMS! Cover split up seams and removed, pages 3 - 4, with most of the Horse pattern, missing. The rest of the patterns seem to be all present and accounted for and include Gerald the Giant Panda, Pollie the Collie, Red the Little Fox, Mitzi the Pekingese, Bimbo the Baby Elephant, Beauregard the Bull, Sassy the Squirrel. Useable, but in pieces and not pretty.

MA-088 Step One (Macrame)

Step One, by Debra and Ed Richards, Color Craft Publishing, 1978. A beginning macrame books with knots and techniques, plus the following projects: Hanger Cover, Owlie plant hanger, Warts plant hanger, Button Button plant hanger, Greenie plant hanger, Diamond Cross Table, Josephine wall hanging, Daisy Patch wall hanging, Venus plant hanger, Farmer Owl plant hanger, Nik Nak Shelf, Tee Pee Table, Intricate Lace Table, Love Lite lampshade, Rapunzel table, Up Up and Awayhot air balloon plant hanger, Soft Glow lampshade, Speaker Table. Center pages detached from staples but here; otherwise, very good condition.

MA-089 New Lamp Frames (Macrame)

New Lamp Frames, designed by Bonnie Knoblauch & Raye Aaron, W.T. Rogers Co., nd (late 1970's?). Designs include: Indian Summer Tiffany, Tiffany Lamp. Some overall wear; generally in good condition.

MA-087 McCall's Macrame, Vol. II

McCall's Macrame, Vol. II, McCall Pattern Company, 1979. Patterns include: Ringed Planter, Double Wall Planter, Ceiling Plant Hanger, Window Curtains, Pillows, Mirror Frame, Picture Frame, Drawer Pulls, Lampshade, Owl Hanging, small Owl Hanger, Large Owl Hanger, Clowns, Covered Bottles, Table Runner, Rug, Place Mats, Halter Top, Brown Necklace, Red Necklace, Orange Choker, Watchband, Flower Bag, Bag and Clogs, Envelope Bag, Big Bag, Butterfly Bag, Seaside Sampler Anemone Pendant, Anemone Choker, Shell Bracelet, Shell Necklace, Shell Belt, Bib Necklace, Medallion Bib, Disco Bag. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
MA-029 Calcutta Cord Makes It Planter Wall Hanging...etc.

Calcutta Cord Makes It Planter Wall Hanging...etc., Smithfield Fibers, nd. Macrame Planter Wall Hanging, Cafe Planter, Table Runner, and an Unusual Spider Planter. Good condition -- small split up spine.

MA-030 Calcutta Cord Makes It Cafe Curtain, Sunburst, or Plant Hanger

Calcutta Cord Makes It Cafe Curtain, Sunburst, or Plant Hanger, Smithfield Fibers, nd. Two creases as if it were folded in thirds for mailing in a legal size envelope. Otherwise, good condition.

$5.99 SOLD
MA-031 LeeWards Freddy the Cuddly Owl

Freddy the Cuddly Owl, LeeWards, ca 1977. Good condition.

$5.99 SOLD
MA-032 Accento Craft Marbella Goes Square

Marbella Goes Square, designed by Susan Edmonds, Accento Craft, nd. Projects include: Time Square Clock, Finger Tip Towel Holder, Bathroom Buddy, Magazine Rack & Towel Holder. One small note on Magazine Rack pattern; otherwise, very good condition.

MA-033 Great Yarns Inc. Macrame Placemats

Macrame Placemats, designed by A. Bonnie Swartz, Great Yarns Inc., nd. Leaf Placemat, Champagne Placemat, Ombre Placemat designed for beginners. Good condition.

MA-034 Knot Craft Wall Hanging

Knot Craft Wall Hanging, designed by Shirley Now, Wellington Puritan Mills, Inc., nd. Good condition.

MA-035 Merribee A Sampler

A Sampler, American Handicrafts/ Merribee Needlearts, 1979. Good condition.


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