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Quick & Easy Crochet, Page 2
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Updated 2 November 2021
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       Reminder: All pattern booklets are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Quick & Easy Crochet, Page 2 -- Full Size Issues:

       Quick & Easy Crochet was published by Grass Roots Publishing Co. This started out as a digest-size magazine, but changed to full-size in 2004. The full-size magazines contained fewer patterns, but still had some great designs. They did use a lower- grade paper, though, so the pages are going to be somewhat age-yellowed.

GS-6129 Quick & Easy Crochet, Nov/Dec 2004

Quick & Easy Crochet, Nov/ Dec 2004. Full- size magazine; projects include: Traditional Vest for Boy, Ruffled Vest for Girl, Snwflakes Christmas Tree Skirt, Fall and Winter Outfits for 17" fashion dolls, Basketweave Afghan, Long Sleeved Bolero, Fluffy Frilly Trimmed Flip Flops, Fun Fur Topped House Shoes, Big Striped Stocking, Mobius Shawl, Lacy Sleeveless Blouse, Shell Stitch Placemat, Doubled Shell Stitch Hotpad & Matching Napkin Ring, Quilt Block Inspired Afghan, Fluffy Trimmed Cape, Spaghetti Strap Top & Matching Fingerless Gloves, Bright Colors Square Pillow, Fun Fur Round Pillow. Good condition.

GS-6130 Quick & Easy Crochet, Jan/ Feb 2005

Quick & Easy Crochet, Jan/ Feb 2005. Full- size magazine; projects include: Pink &Mango Poncho, Red & Oranges Poncho, Matching gauntlets - Arm Warmers, Cozy Turtle Neck Sweater, Super Soft Baby Blanket, Chanel Inspired Jacket, Granite Tote Hand Bag, Holiday Blues Sarf, Summer Flowers Scarf, Winter Wine Scarf, Chick Chapeau Felted Hat, Men's Striped Sweater, Spring & Summer Fashions for 17" Dolls,, Picot Trimmed Afghan, Colorful Sunflower Coaster, Elegant Afghan in Greys and Blacks, Valentina Lovey Jointed Teddy Bear. Good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6138 Quick & Easy Crochet, Mar/ Apr 2005

Quick & Easy Crochet, Mar/ Apr 2005. Full- size magazine; projects include: Mohair Magic Poncho, Reflecting Rainbows Throw Rug, Wild Wind Hooded Pullover, Felted Beaded Purse, Recycled Silken Clutch Purse, 'Mingo Mania Top, Loops & Shells Afghan, Diamonds & Stripes Afghan, 4 Scrunchies, Glamour CellPhone Case, Glamour Key Ring Trim, Blue Roses Bookmark, Blue Roses Sachet, Mini Doily, Colorful Pullover Sweater, Peacock Texture Sampler Stitches Vest, Gift Box Ornament, Candy Cane Ornament, Wreath Ornament, Christmas Tree Orament, Jester Shaped Stocking, Easter Lily 15" Easter Doll Costume. Good condition.

GS-6139 Quick & Easy Crochet, May/ June 2005

Quick & Easy Crochet, May/ June 2005. Full- size magazine; projects include: Passionately Pink Poncho, Feelin' Groovy Poncho, Fancy Fun Purse, Summer Stripes Purse, Dazzling Beads Purse, Natural Pink Washable Wool Afghan, Baroque Jewels Afghan, Strawberry Cream Summer louse, Candy Cane Afghan, Three Sweater Ornaments, Maria De Mayo Cinco De Mayo 17" fashion doll outfit, White Hot Blouse, Turning Hearts Pillow, Pansy Rings Pillow, 3 Edgings for Hand Towels, Flowers on Linen Sleeveless Blouse, Three Flower Pin, Pop Art Afghan, Half Round Pillow, Square Round Pillow, Sizzling Summer Swim Suit, Poncho Cover- Up, Halter Top. Good condition.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-6507 Quick & Easy Crochet, Sept/ Oct 2006

Quick & Easy Crochet, Sept/ Oct 2006. Full- size magazine; projects include: Petula Pumpkin Patch Fairy Fashion Doll Costume, Indian Summer Sunshine Dress, Triangular Shawl, Grecian Grace Tunic Dress, Wine Checks Scarf, River Lights Cap & Scarf, Flamingo Gold Boa, Winter Chic Purse & Scarf, string Along Garland, Christmas Tree Ornament/ Pin, Christmas Flower Ornament/ Pin, Golden Orb Ornament/ Pin, Two Tone Tunic Pullover, Jacob's Ladder Paneled Afghan, Cupid Rainbow Multi- Colored Afghan, Warm Shoulders Two- Button Capelet, Pilgrim's Hat Pin, Spicy Pumpkin Edging, Clouds & Sky True Blue Poncho, Fine & Fancy Coat, Soft Shurg & Belt. Very good condition.

GS-6508 Quick & Easy Crochet, Nov/ Dec 2006

Quick & Easy Crochet, Nov/ Dec 2006. Full- size magazine; projects include: Lil' Boy Blue Scalloped Baby Blanket and Ribbed Cap, Happy Eathing Baby Hearts Bib, Holiday Cover Bib, Pineapple Points Doily, Scalloped Grapes Doily, Bobbled Burgundy Pillow, Pretty Popcorns Afghan, Desert Nights Evening Shades Afghan, Sunset Reflections Warm Summer Waves Afghan, Golden Glow Crystal Beads Jewelry Set, Fashion Doll Queen Evelyn's Fairy Costume, Green Shimmers Beribboned Lace Jacket, Open Work Vest, Drawstring Bag, Natural Tones Brown Blends Afghan, Popping Purple Granny Square Afghan. Very good condition.

GS-6509 Quick & Easy Crochet, Jan/ Feb 2007

Quick & Easy Crochet, Jan/ Feb 2007. Full- size magazine; projects include: Coffee 'n' Cream Lacy Scarf and Beaded Bag, Hearts Around Doily, Nursery Rhyme Babes Little Miss Muffet (18" doll), Ribbon Magic Colorful Vest, Christams Bowl, Rolling Waves Curved Ripples Throw, Raspberry Dream Striped Sleeve Pullover, Oriental Influcence Granite Waves Throw, Turqouise Beads Bolero Style Jacket, Light & Lacy White with Sprinkles Afghan, Scrunchies (Fiesta, Hunny, Suede), Glitter & Shine Softly Elegant Wrap. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6510 Quick & Easy Crochet, Mar/ Apr 2007

Quick & Easy Crochet, Mar/ Apr 2007. Full- size magazine; projects include: White Rose Irish Crochet Bookmark, Nursery Rhyme Babes Lucy Locket, Pineapples & Roses Lace Oval Doily, Cascading Beads Necklace, Golden Amulet Bag Necklace, Touch 'o' Green Fluffy Pullover Sweater, Beads 'n' Bobbles Beaded Hexagon Throw, Forever Fringe White Openwork Vest, Sweet Baby Hooded Sweater and Co-ordinating Blanket, Ringed Tote Bone Rings Bag, Pretty Purple Shoulder Wrap, Santa's Helper Three Cornered Elf's Hat, Holiday Wrap, Checkered Warmth Miter Squares Baby Blanket. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6573 Quick & Easy Crochet, Nov/ Dec 2007

Quick & Easy Crochet, Nov/ Dec 2007. Full- size magazine; projects include: Bronze Age Lace Front Vest, Wild Rose Center Rose Doily, Creative Closure Buttoned Vest, Sweetly Suited V- Neck Cardigan and Matching Pants, Winter Wonderland Parson Brown Afghan, White Frost Chevron Tunic, Ribbon Works Bead- Trimmed Necklace with Matching Bracelet and Earrings, Star Blessings Filet Tablecloth and Bow Tie Napkin Ring, Granny's Greatest Squares Blanket, Cabled Cardigan, Pom Pom Topped Cap, Christmas Snow Holiday Colors Afghan, Nursery Rhyme Babes: Queen of Hearts and Mary & Lamb Costumes for 18" dolls, Puppy Love Jeweled Collar an Matching Leash. Very good condition.

GS-6574 Quick & Easy Crochet, Mar/ Apr 2008

Quick & Easy Crochet, Mar/Apr 2008. Full- size magazine; projects include: Summer Blues Sleeveless Blouse & Matching Skirt, Sweet Mints Summer Top & Shorts, Baby Bobbles popcorn Trimmed Blanket, Copper Ruffles Pullover Vest, Deck the Halls (2 Wreaths), Violet Blues Tissue Cover with Eyeglass Case and Cell Phone Holder, Simply Tropical Light and Lacy Throw, Odds & Evens Asymmetrical Sweater, Winged Memories Six- Sided Doily, spring Sights Fridgies (Golden Balloon, Singular Tulip, Ladybug), Pickin' Daisies Daisy Trimmed Place Mat and Napkin Ring, 20th Century Wedding Belles: 1920's Bride's Dress for Fashion Dolls, Lemon Lace Covered Button Sweater. Very good condition.

GS-6575 Quick & Easy Crochet, May/Jun 2008

Quick & Easy Crochet, May/Jun 2008. Full- size magazine; projects include: Milady's Frock Little Girl's Coat, Makin' Tracks Striped Cardigan and Sleeveless Top, Great Granny Drawstring Purse, Jumper Cables Textured Pullover, Pineapple Points Traditional Doily, Fluffy Rainbow Baby Blanket, Time Out Furry Striped Afghan, Stars 'n' Stripes Bag, Beaded Beauty Purse & Cell Phone Holder, 20th Century Wedding Belles: 1940's Bride's Dress for Fashion Dolls, Snow Curls Fluffy Hat and Matching Scarf, Holiday Hearth Christmas Afghan, Cream Puffs Lacy Throw . Very good condition.

GS-6576 Quick & Easy Crochet, Sept/ Oct 2008

Quick & Easy Crochet, Sept/ Oct 2008. Full- size magazine; projects include: American Heritage Large Squares Afghan, 20th Century Wedding Belles: 2000's Bride's Dress for Fashion Dolls, Personal Touches Buttoneers (Timmy Turtle, Pinky Pig, Bobby Bear, Dina Duck, Petey Penguin, Washington Apple), Color Play Stripes & Flowers Blanket, Circles Felted Pillow, Dazzlin Dahlia Elegant Round Doily, Music Lover Guitar Decorated Afghan, Nearly Nippon Kimono Inspired Sweater, Totally Retro Fashion Doll's Go Go Dress, Little Charmer Hooded Cape with Matcing Booties, Magic Wand, Your Space Wall Organizer, Winter Beauty 18" Doll Fancy Red Coat and Matching Hat. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6577 Quick & Easy Crochet, Jan/Feb 2009

Quick & Easy Crochet, Jan/ Feb 2009. Full- size magazine; projects include: Flower Power Wheat and Sunflowers Afghan, Blinb Bling Two Tone Sweater Coat, Playful Pom Poms Hot Pink Scarf, Striped Scarf, Mango Mania Ornament, Skinny Snowflake Decoration, Candy Corn Ornament or Pin, Fabulous Fifties Fashion Doll Wardrobe: Cotton Candy Dress and Evening Cape, Native Tribe American Indian inspired Afghan, Explosions of Color Long Stitch Squares Afghan, Hearts 'n' Flowers Pink & White Valentine Doily, Embroidered Heart Wreath Afghan, Baby Steps Self Striping Blanket, Go Roundin Circles Cap and Matching Bag. Very good condition.

GS-6511 Quick & Easy Crochet, Mar/ Apr 2009

Quick & Easy Crochet, Mar/ Apr 2009. Full- size magazine; projects include: Tiny Treasure Irish Rose Doily Box, School Daze 18" Doll Costume, Fabulous Fifties Fashion Doll Vacation Wardrobe: Coastal Capri Set and Parisian Print Dress, Daily Blues Bead Trimmed Denim Bag, Soap Opera Daisy Square Dishcloth, Soft Shoulders Mobius Shoulder Wrap, Family Tradition Lacy Table Cover, Bridal Shower Umbrella Decoration, Daisy Decoration, Baby Shower Bib, Chain Links Two Color Chain Afghan, Celtic Rose Eight Point Doily, Party Circles Circular Wrap Sweater. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6578 Quick & Easy Crochet, May/ June 2009

Quick & Easy Crochet, May/ June 2009. Full- size magazine; projects include: Tiny Bubbles Little Bobbles Sweater and Matching Hat, Fabulous Fifties Fashion Doll Wardrobe: Spring Prom Dress with Matching Stole, Snort 'n' Sassy Tie Front Vest, Baby Steps Just Ducky Booties, Moc- Moccasin Booties; Keepin' It Gren Shoppin Bag, Alphonso the Alpaca Small Fluffy Toy, Beribboned Beauty Fancy Hat and Fingerless Gloves, Patricia Pancake aka Patty Cake Dolly, Baby Grand Filet & Ribbons Blanket and Gown with matching Booties and Bonnet, City Blocks Checked Sweater and Ruffled Skirt. Very good condition.

2 Available

GS-6512 Quick & Easy Crochet, Jul/ Aug 2009

Quick & Easy Crochet, Jul/ Aug 2009. Full- size magazine; projects include: Turquoise Grace Kimono Like Jacket, Garden Dreams Flower Squares Afghan, Four Leaf Clover Doily, Trellkis Lace Weekend Lace Pullover, Citrus Brights Boat Neck Pullover and Casual Beret, Golden Glow Lace Trimmedn Afghan, Soft Pewter Sweater With Wide Collar, Fabulous Fifties Summer Daze Fashion Doll Blues Short Set and Pink Beach Set, Sugar 'n' Spice Ruffled Sweater, Flower Headband, Kaleidoscope Windows Swirled Colors Afghan, Warm & Rustic Weekend Turtleneck Sweater, Creative decor Teapot Fridgie, Circles in a Circle Doily, Spiner Placemat. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6933 Quick & Easy Crochet, Fall 2012

Quick & Easy Crochet, Fall 2012. Full- size magazine; projects include: Simply Fitted Textured Jacket, Good Fences Post Stitch Afghan, Southwestern Treasures Colorful Grahpics Afghan with 2 Matching Pillows and Matching Throw Rug, Day Into Night Fashion Doll Convertible Dress, Falling Leaves Delicate Doily, Scarlet Roses Girls' Textured Sweater, Pineapple Perfection Soft Baby Blanket, Lace Medallions Tunic, Shappy Chic Tri- Color Afghan, LacyMotif Vest, Going Green Reusable Tote Bag. Mailing label, price sticker, and a note on front cover; pages in very good condition.


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