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Stuffed Pets, Page 15

Page updated 22 April 2023
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       PleaseEmail me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Stuffed Pets, Page 15:

GS-7346 JAO Ent. Patriotic Teddy Bears: Gloria & Sam

Patriotic Teddy Bears: Gloria & Sam, designed by Anne Oakleaf, JAO Enterprises Inc., nd. Complete outfits to knit and crochet: KNIT Gloria (Sweater, Skirt, Petticoat, Panties, Shoes, Headband) and Sam (Pants, Sweater, Boots, Flag); CROCHET Gloria (Sweater, Skirt, Petticoat, Panties, Shoes, Headband) and Sam (Coat, Boots, Vest, Pants, Flag). Small pencilled notes in some margins, but overall very good used condition. May smell faintly of cigarette smoke.

GS-2570 The Crochet Catalog Baby Farm Animals

Baby Farm Animals, designed by Barbara Anderson, The crochet Catalog, 1987. Colt, Calf, Bunny, Kitten, Lamb, Chick, and Piglet in worsted weight yarn. Sizes range from 4-1/2" - 12" tall. Note on front cover, some scuffing on back cover. Overall good condition.

$9.99 SOLD
GS-2430 Annie Potter Presents: Baby Shoes and Animals

Annie Potter Presents: Baby Shoes and Animals, designed by Annie Potter, Annie Potter Presents, 2009. 5 styles of booties, and Puppy, Bunny, Giraffe, Pig, and Hippo, sized to fit in bootie or for play. Brand New

GS-2357 Leisure Arts Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets, designed by Susan Pippin, Leisure Arts, 1986. 12 designs to crochet in worsted weight yarn include: Dog, Lion, Mouse, Squirrel, Rabbit, Monkey, Frog, Giraffe, Horse, Bear, Pig, and Elephant. Quite worn, but everything is here and readable.

GS-2347 LA Carefree Creatures to Crochet

Carefree Creatures to Crochet, Leisure Arts, 1984. Octopus, Pig, Elephant, Bear, Dog, Rabbit, Clown, and Mouse to crochet in worsted weight yarn to fit over hosiery egg container (or stuff). Tag residue on cover, but overall very good condition.

GS-153 Annie's Attic Old Tyme Teddy Bear

Old-Tyme Teddy Bear, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Pattern Club, 1984. Digest-size leaflet with instructions 15" bear, vest, & bowtie. Very good condition, but may smell slightly of cigarette smoke.

2 Available

GS-1935 Tiny Tag-Alongs!

Tiny Tag-Alongs!, Barbara Anderson, The Crochet Catalog, 1988. Seven easy- to- make, Carry- along friends include: Elephant, Clown, Giraffe, Hippo, Lion, Zebra, Tiger, and Monkey. Each measure 3-1/2" - 5-1/2" tall. Like new.

GS-1936 Mini-Yarnimals Crochet Picnic

Mini-Yarnimals Crochet Picnic, designed by Anne Lane, Anne Lane Originals, 1974. Easy- to- follow instructions for five cuddly animals and their clothing: Mouse, Panda, Bear, Bunny, and Pig. Stamped with yarn shop name, some smudging from stamp, but otherwise very good condition.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-1937 Catch-All Crochet

Catch-All Crochet, designed by Agnes Russell, The House Of White Birches, 1988. 7 designs cover 16-oz plastic soda bottles with holes cut to hold candy, change, jewelry, trinkets, etc: Bunny, Monkey, Gator, Bull, Moose, Octopus, and Mouse. Definitely used -- former owner's name on inside front cover, some notes written on one page, heavy page yellowing and spotting. All instructions are intact and clear.

GS-1938 LA Puppy Love to Crochet

Puppy Love to Crochet, designed by Sue Penrod, Leisure Arts, 1986. Bulldog, Hound, and Cocker Spaniel in worsted weight yarn. Yarn shop stamp on cover, some age-yellowing on pages. Otherwise, very good condition.

GS-1939 LA Cute Cats to Crochet

Cute Cats to Crochet, designed by Sue Penrod, Leisure Arts, 1987. "Contentment the Cat" and Cuddly Kitten" to crochet in worsted weight yarn. Like new.

3 Available

GS-6770 Mary Maxim Crochet Pattern No. 2316: Hand Puppets

Mary Maxim Crochet Pattern No. 2316: Hand PuppetsMary Maxim, nd. Pattern from a kit for basic hand puppet and instructions for Dog, Monster, Hippo, and Frog variations. Former owner's name on cover, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-6281 Hot Off The Press Once Upon a Myth

Once Upon a Myth,designed by Betty Saxton & Luana Nelson, Hot Off The Press, Inc., 1988. Crochet Pegasus, Unicorn, Dragon, and Frog Prince. Shelf wear to front and back covers, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-5739 LA Lil' Punkin

Lil' Punkin, designed by Terry Kimbrough, Leisure Arts Lites, 1992. 11-1/2" tall seated Jack o' Lantern bear crocheted with worsted weight yarn. One-page pattern card -- store stamp on front cover, edges are rough, but overall good used condition.

GS-5603 Annie's Attic Message Bear

Message Bear, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, 1987. Digest- size leaflet for 13" tall elephant i worked in worsted weight yarn. May have bent corner, but otherwise very good condition.

2 Available

GS-5569 Dumplin Designs Mildred Mouse Doorstop and Baby

Mildred Mouse Doorstop and Baby, Dumplin Designs, 1985. 15" tall Mama mouse and baby to crochet in worsted weight yarn. Very good condition.

GS-5240 Dumplin Designs Wee Little Mouse

Wee Little Mouse, Dumplin Designs, 1985. 10" tall mouse to crochet in worsted weight yarn, along with pinafore, bonnet, and purse. Very good condition.

2 Available

GS-4248 Annie's Attic Hand Puppet Pets

Hand Puppet Pets, designed by Debora Gardner, Annie's Attic, 1987. Digest-size book with patterns for 20" tall stuffed hound dog and Siamese- type cat; child's hand fits into head to work mouth. Like new.

$19.99 SOLD
GS-4172 LA Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism, designed by Carolyn Pfeifer, Leisure Arts, 1996. 9 designs to crochet in thread: Bear, Koala, Zebra, Tiger, Panda, Lion, Giraffe, Monkey, and Elephant. Like new.

GS-111 Baby Elephant Pillow, Annie's Pattern Club #42, Dec - Jan 87

Baby Elephant Pillow, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Pattern Club #43, Feb-Mar 1987. 9" tall elephant is worked in worsted weight yarn. Other crochet, sewing, and knit patterns in this issue: Cable Afghan, Sewing Machine Cover, Dress & Hat Set, Hang-Around Clown, Penguin Pillow, Bolster Pad, Quick-Knit Vest, Pet Packs, Pen-Guin Caddy, Book Organizers, Clown Rattle, Drum Bank.

$6.99 Details & Ordering
GS-3496 LA Animal Friends

Animal Friends, designed by Wayne Bright, Leisure Arts, 1989. 4 designs in worsted weight yarn: 12" tall Circus Elephant, 10" tall Donkey, 12" tall Dog, and 8" tall Bear. Excellent condition, but may smell like dryer sheet.

GS-3321 Td creations The Kremer Bear Claws Collection: Roger & Cathy

The Kremer Bear Claws Collection: Roger & Cathy,Td creations, 1996. Boy and Girl outfits for 12" jointed craft bear, worked in sport weight yarn. Like new.

GS-5948 Annie's Attic Tooth Beary Pillows

Tooth Beary Pillows, designed by Mae Meats, Annie's Attic, 1992. Digest-size leaflet for Boy and Girl Pillow in their PJ's, with toothbrush holder and tooth pocket, worked in worsted weight yarn. Heart is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas. Very good condition.

GS-5949 Annie's Attic General Bear

General Bear, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, 1991. Digest-size leaflet for 16" tall bear in camo, worked in worsted weight yarn. Slight age- yellowing, may have "Non- Returnable" label on front cover, but otherwise very good condition.

2 Available

GS-5911 Annie's Attic The Chimp Family

The Chimp Family, designed by Marjorie Williams, Annie's Attic, 1990. Digest-size leaflet for Daddy in Jumpsuit and Vest, Mama in Dress and Bloomers, and Baby in Diaper with Teething Ring, to crochet in worsted weight yarn. Name and phone number on front cover; otherwise excellent condition.

GS-6093 LA Tissue Box Pals

Tissue Box Pals, designed by Sue Penrod, Leisure Arts, 1995. Bear, Pig, Cow, Bunny, Chicken, Kitty, Lamb, Puppy in worsted weight yarn. Very good condition.

GS-5954 Gourmet Crochet Learn To Crochet by Making Amigurumi

Learn To Crochet by Making Amigurumi, by Carolyn Christmas, Carolyn Christmas Designs, 2007. Photos and instructions for the stitches and steps needed to crochet, assemble, and embellish a 7" amigurumi bear.

  Details & Ordering
GS-5862 Td creations Baby Lindsey Bear

Baby Lindsey Bear, Td Creations, 1988. Body and outfit to crochet; uses 5" vinyl bear head. Tag residue on cover, page yellowing; otherwise very good condition.

GS-5674 Mary Maxim No. 169: Lamb Toy

Mary Maxim No. 169: Lamb Toy, Mary Maxim, nd (my guess would be early 1980's). 10" lamb toy crocheted in sports weight yarn; pattern originally came in kit. Yellowish stain on back and inside down part of seam (may have gotten damp); all instructions intact and readable.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-4919 Crocheted Lamb

Crocheted Lamb, vintage crochet pattern sheet that used to be offered via newspapers, etc. Crochted lamb made with worsted weight yarn. These used to be sent through the mail in regular letter envelopes, so pattern does have mailing creases -- but otherwise excellent condition.

GS-7543 TNS Crochet Barnyard Buddies

Crochet Barnyard Buddies, designed by Jocelyn Sass, The Needlecraft Shop, 1990. Toys crocheted in worsted weight yarn include: Peachy Bunny, Calico Cow, Happy Horse, Lacy Lamb, Pretty Pig. Very good condition.

$9.99 SOLD
GS-6605 TNS Crochet Boo Babies

Crochet Boo Babies, designed by Estella Whitford, The Needlecraft Shop, 1996. 14" - 16" tall toys crocheted in worsted weight yarn include: Punkin Meow, Horned Monster, Scarecrow Baby, Baby Monster, Sock Monster, Frankie. Like new.

$24.99 SOLD
GS-6105 ASN Wobblys: Crocheted Walking Toys

Wobblys: Crocheted Walking Toys, designed by Anis Duncan, American School of Needlework, 1977. "Warfit," Wibblit," "Widget," and "Woozit" are about 16" tall and crocheted out of rug yarn. Pages very yellowed -- good used condition overall.


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