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Annie's Crochet Newsletter

Page updated 20 Jaunary 2024
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email mewith any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Annie's Crochet Newsletter, P. 1:

GS-5271 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #1, Jan-Feb 1983

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #1, Jan-Feb 1983: Aryan Poncho, Hat & Mittens Set for baby, Crochet Tote Bag, Sports Set (Baseball, Basketball, Baseball Bat, Soccer Ball, Football), Mouse Pen Holder, Balloon Mobile, Rainbow Afghan, Baby Flower Bonnet, His 'n' Hers Booties, Covered Hanger, Curler Covers, Baby's Favorite Outift, Double Dollie, and Snuggles the Panda, Light Switch Cover, and Clown, Bear, and Elephant Button Buddies. Excellent condition.

GS-5272 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #2, Mar-Apr 1983

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #2, Mar-Apr 1983: Flower Afghan, Flower Pomander, Old- Fashioned Iron, Bib Sis Bear, Flower Bonnet, Rose Budvase, Sunflower & Butterfly Pillow, Clown Coin Purse, Love Knot Baby Outfit, Cameo Necklace, Freddie Frog Bank, Clutch Purse, Mail Organizer, Soap Jacket, Drum Tissue Cover, Florida Orange Potholder, Fruit Fridgies, Crayon Key Chain. Excellent condition.

GS-5273 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #3, May-Jun 1983

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #3, May-Jun 1983: Chair Cushion & Accessories, Little Girl's Top, Matching Girl & Doll Dresses (13" baby doll), Guitar Pillow, Egg Clown, Heidi Doll, Convertible Tissue Cover, Sewing Carousel, Chess set, Rainbow Panties, Chocklit Bunny Purse, Milk Glass Powder Box, Mushrom & Friends, Granny's Doggie, Graduation Cap & Running Shoe Key Chains, Flower Basket Pin, Peas in a Pod Potholder. Excellent condition.

GS-5274 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #4, Jul-Aug 1983

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #4, Jul-Aug 1983: Gingerbread House, Toy Telephone, Trash Can Tim, Boy's Romper, Ruffled Sun Dress, Buzz- A- Bear, YarnCaddy, Pool Table Tissue Cover, Lynn & Lumm Dolls, Hot ir balloon, Ring Toss Game, Kangaroo Planter, Turtle Soap Holder, Handy Holder, Spool of Thread PinCushion, Purse Tissue Holder, and Penguin, Puppy, and Bunny Finger Puppets. Very good condition.

GS-5275 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #5, Sept-Oct 1983

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #5, Sept-Oct 1983: Aran Vest (Father & Son), Little Red Tractor, Reversible Mat, Plant Hanger, Terrific Tops, Play Round Suit for baby, Accent Pillow, Dream Girl Hat & Purse, Peaches & Cream Crochet Placemat, Autumn Daze Afghan, Egg McKnight, Tattle Rattle, Sunbonnet Sue Wall Hanging, Snapper Buttons, Ice & Roller Skate Key Chains, Rose Stickpin, Peanuts, Bacon & Egg Fridgie. Excellent condition.

GS-289 Annies Crochet Newsletter #6, Nov-Dec 83

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #6, Nov-Dec 1983: Tyrolean Vest, Lion-Hearted Lester, Neck Warmer, His & Her Vests, Quali Hen & her Chicks, Bonnie Blue Belle, Poppin' Tissue, Car Wash Mitts, Winter Window Afghan & Pillow, Citrus Wall Hanging, Scissors Case, Chevron Purse, Puppy Dog Basket, Rainbow Brilliance Nursery Mobile. Excellent condition.

GS-5276 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #7, Jan-Feb 1984

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #7, Jan-Feb 1984: Sweater & Skirt Set, Sailor Sam & Boat, Crochet Hook Case, Harvest Place Mats, Jumbo, Shell Stitch Sweater, Old- Fashioined Hassock, Aran Baby Sweater, Runaway Rover, Something Special Afghan & Pillow, Ship Filet,Hat Pencil Caddy< Dancing Ballerina, Miniatures (Banana, Plate, Bowl, Cup & Saucer, Fruit Bowl, Canister Set), Butterfly Potholder, Curtain Tie- Back, Pony Key Chain. Very good condition.

GS-5277 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #8, Mar-Apr 1984

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #8, Mar-Apr 1984: Ruffles & Ripples Pillow, Dairy Cones, Men's Visor Cap, Little Girl's Hooded Cape, Sammy Snail, Pinwheel Place mat, Grecian Bag, Bowling Game, Missy's Hat & Purse, Baby Blanket & Cap, First Lady, Sweetheart Sachet, Dart Board, Li'l Lint Brush doll, Apple Slice Potholder. Very good condition.

GS-5278 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #9, May-Jun 1984

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #9, May-Jun 1984: Sue & Sam Wall Hangings, Boy's Baseball Cap, Doily Coasters, Summer Sweater, Cleanser Blossoms, Fluffy Bunny, Empire Lady, Rainbow Suspenders, Quacker Afghan, Strawberry Coasters, Towel Edgings, DinosauRex, Irish Lace Pillow, The Graduates dolls, Duffel Bag Key Chain, Mouse Note Keeper, Lemon Kitchen Helper, Mini Flower Baskets, Carnation Stickpin. Excellent condition.

GS-290 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #10, Jul-Aug 84

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #10, Jul-Aug 1984: Color Cubes Afghan and Pillow, Bucky Baseball, Ballet Slippers, Hen 'n Basket, Lazy Lion, Baby Bears, Watermelon Mats, Note Holders, Grand Priz Racer, Summer Shawl, Victorian Lady, Little Lady's Dress, Mr.Peter Rabbit, Kooky Cat. Excellent condition.

GS-8199 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #11, Sept- Oct 1984

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #11, Sept- Oct 1984: Girl's Skirt & Top, Men's Dickey, Beaded Doily, Baby Set (sweater, cap, booties), Doggies' Delight Sweater, Race Car Pillow, Lady's Picot Vest, Desert Pyramid Pillow and Afghan, Towel Trimmings, Roaring 20's Lady, Popcorn Stitch Hot Pad, Alpha Bears, Mushroom Towel Holder, Godfrey Goose, Owl Fridgie, Dieter's Fridgie, Dishcloth. Very good condition.

GS-5279 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #11, Nov-Dec 1984

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #12, Nov-Dec 1984: Sweater Jacket, Bonnet & Mittens, Donkey & Elephant, Amy Eskimo, Log Weight, Fisherman's Hat, Bedtime Express (toy truck), Popcorn Stitch Afghan & Pillow, His & Hers Vests, Leg Warmers, Fabulous 40s Lady, Babette Ballerina Mouse, Picture Frame Cover, and Apple, Heart, Bear, and Clown Sucker Covers. Excellent condition.

GS-5280 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #13, Jan-Feb 1985

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #13, Jan-Feb 1985: Fashion Jacket, Mirror Frame, "Chip" Munk, Cuddly Camp Fire, Table Accessories, Flower Lei, Baby's Bunting, Multicolored Afghan, Polish Chickens, Coin Purse Pals (Bear, Cat, Puppy, Elephant), House Chair Cushions, Mod '60's Doll, Slipper Fridgie, Teddy Bear Keychain, and Owl and Racoon Button Buddies. Very good condition.

GS-5281 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #14, Mar-Apr 1985

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #14, Mar-Apr 1985: Flower Garden Afghan, Can Covers, Baa Baa Basket, Ducky Baby Set (Bottle Warmer, Bib, and Duck Toy), Lamp Cro-Shade, Cotton Sweater, Rose Pillow, Doll Dress and Romper for soft sculpture dolls, Special Occasions Outfits (Christening Dress and Suit), Ballerina Bear, Horse Wall Hanging, May Basket, Play Planes, Spoon Chef and Ladybug Magnets, Apple Zipper Puller. Very good condition.

GS-266 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #15, May-June 1985

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #15, May-June 1985: Lady's Bundle Knot Sweater, Soda Delight, Racket Cover, Palomino Pony, Ring Bearer's Pillow, Daisy Pillow Trim, Round Daisy Doily, Geometric Pillow, Oval Cross-Stitch Rug, Daisy Baby Afghan, Little Red, Sunburst Kitchen Set, Child's Vest, Hat Wall Hanging. Very good condition.

2 available

GS-291 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #16, Jul-Aug 1985

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #16, Jul-Aug 1985: Saddlebag Armchair Set, Sun Visor, Mexican Siesta, Mitt & Ball Potholder, Baby Dress, Peony Doormat, Star Twist Hot Pad, Swingy Sundress, Baby Afghan & Pillow Set, Ted & Tina Turtle, Rainbow Camisole, Rose Bath Trio, Pineapple Doily, Gigi the Poodle. Very good condition.

GS-026 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #17, Sept - Oct 85

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #17, Sept-Oct 1985: Pop Over Vest, Teapot Cozy, Little Girl's Purse, Kid's Mittens, Heart Potholder, Man's Sweater, Nursery Elephants, Mini Tablecloth, Autumn Leaves Afghan, Petal Place Mat, Baby Bonnet, Scarecrow Wall Hanging. May have some bent bottom corners, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-267 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #18, Nov-Dec 1985

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #18, Nov-Dec 1985: Child's Sweater Coat and Cap, Heart Mobile, Cozy Slippers, Space Alien, Warm-Up Suit, Toy Soldier, Vintage Fashion, Wintertime Afghan, Apple Potholders, Woven Clutch Purse, Dusting Mitt, Houndstooth Place Mat, Seal Sled, Swan Filet. Excellent condition.

GS-5282 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #19, Jan-Feb 1986

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #19, Jan-Feb 1986: Teddy Bear Afghan, Basket Purse, Hearts Pillow, Country Duck Pull Toy, Gingham Goose, Drowsy Debbie doll, His & Hers Cardigans, Lady Washcloth, Vegetable Potholders, Baby Outfit, Playtime Bib, Table Runner & Place Mat, Coasters, Balloon Fridgies, Panda Picture Locket, and Baby Button Buddy. May have "86" written on cover; otherwise, very good condition.

GS-5283 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #20, Mar-Apr 1986

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #20, Mar-Apr 1986: Pullover Sweater, Tiny Twirpers, Paint Can Planter, Hexagon Place Mat Set, Back Zip Baby Sweater, Country French Potholders, sherbet Afghan & Pillow, Vase of Roses Doilies, Hal Hedgehog, Crysanthemum Scrubbers, Pillowcase Trim, Old- Fashioned Cat, Friendship Teapot magnet, Heart Schet, Bowling Pin & Ball pinn, Powder Puff, Wriggle Wrist Worm. Excellent condition.

GS-5284 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #21, May-Jun 1986

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #21, May-Jun 1986: Pansy Patch Afghan, Pixie People, Little Lamb Rattle, Bridal Accessories (Slipper, bell, Wedding Cake Basket), Puppy PJ Bag, Li'l Boy's Romper, Froggie Rug, Frog Pillow, Lacy Shell Vest, Baby & Bear, Mr. Cottontail, Gamsel Doilies, Basket Fridgie, Train Magnet Set, and Bee, Frog, Monkey, and Chicken Finger Puppets. Very good condition.

GS-5285 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #22, Jul-Aug 1986

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #22, Jul-Aug 1986: Peacock Trim, Mermaid Pillow, Pirate Dragon, Beach Ensemble (Cover Up & Beach Bag), Flower Belles Dolls, Water Lily Potholder, Hawaiian Outfit for soft sculpture doll, Hula Costume, Playful Monkey, Rickrack Dress, Pullover Shell, Rose Centerpiece, Flower Place Setting, Heart Picture Frame, Sachet Basket, Rainbow baby Sandals, Braided Belt. Excellent condition.

GS-5286 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #23, Sept-Oct 1986

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #23, Sept-Oct 1986: Dimensional Afghan, Baby Snowy Owl, Baby Boy's Hat, CountryFriends Wreath, Ogg the Caveman, Rose Motif Vest, Lacy Doily, Tiffany Hot Pads, Area Rug, Pullover Vest, Bear Paw Slippers, Dragon Puppet, Mushroom Kitchen Set, Roly Poly People, Terry Baby bib, Doll Shoes, Bells Trim, Duck Fridgies, Crochet Dog, "I Love You" bookmark. Very good condition.

GS-5287 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #24, Nov-Dec 1986

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #24, Nov-Dec 1986: Puff Stitch Afghan, Boy's Hat, Fun Booties (train and car), Memo Reminder, Penguins On Parade, Change- A- Panel Sweater, Kids' Leg Warmers, Doll Carrier, Edwardian Dolls, Decorative Doily, Heating Pad Cover, Shell Stitch Shawl, Squirrel Can Cover, Tiny Snow People, Scottie Magnets, Mimi Polar Bear, Earmuffs. Excellent condition.

GS-5288 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #25, Jan-Feb 1987

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #25, Jan-Feb 1987: Lacy Motif Tablecloth, Woman's Cap, Fluffy Feline, Mail Organizer, Loveable Panda, Tasseled Capelet, Damsel Doll, Pineapple coverlet, Lacy Linens, Baby Bunting, Cat Pillow, Fashion Doll Dress, Palomino Horse, Bath Boutique (Tank Lid, Tank, and Lid Covers), Tiara, Beaded Snowflakes, Coin Purse, Pineapple Bookmark, Hanky Edging. Excellent condition.

GS-5289 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #26, Mar-Apr 1987

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #26, Mar-Apr 1987: Storm At Sea Afghan, Thread Holder, Little Lovebird, Strawberry Applique, Iris Pillow, Filet Pinafore, Overall Set, Heart & Home Place Mat Set, Goose Wall Hanging, Puppy Dog, Animal Rattles (Bear, Dog, & Cat), Lace Edgings, Hoop Note Holder, Potpourri Hat, Heart & Circle Wreaths, Tulip Plant Poke, Flower Invitation Card. Very good condition.

GS-5290 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #27, May-Jun 1987

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #27, May-Jun 1987: Fiesta Afghan, Senorita's Dress (fashion doll), Chicken Book-End Covers, Spanish Appliques, Crochet Carry- All, Hetty Hen, Woven Place Mat, Beaded Shawl, Pentagon Top, Cow & Bull Pillows, Flower Chaches, Matador Outfit (male fashion doll), Granny Triangle Ball, Miniature Sombrero, Donkey Fridgie, Hot Pepper Fridgie, Sheriff's Badge & Handcuffs. Very good condition.



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