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Annie's Crochet Newsletter, Page 2

Page updated 27 March 2024
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        Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       PleaseEmail me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back! Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.

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Annie's Crochet Newsletter, Page 2:

GS-5291 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #28, Jul-Aug 1987

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #28, Jul-Aug 1987: Starburst Sweater, Fishing Freddie doll, Fan Doily, Baby Sweater, Mime Clown, Tap Shoes booties, Hearts & Flowers Afghan, Picture Frames, Parlor Lamp Shade, Linen Edgings, Graceful Swan, Country Folk Potholders, Baby Bib Set (bib, bottle cover, pacifier strap), Hat Pincushiom, Girl's Lacy Beaded Socks, Girl's Purse. Very good condition.

GS-5292 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #29, Sept-Oct 1987

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #29, Sept-Oct 1987: Boy's Sweater, Indian Jar Cover, Sunset Afghan, Bib Collar, Puppy Dog Toy, Setting Hen Egg Cover, Fashioi Sweater, Broom Cover, Hearts Runner, Autumn Kitchen Trio, Flower Panel Pillow, Cats- In- A- Hoop, Harvest Potholder, Jar Bonnets, Baby Bottle toy, Hoop Fridgie, Baby Rattles, Apple Sachet. Very good condition.

GS-5293 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #30, Nov-Dec 1987

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #30, Nov-Dec 1987: Flower Afghan & Pillow, Kitty Basket Cover, Nesting Folk Family, Dresser Runner &Doily, Rag Doll, Golf Club Covers, Split- Collar Sweater, Snowman Pillow, Snowman Scarf, Dish Soap Apron, Dress Booties, Rise 'n Shine Puppy, Towel Holder, Clover Collar, Man's Moccasins, Spider Web Soap Bag, Honey Bear Fridgie, Shoulder Protector. Very good condition.

GS-5294 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #31, Jan-Feb 1988

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #31, Jan-Feb 1988: Shell Blanket & Pillow, Reversible Rug, Pillowcase Edging, Irish lace Doily, Folk Pillow, Mr. & Mrs. Dinosaur, Head Warmer, Place Mat Set, Kitchen Set, Scarf & Mittens, His & Hers Sweaters, Animal Hangers, Snuggly Sleeper, Hankie Edging, Dishcloth, Booties For All, Scarf & Glove Holder, Tea Cozy Sachet. Very good condition.

GS-5295 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #32, Mar-Apr 1988

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #32, Mar-Apr 1988: Oval Pineapple Tablecloth, Pair o' Potholders, Flower Basket, Cat Pillow, Baby Dress Set, Kite Afghan & Pillow Set, Kite Coordinates (Mobile, Switchplate Cover, Tissue Cover), Kite Rug & PJ Bag, Quick & Easy Collar, Rose Filigree Eggs, White Capelet, Climbing Roses Doilies, Umbrella Case, Kite Bookmark, Flower Pin & Earring Jackets, Coin Purse, Button Buddy Skunk. Excellent condition.

GS-5296 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #33, May-Jun 1988

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #33, May-Jun 1988: Filet Curtain & Doily, Gardening Cat, Bridal Belles, Rose Corsage, Washcloth Trims, Flower Afghan & Pillow, Bootie Vase, Strawberry Place Mat Set, Bridal Bouquet, Filigree Hat, Dad's Pillow, Daffodil Towel Hoop, Fashion Doll Outfit, Crochet Sachet, Girl's Headband, Flowers & Lace Sweatshirt. Excellent condition.

GS-5297 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #34, Jul-Aug 1988

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #34, Jul-Aug 1988: Heart Place Mat & Coaster, Basket Bear, Armchair Set, Gone Fishing Set, Baby Bears Afghan, Colonial Couple, Baby Sundress, Summer Hat, Filet Cafe Curtains, Mr. Bumbee, Fruit Potholders, Tissue Holder, Lace & Roses Hair Bow, Butterfly Fridgie, Canning Jar Covers. Very good condition.

GS-5298 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #35, Sept-Oct 1988

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #35, Sept-Oct 1988: Navajo Dolls, Hippo- Mates, Cable Afghan, Missy Cheerleader, Oval Doily, Ladie's Booties, Shaggy Rug, Melon Basket, Leaf Wreath, Southwest Sunset Pillow, Child's Rocker Pad, Sunflower Mat, Girl's Shell Dress, Victorian Lace Purse, Apple Potholder, Winner's Ribbons, Soap- On- A- Rope Cover, Bruges Sachets. Very good condition.

GS-5299 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #36, Nov-Dec 1988

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #36, Nov-Dec 1988: Five- In- One Doily, 1910 Collar, Canada Goose Pillow, Ripple Afghan & Rug, Child's Sweater, Li'l Red Sled, Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim, Dutch- Look Kitchen Set, Yarn- Doll Slippers, Fun Mobile, Heartlove Treasure Box, Cable Mitetns, Straw Look Hot Pad, Silver Beaded Jewelry (Necklace, Bracelet, Stickpin, Earrings), Koala & Panda Ponytail Holders. May have mailing label on cover, but otherwise very good condition.

PAF-001 Cover of Annie's Crochet Newsletter, Jan-Feb 1989, which contains the pattern for the Fisherman Bedspread.

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #37, Jan-Feb 1989: contains my Fisherman Bedspread, plus Antique Glove Box, Beaded Doily, Linen Edgings, Folk Art Chain, Tufted Pillow; Lid Covers; Crochet Granny; Starry Sky Shawl; Kid's Winter Mittens; Baby's Hooded Sweater; Mitten Keeper; Animal Towel Rings; Boy Doll's Sweater Set.

  Details & Ordering
GS-5300 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #38, Mar-Apr 1989

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #38, Mar-Apr 1989: Quick & Easy Shell Afghan, Woven Dish, Sewing Machine Cover, Lace Gloves, Rose Clips, Sporty Scarf, Colorful Baby Afghan, Carousel Hourse, Pretty Bib, Petaled Doily, Carnations, Hankie Edging, Window Frog, Turtle Scrubbie, Bunny Wall Hanging & Game, Curtain Edging, Butterfly Potholder, Country Hearts Rugs. Very good condition.

GS-5301 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #39, May-Jun 1989

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #39, May-Jun 1989: Heart & Home Kitchen Set, Springtime Mobile, Loop Stitch Place Mat, Bath Rug & Tissue Holder, Heart Pillow, Pineapple Pincushion, Fleming Flower Motif Afghan, Beth & Baby doll, Feathered Friends, TV Tater, Rose Filet Purse, Man's Tie, Beaded Necklace & Earrings, Wedding Accessories, Bootie & Basket Nut Cups, Pillowcase Edgings, Baby Dress. Very good condition.

GS-5302 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #40, Jul-Aug 1989

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #40, Jul-Aug 1989: Miniature Tea Service,Knick Knack Doilies, Plant Hangers, Dinner Bell Doll, TV Guide Cover, Remote Tote, Hearts & Flowers Afghan, Welcome Wreath, Heart Strings, Bear Chair Cushions, Baby's Play Pad, Little Boy Blue Outfit, Baby's Ball, Toy Holder, Framed Flower Basket, Victorian Table Cover, Flower Filet Nightgown. Very good condition.

GS-516 Annies Crochet Newsletter #41, Sept - Oct 89 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #41, Sept-Oct 1989

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #41, Sept-Oct 1989: Three Little Kittens, Autumn Afghan, Filet Wall Hanging, Country Pineapple Pillow, Seasons Potholders, Cow Towel Holder, Baby Bootie Socks, Frog & Fish Pouches, ABC Figures, Kid's Vest & Skirt, Sport Scarf, String Neckties, Country Fresh Coaster Set, Pumpkin Basket, Raffia Doll, and Thread Jar Lid Cover. Excellent condition.

GS-363 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #42, Nov-Dec 1989

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #42, Nov-Dec 1989: Plush-Look Teddy Bear, Snowman Lollipop Covers, Fashion Doll Furniture, Popcorn Sweater, Bandanna Headband, Fun Booties for babies, Tartan Plaid Blanket afghan, Square on Square Pillow, Rose Filet Chair Set, Cozy Couple geese, Crochet Necklace, Bookmark, Snowflakes, Pillow Robes Wildflower Kitchen Set, Turkey Magnet, Doll Air Freshener, Tiny Hats & Mittens, Hanger Covers. Excellent condition.

2 Available

GS-5303 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #43, Jan-Feb 1990

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #43, Jan-Feb 1990: Victorian Doll, Irish Rose Sachet, Christening Gown, Hearts Filet Edging, Evening Top, Clutch Purse, Sunburst Doily, Floral Ripple Afghan, Granny Rose Pillow, Basket & Wreath, Flower Bath Set, Post Stitch Slippers, Snowman Pencil Pal, Rose Kitchen Set. Very good condition.

GS-5304 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #44, Mar-Apr 1990

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #44, Mar-Apr 1990: Debbie & Dckie Dolls, Carousel Rabbit, Duck Pin, Love Knot Dress, Baby Sweater Set, Girl's Vest, Christian's Carriage Cover, Thread Bookmark, Tabletop Elegance, Pineapple Collar, Padded Potholder, Daffodil Barrette, Nesting Bird, Bath Ensemble, Bath Sign, Butterflies & Flowers Afghan, Yardstick Holder, Butterfly Fridgie. Excellent condition.

GS-5305 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #45, May-Jun 1990

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #45, May-Jun 1990: Irish Rose Purse, Hankie Edging, Roe Lace Gloves, Picture Mat, Bridal Garter, Fisherman's Basket, Dressy Vest, Car Visor Organizer, Billfold Gift Bow, Heirloom Baby doll, Hexagon Baby Afghan, Puppy Bib &Pillow, Ballet Shoe Booties, Nannie's Paddle, Loop- Stitch Teddies, Rose Afghan, Medallion Pillow, Flower Sweatshirt, Wreath Magnet. Very good condition.

GS-5306 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #46, Jul-Aug 1990

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #46, Jul-Aug 1990: Party Bear, Love Bears Mobile, Sleepy Bear Afghan, Teddy Tabard, Country Cow, Chicken Place Mat Set, Lacy Tablcloth, Towel Holder, Hat Pincushion, Flower Coasters, Wavy Edging, Towel Edging, Place Mat Edging, Summer collar, Stars & Stripes Afghan, Uncle Sam Doll, Sparkler Rug, Girl's Crop Top. Good condition.

GS-027 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #47, Sept - Oct 90

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #47, Sept-Oct 1990: Backpack, Bus Pencil Case, Apple Bookmark, Cheerleader Doll, Bed Doll, Flower Doily, Log Cabin Afghan, Motif Bedspread, Victorian Tassel, Textured Top, Delicate Dishcloths, Flower Garden Place Mat, Striped Rug, Sante Fe Pillow, Bunny Hat & Mittens, Slip Stitch Hat, Cow Slippers, His & Hers Booties. May have scuff on back cover from label removal.

GS-5307 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #48, Nov-Dec 1990

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #48, Nov-Dec 1990: Kitchen Doilies, Fruit & Vegetable Wall Hangings, Silverware Socks, Towel Apron, Bigfoot Bear, Loopy Slippers, Zebra Afghan, Cow on the Moon Mobile, Snowman Sweater, Ice Skate, Lacy Potpourri Ball, Boy on Skiis, Hooded Scarf, Ruffled Napkin Rings, Towel Trim, Black Lace Afghan, Thread Baby Bib, Scotty Tote Bag. Excellent condition.

GS-5308 Annie's Crochet Newsletter 49, Jan-Feb 1991

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #49, Jan-Feb 1991: Checked Outfit, Shell Ridge Hat, Dressy Top, Beaded Hairbow, Blooming Rose, Tissue Box Cover, Rosebud Afghan, Filet Linen Edging, Rose Filet Afghan, Porcelain Rose, Goose Wreath, Dishcloth Set, Fruit Fridgies, Round Table Set, Heart Filet Pillow, Love Sampler, Hearts & Lace Doily, Heart Basket. Excellent Condition.

GS-364 Annie's Crochet Newsletter 50, March - April 1991

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #50, Mar-Apr 1991: Flower Garden Tablecloth, Morning Glory Afghan, Bolster Pillow, Rose Potholder, Beaded Butterfly doily, Star Stitch Baby Blanket Set, Mop Doll, Pacifier Parker, Carousel Filet hanging, Bunny Basket, Tapestry Vest, Button-Waist Vest, Cable Pullover, Towel Wrap, Bathtub Puppets, Potpourri Bag, Lacy Washcloth. Excellent condition

GS-5309 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #51, May-Jun 1991

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #51, May-Jun 1991: Heart & Home Kitchen Set, Antique Wavy Potholder, Beach Accessories, Sand & Shells Sweater, Sand Dollar Jewelry, Infant's Beret & Rattle, Rose Trellis Bedspread, Fashion Doll Bride, Lace Frame, Lace Mitts, Rose Garden Pillow, Clown Wig & Pom poms, Two- Face Clown Pillow, Funny Money Clown Bank. Very good Condition.

GS-5310 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #52, Jul-Aug 1991

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #52, Jul-Aug 1991: Navy Jacket, Beaded Snood, Sailboat Mat, "I Love America" Pillow, Eagle Pencil Pal, Rag Collar, Braid- Look Rug, Pinwheel Potholder, Bonnet Goose Plant Poke, Cozy Ruffled Coasters, Country Hanger, Buckle- Up Bear & Bunny, Scented Pochette, Flying High Pillow, Baby Parrot, Child's Halter Dress, Sunbright Afghan. Very good Condition.

GS-5311 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #53, Sept-Oct 1991

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #53, Sept-Oct 1991: Geometric Striped Sweater, Stadium Cushion, Scottish Tam, Chail Plant Hanger, Antiuue Heirloom Booties, Double- edged Socks, Chicken and Rooster Potholders, Double- Duty Hat, Pineapple Fashion Doll Outfit, Napkin Ring, Pineapple Surprise Doily, Pineapple Delight Baby Dress, Collie Afghan, Dog Sweater, Cat Rug. May have some edge wear, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-5482 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #54, Nov-Dec 1991

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #54, Nov-Dec 1991: English Sheepdog, Crochet Slippers, Baby's Layette, Doubly Different Hat, Beaded Omccasins, Zebra Mittens, Reindeer Toy, Three-Dimensional Snowflakes, Petite Tablecloth, Snowflake Afghan & Pillow, Sachet Sparkles, Victorian Miniatures (House 7 Fir Trees), Pretty Potholders, Dainty Dishcloth, Thread Bookmark. Very good used condition.

GS-5318 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #55, Jan-Feb 92

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #55, Jan-Feb 1992: Dresser Scarf, Tissue Cover, Rose in a Hoop, Sweetheart Pillow, Christening Gown & Cape, Beaded Doll Gown (fashion doll), Lace boudoir Set, Perky Potholders, Beaded Snood, Doll Triplets, Stained Glass Afghans, book Covers, Heart Pin, Basket Weave Scarf. Excellent condition.

GS-5319 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #56, Mar-Apr 92

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #56, Mar-Apr 1992: Tea Time Tablecloth, Spring Coaster Set, Tutti Fruitti Potholder, Floral Squares Afghan, Peddlar Doll, Tulip Time Doily, First Fashions, Tweed Rabbit, Lacy Baby blanket, Springtime Basket, Bunny Bib, Wings Blouse, Lingerie Bag, Jewel Brooch, Butterfly Jewelry. Excellent condition

GS-5320 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #57, May-Jun 92

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #57, May-Jun 1992: Afghan & Toy Set, Precious Pet, Lavender Baby Afghan, Multi- Color Afghan, Potpourri Slippers, Hanger Covers, Mug Mat, Pet Pad, Striped Cape, Lace Motif Top, Tapestry Bag, Sweetheart Curtain, Heart Kitchen Set, Lamb Plant Poke, Potholder Trio. Excellent condition.

GS-028 Annie's Crochet Newsletter 58, Jul - Aug 92

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #58, Jul-Aug 1992: Lace Tablecloth, Gingham Kitchen Set, Ruffled Bath Set, Wash Day, Potpourri Hen & Chicks, Kitchen Trio, Patriotic Picnic Set, Baby's Toy & Afghan Set, Fashion Doll Outfit, Li-bear-ty Wreath, Jump Rope, Patriotic Wreath, Family Room Set. Very good condition.

2 Available

GS-5321 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #59, Sept-Oct 92

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #59, Sept-Oct 1992: Quilt Block Afghan, Sewing Basket Wreath, Crocheted Sewing Kit, HatPincushion, Elephant and Tiger Pajama Bags, Pop Ring Peacock, Owl Filet Doily, Indian Doll & Papoose Bunting, Southwestern Bathroom Set, Summer Top, Compote Dish, Dutch Windmill Tablecloth, Rag Place Mat & basket. Very good condition.

GS-5322 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #60, Nov-Dec 92

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #60, Nov-Dec 1992: Penguin and Snowballs, Potpourri Ball, Filet Card Case, Bed Doll, Earring Travel Case, Snowman Applique, Brad Basket Liner, Table Topper, Plaid Place Mat, Tea Apron, Snow Garden Afghan, Neon Hat & Mittens, Bed Socks. Very good condition.

GS-5323 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #61, Jan-Feb 1993

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #61, Jan-Feb 1993: Hobo Hound, Baby's Jumpsuit, Yesteday's Child baby doll, Outer Booties, Changing Pad, Side Pocket, Hat Pin, Antique Lace Shawl, Cluster Wristband, Heart Belt, Heart Place Mat Set, Heart Bookmark, Love Spoken Here, Sweetheart Pillow, Hearts & Lace Afghan. Excellent condition.

GS-5324 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #62, Mar-Apr 1993

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #62, Mar-Apr 1993: Girl's Outfit, Flower Basket Earrings, Shades of Sherbet Afghan, Violet Bookmark, Baby Bunny, Pitcher Covers, Flower Garden Potholder, Table Ensemble, Tissue Hanger, Rabbit Air Freshener Cover, Lamb Wreath, Rose Potpourri Basket, Bee Bath Buddy. Very good condition.

GS-5325 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #63, May-Jun 1993

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #63, May-Jun 1993: Lace Yoke Sweaters, Lacy Lapels, Hanger Hanger, Carnation Earrings, Sack Sachet, Note Card Box, Lilac Bedspread, Mother Pillow, Sweet Peas, Tropical Fish Baby Set, Grab- It Mitts, Tropical Fish Sock Trim. Excellent condition.

GS-5326 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #64, Jul-Aug 1993

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #64, Jul-Aug 1993: Junior Weight Set, Cap & Case, Teddy Bear Picnic, Eyeglass Case, Doll Ensemble, Star tablecloth, Potpourri Jar Doily, Tussie- Mussie Pin, Sunflower Afghan, Plate Covers, Sunflower Bookmark, Girl's Purse. Very good condition.

GS-5327 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #65, Sept-Oct 1993

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #65, Sept-Oct 1993: Lace Motif Jacket, Bun Snood, Nutmeg the Dachshund, Computer Mouse Cover, Back- To- School Bear, Glass Cover, Wedding Afghan, Album Cover, Flower Hot Mat, Shell- Edged Coaster, Scrap Afghan. Very good condition.

GS-5328 Annie's Crochet Newsletter #66, Nov-Dec 1993

Annie's Crochet Newsletter #66, Nov-Dec 1993: Fashion Doll Angel, Mother & Child, Snowflake Ornament, Bell Ornaments, Popcorn Doily, Handle Bell, POinsettia Potholder, Antique Afghan, Child's Trio (hat, scarf, mittens), Scottie Afghan, Old-Time Teddy, Business Card Cover, Tic- Tac- Toe Game. Very good condition.


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