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Plastic Canvas Villages & Railroads
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Updated 15 June 2020
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Plastic Canvas Villages and Railroads, Page Two:

PN-232 LA Friendly Village Magnets in Plastic Canvas

Friendly Village Magnets in Plastic Canvas, designed by Kooler Design Studio, Leisure Arts, 1990. Designs include: School, Drug Store, Post Office, "Joe's", Church, Flower Shop, and 8 different houses.

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PN-1633 Annie's Attic Plastic Canvas Victorian Winter Village

Plastic Canvas Victorian Winter Village, designed by Gina Woods, The Needlecraft Shop, 1993. Pieces worked on 7 - mesh plastic canvas include: Queen Anne, Shingle House, Townhouse, Warming House, Gazebo, Second Empire, Pond, Benches, Baby's Breath Tree, Oak Tree, Pond & Warming House Sign, Bed & Breakfast Sign. Excellent condition.

$14.99 SOLD
PN-1429 Quick Count Plastic Canvas Santa's House

Quick Count Plastic Canvas Santa's House, Unitek, 2002. Leaflet that was originally sold as part of a kit; Santa's House covers a boutique tissue box. Instructions are written in English, French, and Spanish! Numbers written on graphs to keep track of holes, but otherwise very good used condition.

PN-1407 TNS Plastic Canvas On the Frontier Indian Village

Plastic Canvas On the Frontier Indian Village, designed by Barbara Tipton and Janet Tipton, The Needlecraft Shop, 1993. 13 pieces stitched on 7-mesh plastic canvas: Man, Woman, Papoose, Tepee, Canoe & Oar, Loom & Cook Fire, Spear, Tomahawk, Headdress, Bow & Arrow. Like new.

$12.99 SOLD
PN-1377 TNS Plastic Canvas Candyland Train

Plastic Canvas Candyland Train, designed by Larry Smith, The Needlecraft Shop, 1998. Adorable design stitched on 7-mesh plastic canvas with sandwich cookie wheels and candy trims: Engine, Caboose, and Cargo Car. New.

$12.99 SOLD
PN-1368 TNS Plastic Canvas Easter Basket Village

Plastic Canvas Easter Basket Village, designed by Glenda Chamberlain, The Needlecraft Shop, 1998. 5 designs stitched on 7-mesh plastic canvas: Two- Story Manor, Victorian Cottage, Sweet Shoppe, Lil' White Church, Country Boutique. Excellent condition.

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PN-1322 TNS Plastic Canvas Countryside Cottages

Plastic Canvas Countryside Cottages, designed by Vania B. V. De Souza, The Needlecraft Shop, 1994. 4 European- Style cottages to stitch on 7- mesh: Poet's Retreat, Village Duplex, Cobblestone Farm, Honeymoon Hideaway. If desired, cottages can be lit from within using battery powered mini lights. Tag smudges on cover, but otherwise like new.

PN-488 TNS Plastic Canvas Candy Village

Plastic Canvas Candy Village, designed by Gina Woods, The Needlecraft Shop, 1995. "Sweet" additions to your Christmas Village, stitched on 7- and 10- mesh plastic canvas, add an inviting glow using mini lights: Taffy Cottage, Village Row Houses, Mint Manor, Bon- Bon Birdhouse, Gumdrop Chateau, Candy Bridge, Caramel Cabin, Gumball Tree, and Licorice Lamp. Marks by rows in Cutting Instructions to keep track of pieces; small stain in top margin of two pages. Otherwise very good condition.

$12.99 SOLD
PN-124 TNS Fairy Tale Castles

Fairy Tale Castles, designed by Gina Woods, The Needlecraft Shop, 1996. Rare 22- page booklet containing 4 exquisitely detailed miniature castles and accessories made with 7- and 10- count plastic canvas: Desert Oasis, Knight's Castle, Ladie's Castle, Winter Ice Palace, Arabian Tents, Wishing Well, Enchanted Forest, and Heraldic Banners. Tag smudge on cover, but otherwise like new.

PN-1022 Annie's International Plastic Canvas Club: General Store

General Store, by Mary Layfield, Annie's International Plastic Canvas Club, 1992. Worked on 7-mesh; storefront and porch measures 7-1/2" tall x 10-1/4" wide. Excellent condition.

$5.99 SOLD
PN-955 Annie's International Plastic Canvas Club: Cottage Keeper

Cottage Keeper, by Gina Woods, Annie's International Plastic Canvas Club, 1992. Worked on 7-mesh; house is 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 9-1/4" tall, and roof removes to store treats or potpourri. Excellent condition, but may smell of cigarette smoke..

$5.99 SOLD
PN-862 TNS Plastic Canvas Potpourri Houses

Plastic Canvas Potpourri Houses, designed by Trudy Bath Smith, The Needlecraft Shop, 1991. Work Country Cottage, Gilded Manor, or Town House Ornaments on 7- mesh. Fill with potpourri between front and back pieces through top opening. Some scuffing on back cover, but otherwise excellent condition.

PN-437 LA Cozy Cottages in Plastic Canvas

Cozy Cottages in Plastic Canvas, Leisure Arts, 1989. Five potpourri containers that would also make adorable additions to Christmas Villages: Half-Timbered House, Tudor Farmhouse, Elizabethan Cottage, Cob Cottage, and Thatched Cottage. Slight age- yellowing, but otherwise excellent condition.

PN-406 Mary Maxim Musical Carousel

Mary Maxim Musical Carousel, Mary Maxim, nd. Graph and instructions from kit. NOTE: instructions do NOT include horses. CONDITION PROBLEMS: Cover torn, definitely used, but all instructions and graphs seem to be intact and readable.

$3.99 SOLD
PN-326 LA Santa Express in Plastic Canvas

Santa Express in Plastic Canvas, Jack Peatman, Leisure Arts, 1991. Graphs for Depot, Engine, Train Cars, Caboose, and Depot Tissue Box Holder in 7- mesh plastic canvas. Like new.

$12.99 SOLD
PN-487 Needlecraft Ala Mode Plastic Canvas Christmas Ornament Houses

Plastic Canvas Christmas Ornament Houses, designed by Don FranzMeier, Needlecraft Ala Mode, 1991. 4 different shaped houses including Star and Holly leaf, and trees. Excellent condition -- may smell of dryer sheet.

PN-555 Astor Place A House For All Seasons

A House For All Seasons, Astor Place/Willmaur Crafts Corp., nd. Designs charted for working on perforated paper -- house measures 8" x 4-3/4" x 3-3/4". Beautifully detailed Victorian- style house with more than three dozen seasonal accessories to decorate it with. Some shelf wear to cover; otherwise excellent condition.

$7.99 SOLD
PN-540 Designing Women Village of Stitches 1

Village of Stitches 1, designed by Susan Burge and Margy Richardson, Designing Women Unltd, 1992. 3 designs charted for cross-stitch or needlepoint; can be worked on 14-count Aida, 14-mesh plastic canvas or perforated paper, cross-stitched on sweatshirts, etc. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
PN-750 Annie's International Plastic Canvas Club: Trees for Sale

Trees for Sale, by Laura Doyle, Annie's International Plastic Canvas Club, 1996. Building, Sign, and Fenced Tree Lot on 7-mesh. Excellent condition, but may smell of cigarette smoke..

$5.99 SOLD
PN-273 LA Gingerbread House in Plastic Canvas

Gingerbread House in Plastic Canvas, by Dick Martin, Leisure Arts, 1987. House, Lollipop, Trees, and Gingerbread Boy and Girl in 7- mesh. SERIOUS CONDITION PROBLEMS -- cover & page wear, pages pulled out from staples and split almost entirely up center seam. The best I can say is graphs are clean and easily readable.

PN-003 The Needlecraft Shop Plastic Canvas Candy Cane Train & Pals

Candy Cane Train & Pals, designed by Sandra Miller Maxfield, The Needlecraft Shop, 2008. PLASTIC CANVAS engine and coal car, plus Tree, Angel, and Santa candy cane charms.

$5.99 SOLD
PN-052 Annie's Fashion Doll Plastic Canvas Club Christmas Corner

Plastic Canvas Christmas Corner, designed by Laura Doyle, Annie's Fashion Doll Plastic Canvas Club, 1996. Christmas Tree, and Gift Boxes sized for Fashion Dolls - Tree is 6-1/2" tall. New.

2 Available

PN-391 Needlecraft Ala Mode Plastic Canvas Bunny Village

Plastic Canvas Bunny Village, Needlecraft Ala Mode, 1989. Designs worked on 7- mesh plastic canvas include: Bunny House, ROundBunny House, Bluebirds, Bunnies with Egg, and Bunny with Wagon.

  Details & Ordering
PN-125 TNC Bunny Boulevard

Bunny Boulevard, designed by Robin Will, The Needlecraft Shop, 1995. 11-piece Bunny Village stitched on 7- and 10- mesh plastic canvas.

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Plastic Canvas Christmas/Holidays:

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