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Crochet Fantasy Magazine
Page 1 (1982 - 1986)

Page updated 31 January 2017
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       Reminder: Unless otherwise noted, all magazines are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Crochet Fantasy, Page 1 (1982 - 1986):

       Crochet Fantasywas published by All American Crafts, Inc. Patterns included both written instructions and diagrams for symbol Crochet. Due to the variation in quality of the paper, some pages may be age- yellowed.

GS-8031 Crochet Fantasy Number 2, October 1982

Crochet Fantasy No. 2, October 1982. Designs include: Round Tablecloth, Wheels doily, Rectangular Runner, Antic White Doily, Flower Cushion, Rose Cushion, Rectangular Cushion, Square Cushion, Pink Doily, Patchwork Runner, 3 Small Doilies, Square Runner, Letter M runner, Letter E runner, Lily runner, Small Flowers tray cloth, Birthday Cake placemat, Train placemat, Butterfly placemat, Car placemat, Star Lace Runner, Clover Tablecloth, Flower Tablecloth, Magnolia Doily, 3 Color Pink Doily, Geometric Motifs, Oval Flower Doily, Vase and Flowers filet runner, Bedspread, Yellow Doily, Round Tablecloth, Large Geometric Doily. Name on front cover, cover looks to be damp- wrinkled and shows wear, but pattern pages in very good condition.

GS-8567 Crochet Fantasy Number 3, December 1982

Crochet Fantasy No. 3, December 1982. PAGES MISSING!!!! Designs include: Snow Star Doily, Turning Wheel Doily, Nine Spirals Doily, Sunburst Doily, Pink Doily with Cloth Center, 8 Point Star Doily, 15 Point Star Doily, Small Wheel Doily, Rectangular Net Mat, Small Star Doily, 9 Petal Flower Doily, Letter A Filet, Letter B Fillet, Fancy Square Doily, Daisy Doily, Small Yellow And White Doily, Large Yellow and White Doily, Pink Net Doily, Fushia Doily, Star Doily, SImple Square Doily, Tabel Center, Lace Doily, Fancy Doily, Star Tablecloth, Breakfast Set. NOTE: PAGES MISSING!!!! Missing patterns for last two designs which seem to be a tablecloth and a shawl; corresponding photo pages also missing.

GS-8568 Crochet Fantasy Number 4, February 1983

Crochet Fantasy No. 4, February 1983. Designs include: White and Red Runner, Red and White Doily, Small Doily, Large White Star Doily, Angel Runner, Flower and Leaves Doily, Six Circle Runner, Queen of Hearts Doily, Flower Doily, Doily with Net Center, Flower Doily (a second one), White Doily, Plain Doily, Three Color Square, Large Geometric Doily, Spiral Doily, Square Doily, Loose Flower Doily, Open Flower Doily, Runner, Open Flower, Star Doily, Pineapple Doily, Star and Petals Doily, Daisy Doily, Star Doily. Very good used condition.

GS-8569 Crochet Fantasy Number 6, April 1983

Crochet Fantasy No. 6, April 1983. Designs include: Hexagonal Doily, Runner, Net Runner, Double Peacock Doily, Rays and Ruffles Doily, Spiral Doily, Octagonal Doily, Yellow Flower Doily, Small Square Doily, Doily, Flower Doily, Net Doily, Large Table Center, Another Large Table Center, Round Doily, Square, Openwork Doily, Table Center, White and Blue Doily, Loose Flower Doily, Net and Flowers Doily, Crocheted Sleeveless Pullover, Crocheted Striped Polo Shirt, Crocheted Suit (Jacket and Skirt), One- Shoulder Top, Hat, Grey and Metallic Hat. Very good used condition.

GS-8570 Crochet Fantasy Number 7, July 1983

Crochet Fantasy No. 7, July 1983. Designs include: Small Runner, Square with Rose Center, Daisy Doily, Star Table Center, Flower Doily, Long Runner, Square Table Center, Yellow Doily, Round Doily, Lozenge Table Center, Runner, Flower Fantasia Runner, Lace Doily, Round Tablecloth, Loose Flower Doily, Snowflake Doily, Flower Garden Doily, Runner, Small Star Doily, Round Doily, Setting Sun Filet Mat, Crocheted Blouse, Collar, Butterfly Camisole, Gold and Silver top, Silk Sweatshirt, Silk Tweed with Appliques. Very good used condition.

GS-8578 Crochet Fantasy's Christmas Special, September 1983

Crochet Fantasy's Christmas Special, September 1983. Designs include: Miss Mouse toy, Cat toy, TeddyBear, Child's Mouse Booties, Brown Booties Slippers, 6 Square Booties Slippers, 8 Square Booties Slippers, Turning Wheel Doily, Large Leaves Doily, Bicolor Christmas Stockings, Red Stockings, Wreath, Green Doll, Santa Clause Outfit for 8" doll, Baby's Jacket & Matching Booties, Baby's Dress, Barbie's Pullover, Star Doily, 6 Snowflakes, 2 Ball Covers, Jacquard Christmas Runner, Popcorn Doily, White Bag, Evening Bag, Large Pineapple Doily, Baby's Blue Jacket, Granny Square Afghan, Pindapple Border, Shawl, Basket of Flowers Filet, Net Runner. Very good used condition.

GS-8032 Crochet Fantasy Number 9, Nov. 1983

Crochet Fantasy No. 9, Nov. 1983. Designs include: Tricolor Daisy Doily, Wheel With Yellow Center Doily, Tricolor Wheel Doily, FancyStitch Runner, Runner, Delicate Doily, Circles doily, Large Doily, Small Runner, Daisies runner, Flower Doily, Light Pink Square, Pink Doily, Square, Yellow, White, and Green Doily, Pineapple Center, Precious Doily, Small Pineapple Doily, Oval Doily, Scorpio filet, Runner, Runner or Placemat, Tablecloth, Hat, Jacket, Vest with Shawl Collar, Red and Black Pullover. May have price crossed off on cover, cover wear; otherwise, very good used condition.

2 Available

GS-8033 Crochet Fantasy Number 10, Jan. 1984

Crochet Fantasy No. 10, Jan. 1984. Designs include: Fancy Square doily, Rounds of Pineapple doily, Star doily, Lace doily, Flower Basket Net Square, Angel Net, Rose Runner, Large Doily, Orange Square, Star doily, Wind Rose doily, Star Doily, Large Bag, Small Bag, Lily Doily, Delicate Doily, Tablecloth, Flower Doily, Flower Square, Simple Doily, Small Oval Runner, Fancy Net Runner, Flower Net Runner, Lace Collar, Shawl, Ragg Wool Vest, Crocheted Set (Legwarmers, Vest). Some cover wear, but otherwise very good used condition.

2 Available

GS-8034 Crochet Fantasy Number 11, Mar. 1984

Crochet Fantasy No. 11, Mar. 1984. Designs include: Loops doily, Small Rose Doily, Cancer the Crab filet, Justice filet, Small Rectangular Runner, Square Lace doily, Bedspread, Leaves and Flowers doily, Star and Flowers doily, Multicolor Doily, Small Doily, Pink and White Runner, Doily with Cloth Center, -p Point Star doily, White and Yellow Doliy, Decorative Pot Holder, A Cluster of Doilies, Leaves and Flowers doily, Oval Runner, Oval Doily, Pineapple Motif, Round Doily, Pink Fancy Stitch Top, Blue Shell Stitch Top, Beige Vest, Oval Doily, Cloth and Crochet Runner, "Basket of Flowers" Net Runner. Very good condition.

GS-8579 Crochet Fantasy No. 12, May 1984

Crochet Fantasy No. 12, May 1984. Designs include: Runner, Flower Net, Geometric Wheel, Small Oval Doily, Bicolor Pineapple, 12- Petal Doily, Crocus Doily, 12- Point Doily, Large Lace Doiliy, Small Lace Doily, Sunflower Doily, Wheel and Roses Doily, 28- Motif Runner, Pink Doily, Geometric Table Center, Pineapple Motifs Doily, Baby Afghan with Flowers, Flower Runner, Small Flower Doily, 5- Point Star, 9- Motif Square, Shell Stitch Scarf and Hat, Square Neck Sweater and Hat, Diamond Net Top, Oval Net Doily. Very good used condition.

GS-8580 Crochet Fantasy No. 14, July 1984

Crochet Fantasy No. 14, July 1984. Designs include: Red and White Doily, Lace Square, Lace Doily, Fancy Stitch Runner, Net Stitch Runner, Large Flower Runner, Large Doily, Flower Runner, Lace Runner, Tablecloth, Green Doily, Daisy Doily, "Chill Chaser" Hooded Scarf, "Modern Squares" Afghan, 4- color Oval Doily, Zigzag Runner, Tricolor Wheel Doily, Bicolor Doily, Small Flower Doily, Small Popcorn Square, Flower Doily, Two-Square Runner, Tricolor Star Motif, Kitchen Glove, Pot Holder, Pink Square, Rectangular Net Doily. Very good used condition.

GS-8581 Crochet Fantasy No. 15, August 1984

Crochet Fantasy No. 15, August 1984. Designs include: 10 Point Doily, Spring Doily, Multicolor Flower Doily, Vision Doily, Small Flower Doily, Wheel Runner, Lace Doily, 14 Star Doily, Tablecenter, Large Net Square, 15 Wheels Runner, Large Filet Runner, Small Filet Runner, Oval Runner, Tulip Net, Pink and White Doily, Oval Lace Doily, Leaves and Roses, Tablecloth, Oval Runner, Small Purse, Purse, Rectangular Net Runner, Doily, Modern Square sAfghan, Filet Bag. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8582 Crochet Fantasy's Christmas Special, September 1984

Crochet Fantasy's Christmas Special, September 1984. Designs include: 2 Doilies, Doily, Bread Tray Doily, 2 Coasters, Green and White Square, Flowered Stocking, Christmas Stocking, Victorian Stocking, Filet Mantel Border, Trivet Cover, Table Center with Red Roses, Tre Doily, Crocheted Snowflake, Centerpiece, 3 Place Setting Doilies, Red Hat, Blue Hat, Green Hat, V Striped Top, Gift Money Bag, Crocheted Gift Box, Blue Collar, Collar, Collar with Tassels, Filet Yoke with Cap Sleeves, Fliet Yoke for Nightgown, 3 Pillowcase Trims, Rose Net, Hexagonal Mat, Crocheted Frog, Mouse Candy Dish, Football or PJ Bag, Toy Fish, octopus, Dice. Very good used condition.

GS-8035 Crochet Fantasy Number 16, Dec. 1984

Crochet Fantasy No. 16, Dec. 1984. Designs include: Ovaly Doily, Round Centerpiece, Tablecloth, Place Setting, Net Stitch Runner, Daisy Bedspread, Pillowcase, Net Stitch Edging, Leaf Edging, Pink Pillowcase Trim, Blue Heart Border, Rectangular Tablecloth, Oval Centerpiece, Harmony Doily, Tablecloth Panel, Flowered Shawl, Snowflake Bedspread, Pinwheel Bedspread, Round Tablecloth, Scene with a Knight filet, Tulip Doily, Lampshade, A Deer Scene filet, Table Setting, Flowered Pot Holder, Pot Holder, Apron, Autumn Ruffled Afghan, Oval Runner. Some cover wear, but otherwise very good used condition.

2 Available

GS-8583 Crochet Fantasy Number 17, January 1985.

Crochet Fantasy No. 17, January 1985.. Designs include: Petal Doilies, Pineapple Doilies, Flowers in Net Doily, Triangular Doily, Curtain, Snowflake Bedspread, Bouquet Bedspread, Curtain, Cluster Tablecloth, Pillowcase Trim, Small Doily, Monarch Tablecloth, Circles and Leaves Doily, Daisy Placemats, Round Doily, Fleur- de- lis Bedspread, Flower Runner, Aster Runner, A Peacock Scene, Red Trim Hanky, Blue Trim Hanky, Dresser Scarf, Dressy Potholder, Green and PinkPotholder, Lace Top Pulloer, Lace Stole, Ribbon Trim Purse, Ribbon Tri Blouse, Napkin Rings, Hexagonal Doily. Very good used condition.

GS-8584 Crochet Fantasy Number 18, February 1985.

Crochet Fantasy No. 18, February 1985.. Designs include: Tablecloth with Swirls, Kaleidoscope Doily, Lacy Tablecloth, Pansy Bedspread, Round Pineapple Tablecloth, Net Stitch Tunic, Starburst Doily, Crochet Insert Tablecloth, Teal Pullover, Curtain, Diamond Bedspread, Fern Leaf Doily, The Challenge Tablecloth, Stella Runner, Chrysathemum Center Piece, Palm Tree Doily, Nasturtium, Tranquility Runner, Little Flower Doily, Shadow Pink Popcorn Afghan, Curtain, Bedspread, Very good used condition.

2 Available

GS-8585 Crochet Fantasy No. 19, March 1985.

Crochet Fantasy No. 19, March 1985.. Designs include: Bicolor Doily, Oval Runner, Fancy Net Doily, Mink- Collared Jacket, Net Stitch Centerpiece, Pair of Filet Doilies, Hot Spot, Runner, Curtain, Bedspread, Basket of Daisies Afghan, Stenciled Placemats, Rectangular Tablecloth, Pineapple Table Center, Net Runner, Bedspread, Lacy Bedspread with matching Lacy Curtain, Valance, Small Basket, Round Doily, Doily of Flowers, Lamp and Doily, Rectangular Runner, Round Tablecloth, Spiral Doily. Very good used condition.

GS-8586 Crochet Fantasy No. 20, May 1985.

Crochet Fantasy No. 20, May 1985.. Designs include: Cool Cotton Pullover, Ruffled Drawstring Top, Shelled Midriff, Windmill Centerpiece, Rooster Table Center, Stenciled Crochet Potholders, Floral Runner, Dolman Sleeve Blouse, Shimmering Pink Top, Lilac Shell, Laced Vest, Fanfare Oval Doily, Fanfare Small Doily, Antimacassar, Delicate Tablecloth, Wagon Wheel Doily, Roses in Net Stitch, Forget- Me- Nots Doily, Trivet, Popcorn Doilies, Two- Tone Runner, Oriental Runner, Clematis Bedspread, Bedspread of Stars, Fern Leaf Table Center, Victorian Curtain. Very good used condition.

GS-8587 Crochet Fantasy No. 21, June 1985.

Crochet Fantasy No. 21, June 1985.. Designs include: Medallion Tablecloth, Placemat, Tray Cloth, Elegant Linen Square, Crochet Duet Shell, Bear's Paw Doily, Lovebirds Placemat, Chicken Little, Crochet Picture of Flowers, Intricate Curtain, Sunshine Table Center, Pineapple Runner, Red Doily, Filet crochet Curtain,LunchMats, Summertime Tablecloth, Challenge Bedspread, Lacy Tablecloth, Little Flower, Floral Square, Small Palm Tree Doily, Ferris Wheel Table Center, Marbella Swaeater, Star Doily, Cotton Pullover, Pinwheel Tablecloth, Webbed Runner, Guest Towel Trimming. Very good used condition.

GS-8588 Crochet Fantasy Christmas Special, No. 22, September 1985

Crochet Fantasy Christmas Special, No. 22, September 1985.. Designs include: ORNAMENTS -- Metallic Star, Candle, SNowman, Mouse in Stocking, Red Bell, Sequined Wreath, White Bell, Angel; AFGHANS & PILLOWS -- Christmas Magic Afghan & Pillow, Poinsettia Afghan & Pillow, Peppermint Stick Afghan; JUST FOR KIDS -- Hat - Scarf & Mittens Set, Shades of Raspberry Mittens, Child's Turquoise Mittens, Baby's Holiday Dress; HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS -- Jingle Bell Border, Small Runner, Dresden Plate Table Cover, Wreath Trivet, Star Trivet, Red & Ecru Oval Doily, Holiday Placemat, Bell Potholder, Snowflkae Potholder, Christmas Tree Potholder, POinsettia Potholder, Holiday Apron, PineappleApron, Star Centered Doily, Ornate Coasters; PARTY WEAR -- Cowl Neck Top, Sparkling Blue Top, Elegant Halter, Small Lurex Purse. Very good used condition.

GS-8589 Crochet Fantasy Baby Edition, No. 23, October 1985

Crochet Fantasy Baby Edition, No. 23, October 1985.. Designs include: Grandmother's Delight (Sweater, Hat & Afghan), Cuddly Cardigan & Booties, Cotton Candy Dress & Booties, Cherub Sweater, Rainbow Sweater, Granny Square Cape, Bundle of Joy Afghan, Duck- In- Tux Afghan;, Blue Heirloom baby Dress, Yellow Heirloom Baby Dress, Filet Bunnies Trim, Dining OUt Bib, Meredith's Duck, Alison's Pony, Pockets the Kangaroo, Rita the Raccoon, Cat Family, Becky's Elephant; Lace Star Dioly, Keepsake Doily, Confetti Doily, Confetti Doily, Delicate Doily, Pansy Doily, Pinwheel Doily, Pink & Pretty Curtain, Dainty Curtain, Snowflake Oval Tablecloth, Posy- Centered Tablecloth, Floral Bedspread. Very good used condition.

GS-8590 Crochet Fantasy First- Ever Afghan Special!, No. 24, December 1985.

Crochet Fantasy First- Ever Afghan Special!, No. 24, December 1985.. Designs include: Buttercup Baby Afghan, Candy Print Baby Afghan, Teddy Bear Baby Afghan, ABC Baby Afghan; Alternating Pineapples Afghan, Ridged PineapplePanels Afghan, Navy Blue Fisherman Afghan & Pillow, Argyle Filet Afghan, Lover's Lace Afghan, Cactus Blossoms Afghan, Seagerden Lap Robe, Golden Jubilee Afghan, Ombre & Off- White Afghan, Red & Off- White Afghan, Forest Green & Sunset Afghan, Moss Stitch Afghan, Milti- Color Strpoed Afghan, Blues & Off- White Afghan, Rose- White & Gray Chevron Afghan, Beige & White Striped Afghan, Go for the Red White & Blue Afghan, Dutch Blue Stenciled afghan, Pillow & Kitche Accessories, Blooming Meadows Afghan, Sweet Sixteen Afghan. Cover wear, otherwise good used condition.

GS-8591 Crochet Fantasy No. 25, January 1986.

Crochet Fantasy No. 25, January 1986.. Designs include: A Study in Peach Sweater, Go- With- Everything Sweater coat, Lacy Blouse, Coal Shell & Beading Blouse, Summer Daze Sweater, Mint Green Openwork Sweater, Spider Web Chevron Sweate, Tweed- Look Vest, Evening Purse, Sunburst Bedspread, Leves & Roses Bedspread, Openwork Table Setting, Runner with Linen Inserts, Snowflake Doily, Flower Wheel Tablecloth, Doily of Leaves, Rose Runner, FloralFilet Doily, Tasseled Table Runner, Fantasia Teblecloth, Pinwheel Tablecenter, Star Centered Tablecloth, Pineapple Runner, Decorative Potholders. Cover wear, otherwise good used condition.

GS-8592 Crochet Fantasy No. 26, March 1986.

Crochet Fantasy No. 26, March 1986.. Designs include: Small Daisy Doily, Homespun Doily, Spiderweb Doily, Pinwheel Doily Heirloo Doily, Blue and Yellow Fan Edge, White Looped Edge, Pink SHelled Edge, Green Edging, Bride's Edging, Variegated Yellow Edging, Green and White Border, Shades of Pink Border, Turqouise and Yellow Border, Circle Trio Edging, Butterfly Edging, Shell- Edged Pillowcase Trim, Fanfare Pillowcase trim, Fancy Towel Edging, Lacy Shawl, Preppy Sweater, Brother's Stenciled Sweater, Sister's Stenciled Sweater, Bonny Belt, Butterfly Beach Bag, Crocheted Collar and Cuffs, Lemon Yellow Collar, Gold Lame Collar, Clancy the Clown, Panda Pal, Baby Doll, Doll Bunting and Hat, Snowdrop Pillow, Scallop- Edged Lampshade, Picot- Edged Lampshade, Corkers, Egg Coddlers, Victorian Bedspread, Embroidered Book and Pencil Can Covers, Daffodils, Iris Tapestry Placemat and Potholder, Filet Placemats, Elegant Dinner Napkin. Mailing label on front cover, but otherwise very good used condition.

GS-8593 Crochet Fantasy No. 27, April 1986.

Crochet Fantasy No. 27, April 1986.. Designs include: Iris V- Neck Pullover, Rose in Bloom Pullover, Victorian Sweater, Cream Net Sweater, Spring Green Vest, Classic Sash, Breezy Straw Purse, Siplicity Clutch, Dainty Clutch, Just Ducky Sweater, Sprin Ensemble, Creeper's Sweater, Early Bird Sweater, Mother Goose Crib Coverlet, Clock in a Hoop, BUttercup Filet, Grape Filet, Diamond Filet, Fantasy Flower Filet, Elegant Edging, Tulip Tablecenter, Honeycomb Runner, Field of Flowers Tablecenter, Starlight Border, Lacy Pineapple Tablecloth, Rainbow Tablecloth, Radiant Doily, Medallion Oval Doily. Mailing label on front cover, but otherwise very good used condition.

GS-8036 Crochet Fantasy Number 28, June 1986

Crochet Fantasy No. 28, June 1986. Designs include: Middle of the Road Sweater, Sky Blue Camisol, Shades of Purple Sweater Set, Butterfly Twin Set, Fair Isle Cardigan, Peach Parfait Sweater, Fair Isle Pullover, Sportive Sweater, Ribbon Vest, Simplicity Shell, Child's Nautical Sweater, PetalPink Baby Sweater, Pinwheel Bedspread, Decorative Edging, Lacy Napkin Rings, Elegant Coasters, Heirloom Runner, Serenity Filet, Pineapple Afghan, Cloud Comfort Afghan, Orange Sherbet Doily, Rustic Placemat, Radiant Flower Doily, Geometric Runner, Summer Breezes Tablecenter. Mailing label on front, slight yellowing of pattern pages. Otherwise, very good used condition.

2 Available

GS-8037 Crochet Fantasy Number 29, July 1986

Crochet Fantasy No. 29, July 1986. "Back to School Special" -- Designs include: SWEATERS -- Junior Varsity Vest, A+ Sweater, Dean's List Sweater, Commencement Vest, Sorority Pullover, Promotion Pullover, Valedictorian Vest, Senior Class Vest, Sophomore Sweater, School Spirit Sweater; FASHION ACCESSORIES -- Scholar's Scarf - Hat- Bag, Textbook Tote, Extra- Credit Collar, Collegiate Collar, Straight- A Collar and Cuffs, Le Petit Jabot; FOR CHILDREN -- Sugar and Spice Sweater, Erin's Sweater and Headband; AFGHANS -- Harvest Time Afghan, Hobnail Afghan; FOR THE HOME -- Fundamental Filet Bedspread, Circle of Flowers Tablecloth, Honors Doily, Laurel Leaf Doly, Novel Doily, Three R's Runner, Graduation Runner. Very good used condition.

2 Available

GS-6362 Crochet Fantasy Christmas Special, No. 30, September 1986.

Crochet Fantasy Christmas Special, No. 30, September 1986. Projects include Touch of Tinsel Sweater, Sparkling Holiday Sweater, Snowflake Raglan Sweater, Afghans (Winter Wonderland, Candy Cane, Caroler's Cozy, Calico Cardinal), Calico Cardinal Placemats & Runner, Festive Placemats, Let It Snow Runner, Tiny Trinkets Gift Bag, Favorite Things Gift Bag, Ornaments (Flurry of Snowflakes, Hart's Desire Wallhanging, Tannembaum Wallhanging, Deck the Halls Wreath, Jingle bells Pull, Heidi, Hans, Theodore Brown Bear, Mrs. Claus, Santa, Visions of Sugarplums, Jolly Snowman), Canine Cuddler, Stockings (Santa's Boot, Noel, Yuletide, Patchwork Sampler, Boughs of Holly), Toys (Tugboat Pillow, Peppermint Polly, Gallant Soldier, Theodore Polar Bear, Whimsical Dragon). May have Bottom inside corner of front cover missing, but otherwise very good condition.

2 Available

GS-8594 Crochet Fantasy No. 31, October 1986.

Crochet Fantasy No. 31, October 1986. Designs include: Amethyst Filet Sweater, Tricolor Pullover, autumn Leaves Vest, Golden Harvest Sweater, Cheerleader's Sweater, Toasted Almond Vest, Cotton Candy Sweater, Homecoming Sweater Coat Set, Butterflies & Bows Collar, Camisole Trim, Drawstring Collar, Middy Collar, Leg Sleeves, Flower Puff Baby Afghan, PJ Clown Bag, Waffle Stitch Pillow, Shell stitch Pillow, Palette Pillow, Reindeer Ornament, Loopy Lamb Ornament, Stained Glass Afghan, Stenciled Snowflake Potholder, Message minder, Holiday Trivet, Poinsettia Potholder, Floral Guest Towel, Initialed Towel, Christa Doily, Lover's Lace Doily, Teapot Trivet, Irish Mist Doily, Irish Lace Doily. Corner torn off back cover, but otherwise very good used condition.

GS-8595 Crochet Fantasy No. 32, December 1986.

Crochet Fantasy No. 32, December 1986. Designs include: Vintage Wine Turtleneck, Cinnamon Toast Sweater Set, Waves of Color Pullover, Rhapsody in Blue Pullover, Misty Morn Sweter, Abstract Floral Sweater, Confetti Pullover, Cozy Cuddler Sweater Set, Mervyn the Marvelous Monkey, Doll Bed Canopy, Wallhanging for Ewe, Calico Patch Afghan, Debora's Doily, Pointed Flower Doily, Ruffles & Flourishes Doiy, Pinwheel Doily, Art Nouveau Table Mat, Opulent Oval Doily, Take A Chair Filet, Pristine Pillow Cover, Exquisite Lace Table Setting, Checkerboard Cupboard Curtain, Ebony & Ivory Curtain, Fantasy Filet Bedspread, Beauteous Bedspread. Very good used condition.


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