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Page 5 (2002 on)

Page updated 19 June 2018
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       Reminder: Unless otherwise noted, all magazines are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Crochet Fantasy, Page 5 (2002 on):

       Crochet Fantasywas published by All American Crafts, Inc. Patterns included both written instructions and diagrams for symbol Crochet. Due to the variation in quality of the paper, some pages may be age- yellowed.

NOTE: page in progress -- if you have any questions about the contents of any of the issues, please feel free to Email us at!

GS-8632 Crochet Fantasy Afghans No. 153, Winter 2002

Crochet Fantasy Afghans, No. 153, Winter 2002.

  Details & Ordering
GS-8633 Crochet Fantasy No. 157, April 2002

Crochet Fantasy No. 157, April 2002. FEMININE FASHIONS -- Basic Black, Crimson Shell, Romantic Stole, Patriotic Belt; KID'S COLLECTION -- Cotton Candy, Beautiful Baby Layette, Baby Doll Ensemble, Fashion Doll Gibson Girl; DELICATE DOILIES -- Old Fashioned Doily, Valentine, Rose Garden; HEARTS AROUND THE HOME -- Hearts on a String, Kitchen Hot Spots, illowtalk; COZY COMFORTS -- Teddy Bear Love, Serendipity; EASTER DECORATIONS -- Easter Cross, Spring Garden Surprise. Very good used condition.

GS-8634 Crochet Fantasy No. 158, May 2002

Crochet Fantasy No. 158, May 2002. CONTEMPORARY FASHIONS -- Slimming Stripes, Oversized Nubby Cardigan, Pink Shell, Classic Jacket, So Soft Vest, Light & Lofty Coat, Lacy Shawl, Summer One- Button Jacket, Lavender Lace; GIRL POWER -- Me & My Shadow, Young American, Rosy Cardigan & Tam; HEADS UP -- Fancy Bandanas, Prett in Pearls Hat, Headband Trio, Opera Beret; IT'S IN THE BAG -- Pretty in Pearls Purse, Popular Purse, Textured Tote; EXCEPTIONAL ACCESSORIES -- Shimmery Scarf, Floral Necklace, Braided Belt. Very good condition.

GS-8635 Crochet Fantasy No. 159, June 2002

Crochet Fantasy No. 159, June 2002. SIMPLE FASHIONS -- Final Touch, Tasseled Tunic, Stripes and Bobbles, My Dolly & Me (18- inch doll sweater), Flowered Tote, Tribute; TOY SHOP -- Winter Princess, Spring Afternoon, Summer Celebration, Autumn Splendor, Dapper Dan; TABLE DRESSING -- Ripe Wheat Doily, Beginner Doily, Rudimentary Runner, A Touch of Spring; AROUND THE HOUSE -- Picture Hat Sachet, Dancing Bears, Jiffy Towel Trims, Be a Sport, Watermelon Covers; QUICK COMFORTS -- Oh Baby, Tentlemen's Throw. Very good used condition.

GS-8636 Crochet Fantasy No. 166, April 2003

Crochet Fantasy No. 166, April 2003. FASHIONS -- Edwardian Tunic, Denim Poncho & Colorful Accessories, Citrus Punch, La Boneme Stole, Lilac Heather, Velfety Garden Shawl, Flower Power, Rose Filet Vest, Pastel Rainbow Cardigan, Lattice Jacket, Spring Fling, Tweed Shawl, Sumptuous Scarves; HOME DECOR -- Petal Peach Pillow, Sumptuous Throw, Deco- Ribbon Baby Blanket, Madrid Ripple, Bed of Roses. . Also: Coats & Clark Then & Now; Featured Yarn Company: Brown Sheep. Very good condition.

GS-8637 Crochet Fantasy No. 167, May 2003

Crochet Fantasy No. 167, May 2003. FASHIONS -- Garden Party, Fluffy Boas, Color Block Cardigan, Fiesta Fun, Serape Wrap, Peasant Top, A Touch of Glitter, Festiva, LacyCrop Top, Honeycomb Tee, Floral Fantasy, Denim Jacket, Victorian Roses Nightie, Miss Priss Cardigan, Beaded Reticule; HOME DECOR -- Victorian Rose Doily. Also: Coats & Clark Then & Now; Featured Yarn Company: The Great Adirondack Yarn Company. Very good used condition.

GS-8638 Crochet Fantasy No. 168, June 2003

Crochet Fantasy No. 168, June 2003. FASHIONS -- Karina Tunic, Starry Night, Pathways Pullover, Purple Haze, Bikini Top & Pareo, Marjaana Vest, Coral Tank Top, Da Fuzzy Bag, Chic Chenille, Raglan Shell, Tulip Time, LIme Rickey, Retro Vest, Pearl Essence; HOME DECOR -- Sunny Morning, Baby Blocks, Spring Joy. Also: Coats & Clark Then & Now; Featured Yarn Company: American's Alpaca. Very good condition.

GS-8639 Crochet Fantasy No.169, August 2003

Crochet Fantasy No. 169, August 2003. FASHIONS -- Champagne Strips, Ribbon Tank Top, Sparkle Plenty, Sunshine Beachwear, Coral Reef Vest, On the Beach, Kaleidoscope Vest, Pretty in Pink, Summer Skies, Diamond Panels, Rainbow Sherbet Set, Crison Tide, Sea Breeze, Berry Patch, Chevron Shawl & Hat, Sun Set; HOME DECOR -- Antique Floral Afghan. Also: Coats & Clark Then & Now; Featured Yarn Company: Crystal Palace Yarns. Very good used condition.

GS-8640 Crochet Fantasy No.170, October 2003

Crochet Fantasy No. 170, October 2003. FASHIONS -- Cilantro Cables, Terrific Turban & Scarf, Autumn Leaves, Cool Nights Jacket, Great Grannies, Amore Topper, Bargello Bag, Serape Vest, Passion Pink Pullover, Houndstooth Turtleneck, Mulberry Tweed, Denim Pullover, Scarf Trio, Spice Girl, Flower Patch, Tapestry Necklace; HOME DECOR -- Bouquet, Cabled Comfort. Also: Coats & Clark Then & Now; Featured Yarn Company: The Schaefer Yarn Co. Very good condition.

GS-8641 Crochet Fantasy Fashion Accessories, No. 171, Winter 2004

Crochet Fantasy Fashion Accessories, No. 171, Winter 2004. SHAWLS, STOLES & WRAPS -- Garden Trellis Stole, Mohair Glimmer Shawl, Faux Fox Collar, Rose Heather Wrap, Jiffy Poncho, Chinchilla Stole, Hairpin Lace Stole; HATS & SCARVES -- Wolly Hat Duo, Long Stitch Scarves, Fluffy Scarf, Sassy Scarf, Monogram Scarf; ACCESSORIES -- Suede Evening Bag, Irish Crochet Pendant, Gadget Covers, Denim Chenille Belt, Daisy Belt, Fun Fur Handbags, Gone to the Dogs Purse, Beaded Purse. Also: Coats & Clark Then & Now. Very good condition.

GS-8642 Crochet Fantasy No. 172, December 2003

Crochet Fantasy No. 172, December 2003. FESTIVE FASHIONS -- All That Glitters, Fur- Trimmed Jacket, Mosaic Set, Holiday, Reversible Scarf, Rayon Wave Tunic, Zig Zag Handbag, Shades of Suede Vest, Christmas Cardigan, Chenille Capelet, Tecnhicolor Coat, Silver Shawl; KID'S CORNER -- Kint- Look Baby Sweater, Snow Baby; AROUND THE HOME -- Colorful Wrapping, Poinsettias & Icicles, Sparkling Tree Trims. Also: Coats & Clark Then & Now; Featured Yarn Company: Plymouth Yarns. Very good condition.

GS-8643 Crochet Fantasy No. 173, February 2004

Crochet Fantasy No. 173, February 2004. WINTER FASHIONS -- Mosaic Sweater, Lily's Coat, Monet, Shades of Gray, Shadows, Nubby Pullover, Faux Fur Jacket & Purse, Amazing Cardigan, Tall Cables Coat, Textured Cardigan, Rippling Waves, Velvety Vest, Cozy Muff & Hat, Buttercup Love; AROUND THE HOME -- Riery Warmth, Winter Pines, Snowy White. Also: An Interview with Lily Chin, Crochet Designer; Featured Yarn Company: The Lion Brans Yarn Company. Very good condition.

GS-8644 Crochet Fantasy No. 176, August 2004

22nd Anniversary Issue, Crochet Fantasy No. 176, August 2004. HOT FASHIONS -- Summertime Blues, Pinwheel Sarong, Bikini Beach, Ivy League, Midnight Shawl, Bamboo Set, Kaleidoscope, Test Pattern, Suede Backpack, Fan Stitch Tunic, Cotton Camisole, Red Hot but Cool, Terrific Tank & Tote, Ribbon Lace, Trendy Trims; HOME DECOR -- Tulip Time. Also: Coats & Clark Then & Now, Crocheted in the Suede. Very good used condition.


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