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Page 3 (2000 - 2009)

Page updated 20 April 2022
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.

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Crochet World Magazine, Page 3 (2000 - 2009) :

Crochet World magazine was originally published by House of White Birches. To keep them economical, the earlier editions were printed on paper that was just a step up from newsprint, so older issues will likely have age- yellowed pages. If I remember correctly, the magazine went out of print for a while, but then came back with higher- quality glossy pages, and it is still in publication from DRG.

GS-5657 Annie's The Crochet World Collection 2001 - 2010 on DVD

The Crochet World Collection 2001 - 2010 on DVD, Annie's, 2012. More than 1,500 patterns from 60 full-color issues, plus 2 newsstand-only specials on a single computer disc. PDF format (requires free Adobe Reader®) makes it EASY to search and find individual patterns. (System requirements: a computer with a DVD-ROM drive and a current version of the free Adobe Reader installed.) BRAND NEW 2012 RELEASE!

  Details & Ordering
GS-6941 Crochet World February 2000.

Crochet World, February 2000. Rooster - Hen & Chicks Kitchen Filet, Baby A B C, Millennium Baby Centerpiece, Y2K Scrap Afghan, Native American Air Freshener Doll, New Year's Eve Faux- Fur Wrap for Fashion Dolls, Year 2000 Storage Bins, Snooze- Mode Computer Cover, Pineapple Teardrop Bookmark, New Beginnings Bulky Sweater, Welcome 2000 Hoop, Miss Trinidad and Tobago(14" doll), Angel of Hope (13" doll). Very good used condition.

4 Available

GS-5121 Crochet World, December 2001.

Crochet World, December 2001. Pineapple Table Topper, Country Santa, Classic Wreath, Ribbons Afghan, Poinsettia & Holly Runner, Pioneer Becky Doll, Easy Sporty Sweater for kids, Stocking & Flakes Ring Doily, Miss Haiti for 13" doll, Shelf- Sitter Snowman, Turkey and Pilgrim Girl Frames, Holiday Table Topper, Penguin & Snow Family Money Holder Ornaments, Christmas Towel Topper. Excellent condition.

GS-8437 Crochet World February 2002.

Crochet World, February 2002. Liberty Pins (Flag, Hearts), Rags Teddy Bear, Simple Scuffies, Crochet- On- the- Double Poncho, Bunches o' Grapes Doily, Folk Art Angel Wind Chimes, International Dolls: Miss Belarus (13- inch), Man's Vest, Frames For All Seasons Hearts for Valentine's Day, Prairie Star Doily, Rainbow Doily, Octagon Doily, Classic Aran Afghan, Sweet Dreams Baby (7-1/2" baby Bunting, Nightgown, Nightcap, and Diaper), Patches the Clown, Apple Mile- A- Minute Afghan & Pillow, Fiesta Shell & Bobble Afghan, Dragon Bank, Playful Sweater for Children, Rugged Tote. Very good condition.

GS-7040 Crochet World June 2002.

Crochet World, June 2002. Pineapple Pleasure Doily, Five-Hour Doily, Sea- Breeze Shell, Fashion Doll Star- Spangled Chic, Birdhouse Bells, Pineapple Apron, Graduation Frame, Mother's Day Bouquet Frame, Cotton Dappled Shells Throw, Something Blue Hanky Edging, Sunny Days Washcloth, Painted Daisies Tissue Box Cover, Graduation Bear, Bright Floral Place Mats, Ruffled Splendor Curtain Valance, Satin Diamond Baby Wrap, Squirmy caterpiller toy, Sea Star Doily. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7041 Crochet World August 2002.

Crochet World, August 2002. Ombre Mosaic Afghan (double- ended hook crochet), Lucky Penny Tree Trim, So- Sweet Baby Sweater, Scrappy Bear with Bed and Afghan, I Love America Banner, Miss USA (13- inch), Stars for July Frame Ornament or Magnet, Beaded Scrunchies, Chenille Sunflower Choker & Earrings Set, Treasure Sack, Flower & Ladybug Pot Holders, Pink Hearts Edging, Child's Pinwheel Squares Afghan, Child's On- The- Double Sweater, Stars & Stripes Bath Accessorie (Tissue Cover & Soap Basket), Half Moon Sachet, Piggy Wiggy, Tobi the Cat, Tustic Purse, Smiley Face and Smiley Flower Key Chains. Very good condition.

GS-6942 Crochet World December 2002.

Crochet World, December 2002. Ko Ko the Clown, Christmas Textures Afghan, Christmas Tree Skirt, Turtle Toss, Fold- Up Dollhouse with doll and furniture, Bowling Pin Set, School Bus Toy, Fairy Godmother Bookmark, Autumn Stripes Pullover, Cardigan with Buttons, Patriotic Tree Trims, Gingerbrad Checkerboard, Curly Teddy Bear, Little Angel Face Frame, Snowman Candy Holder. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7207 Crochet World February 2003.

Crochet World, February 2003. Sunflower Baby Afghan, Victoriana Mat (floor rug), Elegant Motifs Doily, Garden Afghan, Men's Nine- Patch Afghan, Baby's Basketweave Afghan, Zigzag Cables Afghan, Textured Throw, Sweet Socks, Five- Button Cardigan forKids, Monkey Family (Mama, Papa, Baby), Simply Oval Doily, Cro- Tat Top, Valentine's Day Vest, Easy Elegance Afghan, Scarf & Beret, Pink Pinafore Dish Soap Cover. Writing on cover, some bent corners and overall wear.

GS-6943 Crochet World April 2003.

Crochet World, April 2003. I Luv Baby Blocks Afghan, Floppy Bunny, Hooded Baby Sweater, Liberty Armchair Caddy, Apple Kitchen Set, Cro- Tat Edgings, Embroidered Coffee Mug Coaster, Soft Color Stropes Afghan, Diamond Trinket Baskets, Daisy Doily, Flowered Hexagon Doily, Red White & Blue Head Scarf, Touch of Style Beaded Evening Stole, Silver Anniversary Doily, Doll Dress Potholder, Doily Dolly, Liberty Soda Can Cozie. Used -- general wear, one page has greasy- type stain over most of it. Everything is easily readable, and all of the rest of the pages are in very good condition.

GS-8438 Crochet World August 2003.

Crochet World, August 2003. Rosebud Bear, Touch of Style Summer Fun Cardigan, Sunflower Dishcloth, Peasant Doll, Crochet- To- Go Doily, Pretty Portable Afghan, Freedom Afghan, Country Daisy Place Mat, Fashion Doll Indian Sari, Clown Face Pillow, Reading Bug Bookmark, Mini Purses, Soap Pocket, Patriotic Edging, Bright Blossoms Afghan, Summer Sun Doily, Scrap Pillow Topper, It's A Snap Sunflower Dishcloth, Infant Sock Laundry Bag. Former owner's name on front, wrinkled back cover, but otherwise very good used condition.

GS-8439 Crochet World October 2003.

Crochet World, October 2003. Square Motif Harvest Runner, For Mom & Me Mother/ Daughter Sweaters, Ghouls & Goblins Treat Bags, Quilted Teacher's Sampler, Ripple Dishcloth, Girl's Frost Green Sweater, Firefighter Pottie Peeker, Post Stitch Pullover, Tweed Pullover Vest, Patriotic Baseball Cap, Granny Motifs Gone Wild Afghan, Beribboned Pineapple Whirl Doily, Little Gourdy Pumpkin doll, Liberty Tartan Afghan, Mile- A- Minute Afghan, Fashion Doll Autumn Belle Outfit. Former owner's name on front, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-8440 Crochet World December 2003.

Crochet World, December 2003. Holly Bows Sweater Set for Baby, Boucle Muffler Set, Evergreen Pit Holder, Gingerbread Boy Ornament, Jinble Bell Stockings, Gingerbread Stocking, Classic Cape, One- Piece Christmas Stocking, Starry Winter Wonderland Wall Hanging, Gingerbread Garland, Noel Filet Doily, Peppermint Twist Afghan, Beaded Ornaments (Snowflake, Star, Antel, Poinsettia), Holly Jolly Afghan, Santa & Rudolph, Angel Candy Cane Holder, Snowball the Baby Seal, Christmas Ruffles Doily. Former owner's name on front, but otherwise very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-8441 Crochet World February 2004.

Crochet World, February 2004. Home Sweet Home Wall Hanging, Candy Hearts Afghan, Flurry the Snowman, Cuffed Slippers, Baby Rugby Suit, Victorian Flair Outfit for Fashion Doll (Gown, Hat, Panties), Wallace the clown, Cuddle- Up Afghan, Mr. Mouse, Tweed Pullover, Hearts & Flowers Edging, Snowman Wind Chimes, Tiny Florals Doilies, Persian Blue Sweater Set for Kids. Former owner's name on front but otherwise very good condition.

GS-6944 Crochet World April 2004.

Crochet World, April 2004. Clop & All Horse/ Unicorn, Rose Filet Bath Set, Scrub & Wash Loofah Set, Yikes Stripes Afghan, Baby Blocks, 4 For 1 Floran Grannies (Pin Cushion, Potpourri, Scented Sachet, Tooth Fairy Cushion), Ocean Cardigan, Little Princess Baby Blanket, Prairie Rug, Cross Doily, Blossoms Runner, Mohair Vest, Flowerpot Bunny, Fabulous Filet Tablecloth, Bibs & Booties (Duck and Flower), Spatterwear Place Mat and Mug With Daisies. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6945 Crochet World October 2004.

Crochet World, October 2004. Scruffy the dog, Squash Hill Filet Table Topper, All- American Hat, Hunter/ Ski Mask, Fringe Benefit Kid's Sweater, Halloween Wig Hats (Goldy & Annie), Halloween Kittens Afghan, Pearls & Lace Autumn Bride Fashion Doll Gown, Sunflowers Lap Warmer, Apple & Sunflower Hooks, Aggravation Doily, Festive Choker, Double Your Pleasure Cardigan, Autumn Annie crocheted doll, Football, Young at Heart Bibs for nursing home seniors. May have former owner's name on cover, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-6946 Crochet World December 2004.

Crochet World, December 2004. Brimmed Bow Hat, Young Man's Vest, Poinsettia Ring, Fido's Turtleneck, Kid's Elf Slippers, Elf Wall Hanging, Snowman Pocket Ornament, Musical Snowman Photo Holder, Littlest Angel stuffed doll, Chic Gloves & Scarf, Little Chenille Evening Bag, Winter Tweed Afghan, Scrap Tree Trims, Wreath Doily, Hairpin Lace Tunic, Nostalgic Stocking, Jingles Doorknob Santa. Very good condition.

GS-7208 Crochet World August 2005.

Crochet World, August 2005. All Seasons Bobble Purse, Fashion Doll July Fourth Picnic (Pants, Top, Apron, Chef's Hat, Oven Mitt),Uncle Sam Golf Club Covers, Stars & Stripes Kid's Sweater, Purple Mountains Majesty Shawl, Catch Some Rays Ladies Top, Sand Castle & Seashells Afghan and Pillows, Winter In July (Hat, Scarf, & Mittens), Scrap Baby Afghan, Fun Kid's Purse, Tussie Mussie Doily, Cranberry Tweed Afghan, Sunshine Place Mats, Star- Spangled Earrings, Patriotic Petals Coasters, Short- Sleeve Cross- Stitch Cardigan, Mr. Liberty Door/ Wall Hanging. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6947 Crochet World October 2005.

Crochet World, October 2005. Kid's Crayon Scribbles Cardigan, Argyle Tote Bag, Kindergarten Poncho, Hooded Riding Shawlcho (Shawl/Poncho combination), Hip Length Jacket, Back- To- School Fall Scarf, Mother- Daughter Ponchos, Girl's Pumpkin Purse, Trick- Or- Treat Pumpkin tote, Baby Boy Wrapper, Colorfull Cheinlle Doilies, Fingerless Cotton Bed Gloves, Harvest Motif Runner, Textured Shell, Book Bag Bunny. Very good condition.

PD-007 Cover of Feb 06 issue of Crochet World

Crochet World, February 2006: My Grama's Sweetheart Sweater Set for 18" Dolls, Lacy Look Sweater, Rainbow Baby Jacket, Heathers Jacket, Suede Scarf, Tiny the Clown, Men's Vest Scarf, Soft & Cozy Hat, Little Beaded Basket, Black & Tan Hook Envelope, Country Afghan, Cutwork Afghan, Hot Hats, Light & Airy Ponchos, Warm & Fuzzy Pullover, Golden Fleece Felted Handbag.

  Details & Ordering
PD-008 Crochet World, April 2006, Easter Special.

Crochet World, April 2006, Easter Special. In addition to my Easter Angel pattern, this issue also includes: Easter Celebration crocheted basket, eggs, & matching coasters; Easter Egg Rabbit, "He Is Risen" table runner, Blue-Striped Cardigan, Quirky the Blue Bird, Grass Grows a Mile-a-Minute Afghan, Baby Boy Set, Lacy earring Caddy, Forget-Me-Not Doily, Easter Elegance toddler dress, sweater, and hat. and Clay Pot Annie. New.

$7.99 Details & Ordering
PB-006 Crochet World, June 2006

Crochet World, June 2006: My Spring Bouquet Baby Afghan, United & Free Afghan, featuring all 50 states, Military Afghan, featuring emblems of all branches of US Military, Stars Pot Holders, Red, White, & Blue Throw, Flirtatious top, Oval Soap Sachet, Calico cat, Knit for Kids: Twisted Cable Pulover, Brunch Mats, Patriotic Scarf, Hip Hip Hooray Edging, Patriotic Pincushion, Kid's Reversible Buttoned Cape.

  Details & Ordering
GS-8442 Crochet World August 2006.

Crochet World, August 2006: Rose Garden Poncho, Spiderweb Poncho, Moody Blues Poncho, Baby Girl Set (Afghan, Burp Pad, Basket, Bib), Black Eyed Susan Sweater Clasp, Chevrons on Parade Placemat, People Pillows (boy and girl), Hearty Welcome Wall Hanging, Delicate Cobweb Runner, Dreamland Stripes Baby Blanket, Patriotic Cup Cozies, Lacy Doily, Chestnut Bolero, Watermelon Bear. Mailing label on cover, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-6948 Crochet World December 2006.

Crochet World, December 2006: The Lord's My Shepherd Baby Afghan, Schoolgirl and Holiday Dress outfits for 18" dolls, Holiday Twinkle Capelet, Chills Penguin, Christmas Crackers, Colorful Winter Wrap, Chenille & Fur Hat, Christmas Package Tissue Box Cover, Big Bro & Sis Bags, Ruffles & Curls Scarves, Weekend On the Town Six Piece Ensemble for Fashion Dolls, Pinkie Girl Pajama Bag, Ocean Stripes Pullover. Very good used condition except -- stain of some kind on outside margins of some pages, but nowhere near the writing.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-5497 Crochet World, December 2007.

Crochet World, December 2007. Pineapple Poinsettia Wreath, Kwanzaa Tote Bag, Christmas Grannies afghan, Tree Skirt Duo, Fancy Tree Trim glass ball cover, Stocking Sutffers (Mini Cross Bookmark, Hat, Scarf, handkerchief edging, Worry Stone Amulet), Matching Scarf & Hat, Ripples Galore Neck Roll Pillow, Christmas Clouds wrapper and poncho, Fashion Doll Period Ensembles -- the 1940s "Moody Blue" (coat, dress, hat, and purse), Hanukkah Doily, NOEL Wall Hanging, Cozy Cardigan. Address crossed off on front cover; otherwise, excellent condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6949 Crochet World February 2008.

Crochet World, February 2008: Red Hot Valentine Sheath Dress, Ribbon Poncho. Contemporary Stripes Hat and Purse, Trendy Scarf & Hat, Fashion Doll Period Ensembles -- The 1950's "Mint Chocolate Chip", Little Angel Baby Sweater, Rose Garden Lattice Blankie, Let It Snow Afghan, Carnival Doily, Country Lace Afghan, Paper Doll Chain Purse, PJ Bear, Owl tassel, Valentaine's Day Goes Green Tote, Circles & Squares Rug, Spring Green Cardigan. Very good condition.

GS-6950 Crochet World April 2008.

Crochet World, April 2008: 30th Anniversary Issue! Tpestry Teacup & Saucer, Tunes Tote ipod cover, Watercolors Patchwork Pillow, Twinkle Belt, Light & Airy Shawl, Kitchen- Friendly Towel Topper, In Her Easter Bonnet Cloche, Jelly- Bean Table Set, Happy Anniversary Afghan, Fashion Doll Period Ensembles -- 1960's, Mr. Bunny, Sweet- Pea Baby Dress, Midnight Madness Handbag, Velour Rug, Soft Pastels Baskets, Bedtime Dolly, Initial Cross Bookmark, Kid's Marble Bag, Peacock Fan Bookmark, Beary Blankie, Anniversary Tablecloth, Cropped Wrap Sweater. Book has been wet -- damp stain and page waving over most of pages. Everything is intact and easily readable, and I am not smelling any musty odors.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6951 Crochet World June 2008.

Crochet World, June 2008: Bridal Shower Doily, Wedding Shawl, Bridal Gloves, Intertwined Ring Pillow, Fashion Doll Period Ensembles -- 1970's Groovy Chick, Watermelon Hot Pad Set, Basket Weave Place Mat, Patriotic Star Swing, Cherry Blossom Set, Kaleidoscope Pot Holder, Tickle Me Pink Doily, Dishcloth Dress, Sunny Days Little Girl's Sundress Knit- Look Stripes Afghan, Textured Summer Top, Summer Breeze Top, Hummers & Hibiscus Wedding Throw, Bride's Hanky, Rainbow Clouds & Pin, coffe Cup Gift Basket, Flower Girl Shrug. Overall wear, cover torn almost in two up spine.

GS-7209 Crochet World December 2008.

Crochet World, December 2008: Santa Claus is Coming To Town St. Nick Filet, Beaded Treetop Angel, Delecate Snowflakes, Woven Christmas Mat, Country Christmas Plaid Afghan, 7- Hour Tree Skirt, Glittery New Year's Wrap, Circular Tapestry Hearts Afghan, Harvest Stripes Throw, Ear Posies ear covers, Fur- Trimmed Hair Scrunchies, Jewel- Tone Quickie Hat & Scarf Set, Firey Socks, Holiday Necklace, Holly Jolly Child's Tunic & Hat, Denim Pullover, Sampler Baby Set (Sweater, Cap, & Blanket), Angel Baby Afghan, Gingerbread People Doily, Chic Beaded Necklace, Ginny Gingerbread Doll, Textured Tunic. Writing on cover, some inside pages; otherwise, very good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-8443 Crochet World February 2009.

Crochet World, February 2009: Sweetheart Ripple Afghan, Floor Show doily rug, Tea Rose Tablecloth, Victorian Needle Book, Leprechaun Hat, Fringe- As- You- Go Bobbles Baby Afghan, Floral Stripe Jacket, Sweetheart Cap for baby, Betsy & Billy rag dolls, Snowboarder & Spectator Visors, Little Miss Muffet Muff, Cozy Winter Set (Scarf, Headband, Mittens), Mosaic Diamonds Rug, Little Sweetness Sweater & Hat, Kitty's Collar, Crocheter's Tote, Pretty in Teal Vest, Cheries! Table Cover, Shamrock Doilies; Meet the Designer feature: Darlene Dole. Mailing lable on cover, but otherwise very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7042 Crochet World June 2009.

Crochet World, June 2009: Girlie Girl Doll Hair Accessories Holder, Seaside Basket, Stars Bookmark, Shopper's Dream Shrug & Mango Cloche, Granny Sun Hat, Dinosaur Hoodie, Ocean Waves Fringe- As- You-Go Baby Blanket, Sand Castle, Baby's Nautical Set (Dress, Hat, Jacket), A Pirate's Life Afghan, BeachHouse Afghan, Ocean Breeze Top, Porch Pillows & Ripple Rug, Octopus, Citrus Splash top, Surf & Sand Necklace, Jelly Bag, Fashion Doll Fun In the Sun (Her Swimsuit, His Trunks, Her Towel, His Towel, Beach Bag, Beach Ball), Wedding Afghan, Beaded Shells Change Purse, Sunflower Casserole Carrier, Stars & Stripes Afghan, Graduation Hot Pad & Coasters Set. Very good condition.

GS-6952 Crochet World August 2009

Crochet World, August 2009: Watermelon Plastic- Bag Dispenser Cover, Beach Bag, Camouflage Gear for Male Fashion Doll (Tent, Vest, Beret, Ammo Belt, Beret, Sleeping Bag), Camouflage Backpack, Portable Pinks Bedspread, Three Sunflowers Towel Trim, Shawl- Collar Cardigans, Party- Girl Skirt, School Days Jumper & Tam, Entrelac Bag, Crochet Artist Cardigan, It's About Time Dorm Decor, Slip- stitch Beret, Slow Cooker Cozy, Baby Brights, Button Button Pillowcase Edgings, Swirl Set Hoodie and Skirt, Clothespin Bag & Scrubbie Dress, Keeping It Cool Soda Can and Water Bottle Covers, Airport Scarves (Romantic Hippie, Lepidoptra's Lace, California Dreamer, Beginner's Boa, Party Girl.) Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6953 Crochet World October 2009

Crochet World, October 2009: Autumn Glory Doily, Tunisian Strip Lap Robe, Home Sweet Home filet, Ghost Bag & Puppet, Harvest Table (Place Mat, Coaster, Table Runner, Napkin Ring, Bread Cozy, Pot Holder), Cabin Place Mat Set, My Little Pumpkin Child's Sweater, Textured Stripe Harvest Throw, Scarecrow, Yarn Color & Fun instructions on hand- dying yarn, Motif Scarf, Mosaic Scarf & Matching Cloche, Felted Purse, His & Hers Outdoor Sweaters, Autumn Hoodie, Pet Mat, Bear Blanket, Seeing Stars Doily, Bundle Up Sweater Jacket, Felted Bear, Mask- Erade Beaded and Kitty Masks, Main Woods Shawl. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7043 Crochet World December 2009.

Crochet World, December 2009: Hanukkah Round Ripple Afghan, Holiday Runner, Poinsettia Wrap, Peppermint Twist Kitchen Set (Potholder,Caddy), Wine Sleeve & Charms, Ribbon Candy Ripple, Cheery Christmas Gift Bags (Snowman, Penguin, Peppermint), Angel Whispers Doily, Gingerbread Man (Adult Apron, Large Oven Mitt, Child's Apron, Hand Puppet), Snowflake Afghan & Ornaments, Locomotive Afghan, Locomotive Toy (incredibly detailed thread sculpture crochet), Fringe- As- You- Go Stars & Moon Baby Afghan, Cabled Crochet Cardigan, Broomstick Lace Beret & Scarf, Cozy Combo Child's Hat - Scarf- Mittens, Paula's Post Stitches Hat & Scarf, Bobble Hat, Snap- On Gloves. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD

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