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Magic Crochet Magazine
Page 4 (1994 - 1998)

Updated 8 February 2018
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       Reminder: Unless otherwise noted, all magazines are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Magic Crochet, Page 4 (1994 - 1998):

       Magic Crochet is published by Les Editions De Saxe SA in France, with editions in English for the US and Canada. The magazines below are the English editions, but patterns do include "symbol crochet" as well as the more familiar crochet abbreviations. The majority of patterns seem to be thread crochet.

PLEASE NOTE: I have recently acquired a huge collection of Magic Crochet magazine. If you don't see the issue you are looking for here -- feel free to ask, as I may not have it online yet!
GS-6409 Magic Crochet No. 88, Feb. 1994

Magic Crochet No. 88, Feb. 1994. "Crochet For Home Decor": THE NEW TRADITION -- Coveted Coverlet, Over There, Pale Plum, Sundial; IRISH CROCHET -- Butterfly Collection, Gazebo; APPLIQUES -- Kitten in the Garden, Sweet Peas; MOTIFS THAT MATTER -- Ups and Downs of Stitches, Joining Patchwork Motifs; FILET GOES PICTORIAL -- Bowl of Tulips, The Last Supper, Heart- To- Heart Talk, Fair Pair, Chalice, A Den of Your Own, Land of Smiles, Country Hutch, Cafe Curtain, Quartet of Roses; PATCHWORK -- Milky Way, Dogwood Blossoms, Tutti- Frutti, Siesta, Chronicle, Delta, Frangipani, Floral Carpet; FASHION CROCHET -- Marian, Vivian, Lucky Stars, Filmstrip of How- Tos FrouFrou. Cover may be worn, but pages seem to be in very good condition.

4 Available

GS-6410 Magic Crochet No. 89, Apr. 1994

Magic Crochet No. 89, Apr. 1994. "Multi- Hued Crochet": SWEET CROCHET --- Royal Swan candy holder; PATCHWORK IN COLOR -- Flower Patch, Viola Crown, Patch of Posies, Pinks; FILET FANTASIA -- Jewel, Mural Bouquet, Climbers, The Good Earth, Ripening; MOTIFS THAT MATTER -- Where Motifs Come Together, Change Colors - Watch Designs; TIMELESS PATCHWORK -- Andalusia, Siciliana, Epicure; COUNTRY CROCHET -- Give Me A Home, Bide a While, Tea or Coffee, Arcadia, Pretty Gable; COLOR CROCHET -- Mahogany, Calypso, High Noon, Rose of Provence, Fiery Flame, Dress Circle, Mountain Laurel; IT'S IN THE BAG -- Velvet Beauty, Makeup Kits, Geranium Tote Bag; FASHION CROCHET -- Planets, Granny Glamour, Pioneer Spirit. May have scar on cover from tag removal, but otherwise very good used condition.

3 Available

GS-6411 Magic Crochet No. 90, June 1994

Magic Crochet No. 90, June 1994. "Fantastic Filet": FILET CROCHET -- Land of Summer, Lilies, Piano Lesson, Fortuna, Netful of Butterflies, A Dream in White, Four Hearts, Tea Tray, Folk Art, Window Roses; MOTIFS THAT MATTER -- Circular Motifs Using Chain Loops, Corchet and Beads: FINE ART CROCHET -- New Port, Megastar, Lace Shade, Crustals, Town 'n' Country Square and Placemat, Round Cushion, Iner Circle, Azure, Engraving, Pebbles, Strawflower, Crocus Crown; PATCHWORK -- Tip- Top Topper, Nantucket, Anemonies, Light Snack, Floral Afghan, Four Seasons, Victorian Collar. FASHION CROCHET -- Floral Checkers, Daisies, young Mood, Fit for a Queen, Black Lace, Alice. Very good condition.

GS-6412 Magic Crochet No. 91, Aug. 1994

Magic Crochet No. 91, Aug. 1994. "Small and Easy Doilies": FINE ART CROCHET -- Jamboree, Beaming, Dawn, Scotch Thistle, Early Harvest, Aster, Milady, Magic Circle, Zoom on Bloom, Ripeness, Citron, Primorse, Barley, Gay Paree; MOTIFS THAT MATTER -- Flowers and Leaves in Irish Style crochet, Patchwork Makes a Fashion Statement; IRISH CROCHET -- Summer Cottage, Camellias, Amethyst; FILET CROCHET -- Dutch Date, Charleston, Martha's Fineyard, Early Morning, Chesapeake Bay, The Message, Quadrillle, Curtain Border, Golden Roses, Twin Daisies; PATCHWORK -- Mirage, Lunch Is Ready; FASHION CROCHET -- Think Pink, Night 'n' Day, Sweetie. Shelf wear to cover; pages in very good condition.

GS-6393 Magic Crochet No. 92, Oct. 1994

Magic Crochet No. 92, Oct. 1994. "Get Ready for XMAS" issue: XMAS IS COMING -- Candle Wreath, Tiny Trims, Snowflakes, Stars, Candleholders, Poinsettia, Pair of Reindeer, Table Topper; MOTIFS THAT MATTER -- Pearls Pure and Simple, The Colors of Yarn, The Colors of Wool; PATCHWORK -- Fit for a King, Lattic, Floral Trio; FILET -- Grand Party, Big Day, Criss- Cross, Those Closest, Littlest Angel; FINE ART CROCHET -- Memento, Tulips, Old French, Lounge, Cycle, Linkage, Magnolia, Old South, Big Wheel, Entwined, Waltzing Matilda Fashion Doll Gown; FASHION CROCHET -- Sun Valley, Chic Shells, Tomboy The French Look. Very good used condition.

2 Available

GS-6394 Magic Crochet 93, Dec. 1994

Magic Crochet No. 93, Dec. 1994. "Crochet for Gift Giving" issue: MOTIFS THAT MATTER -- Combine and Join Granny Squares, Work Half Squares in Rows, A Truly Personal Creation; PATCHWORK -- True or False, Tender Roses, Open Country, Table Topper, Cogwork; FILET -- Kaleidoscope, Tea Time, Hummingbird, Bluebells, Snowflake, Rambling Roses, Starstruck, Dogwood, Multicolor Mats, Gentians, Fragrance, Formal Lunch; FINE ART CROCHET -- Florentin, Anemone, Carnation, Oasis, Bull's Eye, Artistry, Golden Fruit, Passion Flower; QUICK CROCHET -- Belle of the Ball Fashion Doll Gown, Catch- All Basket; APPLIQUES -- Flower Baskets FASHION CROCHET -- Sweet Adeline, Polyanna, Year- Round Favoroite. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-6714 Magic Crochet 95, April 1995

Magic Crochet No. 95, April 1995. "Springtime Decor" issue: PATCHWORK PROJECTS-- Shooting Stars, Spun Sugar, Good Morning, Pergola, Under the Stars, Cheryl's Choice, Springtime; MOTIFS THAT MATTER -- Popcorn: King of Dimensionals, The Art of Joining Motifs; FANCY FILET -- Oak Leaves, Fullblown Roses, Dreamland, Butterflies Alighting, Flower Show; FINE ART CROCHET -- High Society, Sunflowers, Fondness, Paris Daisy, Spearmint, Solaris, Great Sheaf, Floreal, Arctic Circle, Close Circle, North Star, Falling Leaves, Running Feet, Waterlily, Blaze of Glory, Encore, Swirls; FASHION CROCHET -- Fish Scale Summer JAcket, Head Hugger, Happy Go Lucky, Knit 'n' Crochet Cardigan, Long Sleeve Bolero. Very good condition.

GS-6715 Magic Crochet No. 99, December 1995

Magic Crochet No. 99, December 1995. "Giftgiving Crochet" issue: FILET CROCHET-- Teatime, Hourglass, Intricate Play, A Friend is a Friend, Mystic Signs, New Arrival, Pair of Butterflies, Be My Valentine, Roses and Scrolls, Fine Fettle Whirl of Roses, Towel Lace, Queen of Flowers; FINE ART CROCHET -- Lillies of the Field, Cutouts, Simplicity, Cookie Treaat, Dolores, Eidelweiss, Birds of Wisdom; PATCHWORK -- Scatter Pillows, White Lotus, Flower Wheel, Dainty Diskettes, Optical Illusion, Out of Your Dereams; IRISH CROCHET -- Bathroom Dainties; CARRY ALONG PROJECTS -- Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar; CHRISTMAS CROCHET -- Four Little Angels; FASHION CROCHET -- Little Blossom, Fairest of Them All, Dressy Sweater, Victorian Collars. Several "dog eared" pages, but otherwise very good used condition.

GS-6379 Magic Crochet No. 100, Feb. 1996

Magic Crochet No. 100, Feb. 1996. Designs include: Creche Accessory Figures -- Shepherd, Sheep, Pilgrim, Little Dog; DOILIES -- Newport, Daffodils in White, Virginia, Sunnyside, Florence, Lily in Bloom, Theme and Variation, Travels in Provence, Splendor; IRISH CROCHET -- Tender Trio Pillows, Rose Garden Doily, Dublin Doily, Shamrocks runner, Fairytale Princess picture; Country Comforts Pillows and edging for Throw, Happy Bride Set (edging, bag, and small carryalls), Calypso Pillow, Vis- A Vis placemat and coaster, Abstract Art, Lunch for Two mats & coasters, Pink Line runner, Bedroom Set (bedspread, pillow, catch- all), Trio Runner, Single Rose Runner, Foxglove Runner, Some Bunny Loves You Filet, Vest in Afghan Crochet, Peplum Slipon, Floral Bolero. May have writing on cover, but otherwise very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-6378 Magic Crochet No. 101, Apr. 1996

Magic Crochet No. 101, Apr. 1996. Designs include: DOILIES -- Floral Square, Septet, Sweet Sixteen, Quartet, Roses of Picardy, True Blue, Floral Hexagon, Stellar Puzzle, Intermezzo, Sunset Glow, Waterlily, Shasta Daisy, Pinecones in the Oval, Intricacy; Tall Trees Panels, Cabbage Roses Tablecloth, Summer Cottage Tablecloth, At A Glance Curtains; IRISH CROCHET -- Pictures at an Exhibition pictures, Spring Song mat, Octet Doily, Floral Medly Doily, Touch of Holly placemats, Butterfly Duo runner; AFGHANS -- Indian Summer, Spring Flowers, Four Leaf Clover; Flower Girls fashion doll dresses, Victorian Parlor (Armchair Cover, Square and round pillow covers, Summer Ahead girls blouse, Estival Festival Ladies's top, Vested Interest ladies' vest. Very good condition.

GS-6380 Magic Crochet No. 102, June 1996

Magic Crochet No. 102, June 1996. Designs include: DOILIES -- Gossamer, Tulips, Cartwheel, Wicker, Thistle, Rosette, Bit of Luck, To the Nines, Face to Face, Tender Duo, Nosegay, Double Square, Triple Treat, Round and Square; Unique View Curtain, Make Way Band, Good Fortune Tablecloth, Kind Hearts Runner, Anemones runner, Ruffles and Blossoms Tablecloth, Festive Armchair back and arm covers, Floral Carpet runner, Fixed Stars runner, Candy Pink Towel Edging, Towel Trim, Transparency Curtain, Sleepytime Bedspread, Sunny Cottage Afghan, Mint Sherbet Afghan, CRECHE FIGURE -- Wood Cutter with Knife Sharpener; Long Island ladies' top, Beach Comber ladies' coverup, High Life ladies' sweater (knit & crochet combined), Serena sweater (knit & crochet combined), On the Riviera top. Very good condition.

2 Available

GS-6413 Magic Crochet No. 103, August 1996

Magic Crochet No. 103, August 1996. Designs include: AFGHANS -- Queen's Ransom, Summer Flowers; CARRY ALONG CRECHE -- Spinner, Glory Be, Water Girl, Peasant in Sunday Best; FILET CROCHET -- Criss- Cross, Splashing Beauties Water Nymphs, Rosy Outlook, Romantic Journey; FINE ART CROCHET -- Dixie, Antique, Clementine, Morning Star, Play On, Sunday Best, Tulip Bouquet, White Dogwood, Tiny Thistles, Tulips, Coming Together, Floppy Star; PATCHWORK -- White Lilac, Seven Patch, Nine Patch, Four Patch, Star Twirl, Oval Marvel, Siesta, Your Turn, Daisies, Towel Lace; FASHION CROCHET -- Summer Evening, Virtuoso, Knit- and- Crochet Vest, Rusebud. Back cover, last few pages wavy at top as if something damp had been laid on the magazine. Otherwise, very good condition.

GS-6414 Magic Crochet No. 104, Oct. 1996

Magic Crochet No. 104, Oct. 1996. "Christmas Coming Soon": Designs include: DECOR CROCHET -- Passion Flower, Shasta Daisy, Nosegay, Allegro, Christmas Cheer, Egg Warmers, Stars and Booties, Opera Night, Forsty and Wreath; CARRY ALONG CRECHE FIGURES -- Miller, Farmer's Wife; PATCHWORK -- Lacy Clover, Rich Lace, Towel Trim, Toccata, Nature Bound, Fiesta, Cavatina, Good Morning, Double Feature, Rondo; FINE ART CROCHET -- Halcyon Days, Morning Call, Clear Day, Twilight, Intimate Circle, Lady's Lunch, Ferns, Ripples; FILET CROCHET -- Roses and Irises, Prairie Floers, Diamonds, Top of the Morning; AFGHANS -- Rhapsody in Rose, Patio; FASHION CROCHET -- On the Road, Alicia, Diamond Vest. Excellent condition.

GS-6415 Magic Crochet No. 105, Dec. 1996

Magic Crochet No. 105, Dec. 1996. "Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts and Decor": Designs include: DECOR CROCHET -- Merry Christmas; CARRY ALONG CRECHE FIGURES -- Elegant Lady, Fisherman, Flower Girl, Flower Vendor; FILET CROCHET -- WHat Happened, Morningside, Perfectly Clear, Grenadine; FINE ART CROCHET -- Variety, Small Detail, Open Orchid, Wheat Harvest, Ritzy Ruffles, Heavenly Spheres, Good Neighbors, Autumn Song, Pretty Puffball, Impatiens; PATCHWORK -- Nosegays; AFGHANS -- Ripples in the Wind, Raspberry Sherbet; FASHION CROCHET -- Raglan in Chine, Raglan True Blue, Raglan Cardigan, Samantha. Excellent condition.

GS-6418 Magic Crochet No. 106, Feb. 1997

Magic Crochet No. 106, Feb. 1997. Designs include: FINE ART CROCHET -- Turning Point, Make a Splash, Tender Thought, Wood Anemone, Purple Posies, Curtain Tie 'n' Lace, Windmill, Octet, Morning Blush; IRISH CROCHET -- Flowers Grwoing, Autumn Gentians, SNowbells; PATCHWORK -- Cascade, Taormina, Jonquils, Big Blossoms; FILET CROCHET -- Bass Clef, Hummingbirds, Heart's - Ease, Optimal Oval, Antique Curtain; AFGHANS -- Town and Country, Martha's Vineyard; FASHION CROCHET -- Flowers and Diamonds, Cardigan for Your Man, Woman's Raglan Cardigan. Excellent condition, but may smell MUSTY.

GS-7210 Magic Crochet No. 107, Apr. 1997

Magic Crochet No. 107, Apr. 1997. Designs include: FINE ART CROCHET -- Blue Note, Forget- Me- Nots, Luncheon Set, Sugar 'n' Spice, Sunburst; IRISH CROCHET -- Yellow Roses, Rosebuds, Rose Garden; PATCHWORK -- Garlands, Dogwood Blossoms, Winter Flowers, Morning Hour, Sleepy Time, Floral Splash; AFGHANS-- Choice Plum, Down To Basics; FILET CROCHET -- Peacock, Lovebirds, Floral Duet, Cherub, Bambion, Stem Roses, Pieta; FASHION CROCHET -- Lace Top, Floral Raglan. Excellent condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-6419 Magic Crochet No. 108, June 1997

Magic Crochet No. 108, June 1997. Designs include: FINE ART CROCHET -- Catkins, Kerry Lily, Tulip Festival, In the Whirl, Pinecones, Cookie Corner, Terra Cotta, Wild Oats, Thank You, Yellow Ribbon, Prelude, Lace Hanky, Happy Hour, Teatime; FILET CROCHET -- Lace by the Yard, Lighthouse, Leaf Garland, Four Tulips, Cropped Curtains, Holy Virgin, Orange blossoms, Armchair Set; PATCHWORK -- Cakewalk, Roses in Corners; AFGHANS -- Cross Purpose, Accordion; FASHION CROCHET -- Palisade, Love that Red. Very good used condition -- cover damage

2 Available

GS-6420 Magic Crochet No. 112, Feb. 1998

Magic Crochet No. 112, Feb. 1998. Designs include: FILET CROCHET -- Grape Clusters, Best Friend, Fruit Basket, Turtle Doves, Rising Moons, Peace Doves, Jonquil Placemats, Rose Garden, Sweet Violets, A Rose is a Rose; CRAFTS -- Patch Tree; HOME DECOR -- Flower Bouquet; FINE ART CROCHET -- Star Flowers, Slip- On Coasters, Pasque Flower, Coriander, Dogwood Blossom, Azalea, Homey Hexagon; PATCHWORK -- Mantilla, Private Time. Botanical Bounty, Pale Roses, Midday Runner; FASHION CROCHET -- Lace Cardigan, Daisy Chain Tunic. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet, P. 1 (1979 - 1983)   *   P. 2 (1984 - 1988)   *   P. 3 (1989 - 1993)   *   P. 4 (1994 - 1998)   *   P. 5 (1999 on)

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