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Magic Crochet Magazine
Page 5 (1999 on)

Updated 5 May 2023
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       Reminder: Unless otherwise noted, all magazines are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


Magic Crochet, P. 1 (1979 - 1983)   *   P. 2 (1984 - 1988)   *   P. 3 (1989 - 1993)   *   P. 4 (1994 - 1998)   *   P. 5 (1999 on)


Magic Crochet, Page 5 (1999 on):

       Magic Crochet is published by Les Editions De Saxe SA in France, with editions in English for the US and Canada. The magazines below are the English editions, but patterns do include "symbol crochet" as well as the more familiar crochet abbreviations. The majority of patterns seem to be thread crochet.


Magic Crochet No. 118, Feb. 1999Magic Crochet No. 118, Feb. 1999. "Three Cheers for the Bride" -- Designs include: IRISH CROCHET -- Irish Rose; SOLOMON'S KNOTS -- Seashells, Evening Primroses, Delicate Flax: FINE ART CROCHET -- Colorburst, Violets, Azelea, Hawthorn, Angelica, Primrose, Floral Offering, Octet, Blank Verse, Ferris Wheel, Cha- Cha; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Leisure Moment, Quiet Time, Sunday Breakfast; FILET CROCHET -- Hollyhock, Royal Birds, Message of Love, Charade, Roses in a Diamond, Country Kitchen; FASHION CROCHET -- Wedding Bells Dress, Gloves, Hat, and Parasol. May have label on front cover, but otherwise very good condition.


Magic Crochet No. 119, Apr. 1999Magic Crochet No. 119, Apr. 1999. Designs include: FINE ART CROCHET -- Pale Tulips, Small Stanza, Slow Waltz, Boston Waltz, Sweet Basil, Partita, Wood Anemone, Birds in Flight, Linen and Lace, Table Skirt; FILET CROCHET -- Cherry Jubilee, Full Blown Lilies, Goin' My Way, Orange Mood, Trilogy, Duck Family; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Cinnamon, Bathroom Curtain; WOVEN CROCHET -- Basics and How Tos, Wil o' the Wisp; FASHION CROCHET -- Colette, Sparks and Fluff, Romance Pineapple Hat, Lace Gloves, Pineapple Parasol. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 121, August 1999Magic Crochet No. 121, August 1999. FINE ART CROCHET -- Victorian Oval, Lace by the Yard, Petal Whirl, Green Links, Quadrille, Palm Leaves, FallingLeaves, Daisies Growing, Found in the Woods, Perennial; FILET CROCHET -- English Roses, Perpetual Roses, Pompon Dahlias, Sunflower Curtains, Sunflower Tablecloth, Bedtime, Curtains and Mat, Wild Chestnut, Log Cabin; IRISH CROCHET -- In Dublin's Fair City, Roses All Over, Single Rose, White Lotus; DOLL FASHION -- Marilyn, Doll Goes Gala ; BEADED CROCHET -- Alicia; WOVEN CROCHET -- Mohave Afghan; FASHION CROCHET -- Candida, Floral Tabbard. One page torn about 1/3 of the way down (got caught in my scanner!). Otherwise, very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 122, October 1999Magic Crochet No. 122, October 1999. FINE ART CROCHET -- Green Wreath, Winter Stars, Holiday Bouquet, Holiday Hat, Merry Sachets, Yonder Star, Buffet Supper, Jumbo Edelweiss, White Aster, Pinwheel, Hair- Style Rosette, Tufts and Leaves, Candy Dishes, Spanish Fan; BORDERS -- Very Merry Patches, FILET CROCHET -- Double Exposure, Getting Ready, Roman Bath; IRISH CROCHET -- Breakfast Nook Set; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Cherry Blossoms, Artistic Daybed; WOVEN CROCHET --Heather; FASHION CROCHET -- Maggie, Breezy Belle. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 123, Dec. 1999Magic Crochet No. 123, Dec. 1999. Designs include: FINE ART CROCHET -- Yucatan, Carousel, Dream Cushion, Lace by the Yard, Plant Tulips, Open Attitude, Bull's Eye, White Poppies, Oval Placemat, Camomile, Herbarium; PATCHWORK -- White Dogwood, White Diamond, Carefree; FILET CROCHET -- Fragrant Roses, Prolific Motif, Bedroom Beauty; DOLL FASHION -- Annabelle fashion doll; BRUGES LACE -- Exotic Bloom, IrishHarp; WOVEN CROCHET -- Cashmere Travel Rug; FASHION CROCHET -- Hostess Apron, Soiree Pullover, Evita Vest. Good condition.


Magic Crochet No. 124, February 2000Magic Crochet No. 124, February 2000. FILET CROCHET -- Romantic Parasol, Daybreak, Summer Lodge, Watermark, Stem Roses; IRISH CROCHET -- Deep South, Blossom Time, Playful Blossoms; COLORWORK CROCHET -- Cinderella, Bird of Paradise; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Pasque Flowers, Elegant Cushion, Evening Primrose, Waltz of the Flowers, Three for Tea; FINE ART CROCHET -- Butterflies in the Round, White Helebore, Day Flower, Tea Time, Pasque Flower, Planting Daisies, Mandorla, Fuscia Lace Trim; FASHION CROCHET -- Rainbow Afghan, Cropped Cardigan; DOLL FASHION -- Clarissa.Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 125, April 2000Magic Crochet No. 125, April 2000. FILET CROCHET --Grandma's Favorite, FIlet Place Mat, Basketful of Flowers, Arabesques, Promise Me, Zodiac Bedsprad, Tea Set; GIFT CROCHET -- Show- off Basket, Cookie Basket, Brioche Basket; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Nifty Nosegays, Triple Score, Meadowsweet, Carpet of Blooms, Secret Garden; FINE ART CROCHET -- Just Right, Platypus, Arichokes, Lace Hanky, Amaryllis, Live and Learn, Almond, Shower Favors ; IRISH CROCHET -- Bridal Shower Basket; FASHION CROCHET -- Kitten- Soft Afghan, White Shell, Sweet Caroline; DOLL FASHION -- Lucy.Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 126, June 2000Magic Crochet No. 126, June 2000. Designs include: PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Lotus Diamond, Floral Festival; FILET -- Treats for Kids, Giant Dogwood, Crucifer, Tray Mat; FILET AND FINE ART CROCHET -- Tender Tendrils; FINE ART CROCHET -- Moon Flower, High Noon, Snow Flurry, Tea Ceremony, Whirligig, Falling Petals, Light and Lovely, Scotch Thistle, Laurel Crown, Dancing Dots, Cordova, Little Secrets, Beaded Sachet, Amaryllis; IRISH CROCHET -- Old- Time Rickrack; FASHION CROCHET -- Girl On the Go backpack, On Top of the World ladies' top, Ocean Voyage woven crochet throw; DOLL FASHION -- Victoria. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 127, August 2000Magic Crochet No. 127, August 2000. Designs include: PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Oriental Mood, Sheer Graphics, White Daffodils, Glazed Tile, On Wings of Slumber, Jovial Oval; FILET -- Lace by the Yard, Rose Quartet, Rambling Roses, Joining Octagons, Cotton Candy; FINE ART CROCHET -- Pinaepple Corolla, Pennycress, Charming Octet, Piquant Pimentos, Trophy, Romantic Moment, Vossamer; IRISH CROCHET -- Favors For All party gifts, Tassel Tieback; FASHION CROCHET -- Alice, Shoulder Bag, Little Chic Dress, Tassel Purse, Bermuda, See the World; DOLL FASHION -- Larissa (Fashion Doll). Very good condition.

2 Available


Magic Crochet No. 128, October 2000Magic Crochet No. 128, October 2000. FINE ART CROCHET -- Fair and Square, Super Bowl, Table Decor, Gift Pouch, Festive Coaster, Candy Dish, White Violets, Xmas Oraments, Napkin Ring, Candy Dish, Candlestick, Twist and Turn, Poinsettias, Friendly Star, Floating Petals, Dresser Doily, Seashore Treasures; IRISH CROCHET -- Blue Ribbon, Shamrocks; TAPESTRY CROCHET -- English Rose, Doves on the Wing; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Dream On; FILET CROCHET-- A touch of Sweden, Heart Sachet, Big Blue; WOVEN CROCHET -- Checkmate; FASHION CROCHET -- Gold Beading, Sea Cruise; DOLL FASHION -- Gala Night (Fashion Doll). Very good condition.


Magic Crochet No. 129, December 2000Magic Crochet No. 129, December 2000. PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Ivory Dogwood, Field of Clover, Garden Variety, Swallows That Fly, Precious Pillowp FINE ART CROCHET -- Curioo Shelf, Windfall, Teatime, Lace Basket, His and Hers, Perennials, Twosome, Berries in the Snow; LAYETTE CROCHET -- New Arrival Christening Gown/ Bonnet, Crib Blanket; IRISH CROCHET -- Celtic Souvenir; FILET CROCHET-- Jumbo Daisy, Swans ASwimming, Shelf Lace, Scottish Cross, Sampler, Vine in Bloom, Optical Play, Pretty Place Mat; FASHION CROCHET -- Hat and Bag, Petite Purse, Happy Hat, Cute Knapsack. Very good condition.


Magic Crochet No. 130, Feb. 2001Magic Crochet No. 130, Feb. 2001. Designs include: PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Towel Trims, Zeal and Zest, Grab a Wink, Paddle Wheels, On the Square, Trifoils, Blue Heaven; FILET -- Brittany Curtain, Cottage Duo, Oval Mirror, Folk Art, Pansy Chain; FINE ART CROCHET -- Epiphany, Plenty to Provide, Snowflake, Medley; SAINT VALENTINE -- Cordial Welcome, Be My Valentine, Faithrul Heart; INSPIRATIONAL -- Antique Lace; IRISH CROCHET -- Uniqu Lace; FASHION CROCHET -- Youthful Vest, Easy Going, On and Off, Jungle Queen, Minipurse. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 131, April 2001Magic Crochet No. 131, April 2001. FINE ART CROCHET -- Super Lily, Little Jewel, Floral Triplets, Vacation, Brittany Cottage, Amaryllis, Mother's Day, Pattern Collection; IRISH CROCHET -- Delicate Sprays; FILET -- Square Doily, Hearty Dozen, Simply Square, Barberries, COat of Arms, Concord, Sauna; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Hexagon Throw, Dutch Treat, Dinette, Nursery, Victoriana, Runway; BABY CROCHET -- Cuddles and Hugs; FASHION CROCHET -- Golden Girl, Sky Blue Vest, On the Beach. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 132, June 2001Magic Crochet No. 132, June 2001. IRISH CROCHET -- Step By Step Motif; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Reading Nook, Optical Illusion, Sea Change, Multi- Ue Throw, Granny's Garden, Mary's Garden, Fanciful Square, Wake- Up Call; FINE ART CROCHET -- Pinecone Oval, Pennant, Edging, Coming uP Tulips, Early Planting, Prairie Clover, Candy Dish, Down South, Child's Play, Goig in Circies, Catch- All, Petal Burst; FILET -- Butterfly Cushion, Lovely Bookmarks, It's a Gift, It's Spring, Hummingbirds, Fringed Runner; BABY CROCHET -- It's A Girl; FASHION CROCHET -- Optimist, Palm Springs. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 133, August 2001Magic Crochet No. 133, August 2001. PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Reverie, Snack Time; IRISH CROCHET -- All In Clover; FINE ART CROCHET -- Long Journey, Pennies from Heaven, FIesta, Party Decor, Whirligig, Oval Lake, Jolie Decor, Blue Heaven; FILET -- Evening Primroses, Mosaic Walk, Fine Ferns, Set the Place, Vineyard Visit, Tulip Topper, Bicolor Trim, On View, Riviera Parasol, Towel Trim, Shelf Lace, What's Cooking, Rosy Future; BABY CROCHET -- Hooded Baby Wrap; FASHION CROCHET -- Handy Handbag, Fairest of All, Jenny on Vacation, Summer Partners. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 134, October 2001Magic Crochet No. 134, October 2001. FINE ART CROCHET -- Santa's In Town, Candle Doily, Festive Lace, Merry Mobile, St. Nick Ornament + Christmas Wreath, Fabric 'n' Lace Set, Ripple Ball, Jewel Ball, Tassel Ball, Yule Rose, HSower of Stars, Bowl + Plate, Heart of Gold, Star of Bethlehem, Table Center, Midas Touch, Gold Star I, Gold Star II, GOld Mat, Cookeis for Santa, Potpourri Basket, Goblet for Santa, Gift Box, White Violas; IRISH CROCHET -- Step By Step Film: Red Ball with Holly, Festive Napkin Ring; FILET -- Table Talk, Happy New Year; BABY CROCHET -- Lullaby, Cloud Nine; FASHION CROCHET -- Drawstring Bag. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 135, December 2001Magic Crochet No. 135, December 2001. BABY CROCHET -- Fluffy Cloud; FINE ART CROCHET --Sunrise, Whirlpool, Royal Lace, Corrida, French Quarter, Flamenco, Mardi Gras, Waterlily Pond, Floral Collar, Palm Mums, Nosegay, Butterfly Watch; IRISH CROCHET -- Profusion, Secret Garden; FILET -- Tissue- Box Cover, More Lace, Happy New Year; FASHION CROCHET -- Seaside, Stylish Duo, Fancy Tote, Jennie's Vest, Fit for a Bride; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Garden Walk, Floral Throw, Indoor Garden, Sweet Sixteen, Dreamtime, Blossom Time. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 136, February 2002Magic Crochet No. 136, February 2002. FILET CROCHET -- Across the Table, Cherry Red Runner; IRISH CROCHET -- Daisy Daisy, Waltz of the Flowers, Ferns and Flowers; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Playful Pillows, Pinwheels Turning, In the Parlor, Shining Diamond, Lucky Clover, Amalfi, Wweet William, Laurel Blooms; BRUGES LACE -- Antique Zither; FINE ART CROCHET -- Pink POinsettia, Hekrloom Insertions, Pale Tulips, Dreamy Lotus, Twirligig, Orange Blossoms, Ornate Oval, Jolly Jelly, Apricot Jam, Marmelade, Shell Lace; DOLL FASHION -- Daisy Dress (fits doll approx. 10" tall); FASHION CROCHET -- Tip Top, Square Shawl, Hello Summer. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 137, April 2002Magic Crochet No. 137, April 2002. FILET CROCHET -- Informal INvitation, Foru Leaf Clover, Let's Paly Ball, Musical Instrument, Lunch IsServed, Bed of Roses, Cobweb Curtains; FINE ART CROCHET -- Sweetie, Sideboard Runner, Morning Glories, Birthday Breakfast, Flutter Fan, Gardenia, Anemone in a Frame, Lattice Topper, Provence Masterpiece, Jumbo Blossom, Gossamer Lozenge; IRISH CROCHET -- Heart Pillow, Victorian Collar; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Star Gazing; DOLL FASHION -- Julia; FASHION CROCHET -- Beach Party, Elegant Duster, Top and Cardigan. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 138, June 2002Magic Crochet No. 138, June 2002. FINE ART CROCHET -- Estival Song, Windfall, Charming Mini Bags, Daisy Wheels, Fireworks, Fancy Lampshade, Cafe Curtain; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Formal Garden, Long Summer, Posh Pillow, Cozy Afghan, Capricorn, Table Tiles; FILET CROCHET --Lace Decor, Proud Plumes, Good Morning; IRISH CROCHET -- Butterfly Pillow, All That Jazz, Bingo Night; BABY CROCHET -- Little Girl Pink, Little Boy Blue; FASHION CROCHET -- Summer Frock, Bolero, Casual Bag, Enchanted Evening, Dot Com Pullover. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 139, August 2002Magic Crochet No. 139, August 2002. FINE ART CROCHET -- Partners, Folk Art, Twosome, Four Fans, Field Rose, Kitty Go Round, Lake Placid, Pretty Parasol, Star Struck, Ocean Voyage, Lined Parasol, Pearly Conch, Peopnies, Fiji Islands, Sugar and Spice; FILET CROCHET -- Buffet Lunch, Cozy Nook, Rose Mallow; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Catch A Dream, Cocooning, Patio Party, Anatolia, Gerden Walk; BABY CROCHET -- Nighty- Night, Hush- A- By- Baby; IRISH CROCHET -- Ace of Spades; FASHION CROCHET -- Sunny Weekend; BORDERS -- Sylvan Lace, Quiet Evening; DOLL FASHION -- Victorian Costume. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 140, October 2002Magic Crochet No. 140, October 2002. IRISH CROCHET -- Jolly Season, Irish Coasters, Winter Garden; FINE ART CROCHET -- Santa's In Town, Season's Greetings, Merry Quintet, Square Into Star, Roses in the Snwo, Deck the Table, Holiday Runner; TREE ORNAMENTS -- GOld 'n' Silver, Silver Wreat, Red White and Blue, Harlequin, Golden Diamonds, Midnight Clear, Little Angel, Frozen Tear, Bright Star; PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Snowscape, Home Again, Fresh Snow; FILET CROCHET -- Hearty Poinsettia; BABY CROCHET -- Crib Blanket, Baby Talk; ; FASHION CROCHET -- You're the Top, Black Shawl, Floral Collar, Beret and Bag. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 142, February 2003Magic Crochet No. 142, February 2003. Lacy Drape, Lace Tunic, Receiving Blanket, Peace and Quiet Bedspread, Bright Saffron Baby Dress, Dainty Parasol, Morning Star, Formal Dinner, Show- Off Shelf, Dresser Doily, Rare Plants, Woodruff Flower, Heavenly Flower, On View, Snug Sleep, White Phlox, Fancy Bathroom, It's A Girl baby sweater set, Carpet of Dahlias. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 143, April 2003Magic Crochet No. 143, April 2003. Wicker Work, Rose Medallion, Basketry Tablecloth, Finesse, Dream Big Bedspread, Amaryllis, Small Bouquet, Cloche and Tote, What A Top, Trendy Belts, Floral Trim, New Pillow, Prim and Proper Collar, Rosebuds, Floral Hexagon, Ellipse, Keepsake Box, White Crucifers, Exotic Blooms. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 144, June 2003Magic Crochet No. 144, June 2003. Turtle Doves, White Thistles, Four- Leaf Clovers, Fine Feathers, Wisteria Clusters, Rose Walk, Flirty Collar, Diamonds Forever Bedspread, Passion Flowers, Sofa Cushion, Coffee Anyone, Let There Be Music, Table Manners, Little Pyramids, Wagon Wheels Edging, Gossamer Web Dresser Doily, Crochet Tapestry, Rose Bower, Wake Up Singing, Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 145, August 2003Magic Crochet No. 145, August 2003. Happy Go Lucky Hat, Wingding, Breakfast With Roses, Visual Graphics, Invitation, Sweetheart, Dream Land Bedspread, Pretty Pinwheel, Patio Party Tablecloth, Satellites, Classy Coasters, Long Shelf Life Edging, Summery Handbag, Daybreak, Star Struck, Floral Rhombus, Pillow Top, Sea Star, Benign Signs, Fine Ferns, Good Morning. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 146, October 2003Magic Crochet No. 146, October 2003. "Countdown for a Very Merry Christmas" issue; designs include: PATCHWORK CROCHET -- Southern Cross runner, Bunch of Daisies runner, Charleston Afghan or Tablecloth, Sunroom Throw, Glad Awakening Bedspread; FILET CROCHET -- White Decor Lampshade, Scrolls in Hexagon doily, Rambling Roses runner; FINE ART CROCHET -- Traditional Xmas (an assortment of thread trims to go over clear plastic shapes of various types), Bath Time towel trims, Argentine Tango doily; FASHION CROCHET -- See Through Top, Portrait With Collar; IRISH CROCHET -- Galway Bay doily/ pillow; LACE CROCHET -- Viennese Waltz runner. Bottom corners slghtly dog- eared, cover and a few pages slightly nicked on outside edge from careless storage.

$6.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 148, February 2004Magic Crochet No. 148, February 2004. Bridal Nosegay Doily, Rare Diamonds, Pile of Pearls, Dogwood Blossoms Bedspread, Ma Lilies, Paragon, Pearl Fisher, Pearl Prize Top, Major Triad, The Sum of It All, Farandole Shelf Edging, Party Time Bag - Bracelet- Choker, Yesterday Laces, Fresh Outlook, Country Time Bedspread, Sunshade, Flirty Shell, Hope Chest. About 1" tear on one page; otherwise, good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 149, April 2004Magic Crochet No. 149, April 2004. Warm Spell, Far West, Pleasant Climes Bedspread, Lone Prairie, Vanity Fair, Botany Lesson, Potpourri, Great Gentian, Nautifal Mood, Fraternal Twins, Escapade, Pleasant Breeze Curtains, Spread the Light Lampshade, Mimosa Tablecloth, Triple Treat, Zigzags, Brambles, Walk In the Woods, Scatter Pillows. Very good used condition.


Magic Crochet No. 150, June 2004Magic Crochet No. 150, June 2004. Nebula, Bright Planet Lampshade, Milky Way Curtain,Flower Cluster, Castle In Spain, Composure, Specs of Silver Edging,Social Whirl, My Fair Lady, Wake- Up Call, Twists and Turns, Stepping Out, California Top, Colorful Lace, Indoor Garden, Striped Trim, Great Comfort, "18" - pineapple/ Solomon's Knot doily, Pasque Flowers, Farniente, Peacock Train. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

Magic Crochet No. 154, February 2005Magic Crochet No. 154, February 2005. Ghost Train, Wheel of Fortune, Pomander, Festive Flowers Table Topper, Rime and Reason Tablecloth, Stencil, Rink, Lucky Dip, Heavenly Bodies Bedspread, Merry- Go- Round top, Rich As Rubies Basket Edging, Roller Coaster, Candy Apple, Backward Glance Curtain, Straw Man, Sophisticate, Hush Curtain, Dinnner in Town, Country Air, PUre and Simple. Very good used condition.

$7.99 SOLD

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