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Updated 13 January 2021
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

        Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Thread Crochet, Page 3:

GS-8572 Heirloom Creations Book No. 6199: White Crochet

Book No. 6199: White Crochet, designed Vivian Eloy Smith, Heirloom Creations, 1999. Designs include: RUFFLED DOILIES -- Pedals and Ruffles, Pinwheel and Ruffles, Leaves and Ruffles; FAMILY NAME DOILIES -- Family Initial Doily, RIbbons and Bows, European Flowers Name Doily; CENTERPIECE DOILIES -- Flower Basket Centerpiece, Oval Centerpiece; FILET CROCHET CHARTS -- Working from a Chart, Flower Charts, Flower Girl, Flower. Castle, Sacred Heart Wall Plaque, Wheat and Roses Doily, Work Lacet Doily, Clover Doily, Praying Hands Wall Plaque, Apostles' Creed Wall Plaque, Jesus Savior of Man (Boat at Sea), Lilies and Pond Doily, Fruit Buffet Doily, Borders, Cat in Glasses, Dolphin, Unicorn, Charted Alphabets. Like new.

$24.99 SOLD
GS-4786 Annie's Attic My Wild Irish Bows

My Wild Irish Bows, designed by Annie Potter, Annie's Attic, 1988. Digest- size booklet with instructions for 12 exquisite Irish Crochet bows, garlands, and ties that can either be used as hair ornaments or as jewelry: Picot Lace Bow, Spring Roses, Rose Wreath, Rose Garland, Irish Bouquet, Floral Garden, Irish Petals, Lace Cable, Irish Loops, Irish Bouquet, Flower Fall, Lace Tie, Irish Bow Tie.

  Details & Ordering
GS-7508 Bernat Handicrafter Home Cotton Crafts 1285

Bernat Handicrafter Home Cotton Crafts 1285,Bernat, nd. Designs for curtain or wall hanging include: filet Winter Snowflakes, Eyelet Shells. Very good condition.

GS-7395 ASN Delicate Purses for Proms and Weddings

Delicate Purses for Proms and Weddings, designed by Nan Mensinga, American School of Needlework, 2002. Designs in bedspread weight crochet cotton include: Blossom Bride's Bag, Hexagon Posy Pocket, Delicate Duffel, Fringed Party Bag, and Roses in a Row Case. Like new.

  Details & Ordering
GS-6891 ASN 101 Filet Crochet Charts

101 Filet Crochet Charts, American School of Needlework, 1999. Designs include ANIMAL FRIENDS -- Butterflies, Lions, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Teddy Bear, Rabbit, Rooster, and more; FLORAL BEAUTIES -- Floral Inserts, Borders, Pictorals, etc.; HOLY and HEAVENLY -- Angels, Cherubs, Crosses, Chalices, Madonna & Child, etc.; DECORATIVE DESIGNS -- Fruit, Classical Figures, Home Sweet Home, Teapots, Colonial Lady & Gentlemen, etc.; and ALPHABETS in an array of sizes and styles. Like new.

Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside the US.
GS-6857 HWB Crochet Personalized Filet

Crochet Personalized Filet, designed by Agnes Russell, House of White Birches, 1999. 9 designs featuring fie filet alphabets: Welcome Wall Hanging, Girl's Name Plaque, Give Thanks Place Mat, Initial Bookmark, Name Bookmark, Rose Monogrammed Pillow, Guys & Dolls Personalized Towel, Hearts & Flowers Pillowcase Edging, Christmas Joy Pillow. Excellent condition.

$9.99 SOLD
GS-6817 Twilleys of Stamford 338: Twilley's Home Craft Crochet

Twilleys of Stamford 338: Twilley's Home Craft Crochet, Twilleys of Stamford, nd. NOTE: published in England, so st abbreviations may be slightly different. Designs include: Filet Curtain, Motif Tablecloth or Tray Cloth, Rose Garland Filet Mat, Round Mat and Coasters, Rose Garland Cheval Set, Motif Runner, Bowl or Jug Cover, Lavender Bag or Round Mat, Cushion Panel, Flower Trellis Filet Cushion Panel, Motif Bedspread and Cushion Cover. Some shelf wear to cover, but pages in excellent condition.

GS-6475 Herrschners Year- Round Bookmarks in Crochet

Year- Round Bookmarks in Crochet, The Pattern Library, Herrschners Inc., 1992. Designs include: Ring the Bells, LIttle Fishies, Perky Parasol, Rainbow Lace, Lovely Fan, A Mouse in the House, Dangling Blossoms, Daisy Chain, Loving Hearts, Irish Clover, Lilac Flower Lace, Fine and Tiny, Starlight Lace, Victoria's Star, Blue Ribbon. Digest- size book, like new.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6316 LA Lampshade Covers

Lampshade Covers, designed by Eunice Svinicki, Leisure Arts, 1993. Designs in size 10 crochet cotton include: Country Heart, Imperial Pineapple, Victorian Rose, Dainty Panels, Dancing Diamonds, Soft Scallops, and Cascade of Leaves. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-6251 HWB Old- Time Crochet Made Easy

Old- Time Crochet Made Easy, House of White Birches, 1996. Designs include: Doilies -- Red & White Flower, Viola Pansy, Hearts & Floers, Sailing, Prism Pineapple, Variegated Butterfly, Old- Time Ruffled; Eyelet Accents Tablecloth, Extra- Long Buffet Runner, Snow Flurries Runner, Six- Sided Daffodil Cloth, Pineapple Chair Set, Flower Pillow Top, Square Medallion Pillow Top, Trio of Curtain Pulls, Grandmother's Edgings, Beaded Collar, Baby Booties, Carnations, Vineyard & Sunflower Basket Tie- Ons. Like new.

GS-6252 Annie's Attic Crochet Collectable Thread Potholders

Crochet Collectable Thread Potholders, Annie's Attic, 1988. Designs include: Mom's Favorite, Fanfare, Petite Granny Square, Flower Garden, IrishFlower, Lattice, Posy Petals, Star Leaf, Starburst Flowers, Shell Points, Pansy Ruffles, and Rickrack.

  Details & Ordering
GS-6040 Annie's Attic Home Accents in Filet Crochet

Home Accents in Filet Crochet, Annie's Attic, 2005. Designs include: Psnnsylvania Dutch Set (Placemat & Hand Towel), Home Sweet Home, Primrose Scarf, Heart Bread Cloth, Heart Filet Table Runner, Hearts A- Flutter Valance, Lovebird Chair Set, Floral Panel Tablecloth, Delecate Curtain Tiebacks, Grapevine Runner, Rose Filet Valence, christmas Poinsettias Tree Skirt, Noel Place Mat, Heavenly Hearts Afghan (worsted weight yarn), Rose Cafe Curtain, Sweet Dreams Pillow, Doll Collector's Table Runner, Mother's Day Set (Pillow & Runner). Like new, EXCEPT -- Definitely from the home of a smoker!

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8335 Annie's Attic Pineapple Delight

Pineapple Delight, Annie's Attic, 1987. Designs include: Pineapple Sunburst Doily, Pineapples & Fans Doily, Pineapple Glass Cozies, Pineapple Lace, Butterfly Mobile (Metamorphosis, Buterfledge, Terias, Monarch, Chrysalides, Papillon), Tulip Garden Pillowcase Appliques, Oval Tablecloth, Large Round Tablecloth, Small Round Tablecloth. Excellent condition.

GS-5909 Annie's Attic Pineapple Delight II

Pineapple Delight II, Annie's Attic, 1998. Designs in size 10 crochet cotton, Speed Cro-Sheen, and Lustre Sheen include: Oval Hot Pad, Pineapple Grove Tablecloth, Pineapple Hairbow, Butterfly Bow, Pineapple Shawl, Teardrop Doily, and Doily Bouquet. Excellent condition.

GS-5777 Suzanne McNeill Kitchen Crochet

Kitchen Crochet, designed by Delsie Rhoades, Suzanne McNeill Design Originals, 1994. Designs in size 5 pearl cotton include 4- piece Canister Bunny set, Towel Trim, Jar Doily Covers (Quart, Pint, Jelly), Rose Napkin Rings, Tose Towel, Rose Potholder, and Rose Placemat. Scratches on front cover, but otherwise excellent condition.

GS-5239 Annie's Attic Cro- Tat Cottage Kitchen Duos

Cro- Tat Cottage Kitchen Duos, designed by Elizabeth Ann White, Annie's Attic, 2002. 6 towel topper & pot holder sets made using the crochet tatting method. Like new.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-2528 HWB Treasury of Crochet Edgings

Treasury of Crochet Edgings, House of White Birches, 1998. 120 lace edgings for curtains, towels, handkerchiefs, wearables, bookmarks, and more. Excellent condition.

GS-2528b HWB Treasury of Crochet Edgings

Treasury of Crochet Edgings, House of White Birches, 1998. 120 lace edgings for curtains, towels, handkerchiefs, wearables, bookmarks, and more. Very good pages except -- A couple of pages are wavy, as if something wet had been set on them -- does not interfere with readablility. Small stain on very top edge of some pages. May also have been stored in a damp place, but no musty smell or other sign of mildew or mold that I can detect.

GS-3878 Annie's Attic Bath & Beauty

Bath & Beauty, designed by BellaCrochet, Annie's Attic, 2003. 8 designs in crochet cotton using the popular Cro- Tat Technique: Soap Cover, Tank Top Runner, Tissue Cover Doll, Bath Trim Set, Wreath, Basket Applique Trim and Bowl Cover.

  Details & Ordering
GS-5430 LA Thread Crochet Treasures

Thread Crochet Treasures, designed by Carol Tessier, Leisure Arts, 1993. 17 projects: Candleholder, Fan, Drum, Large Balloon, Graduated Bells, Shadow Box, Small Balloon, Compote, Wagon, Double Bells, French Horn, Bow, Large and Small Baskets, Tricycle, Bird Cage, and Ice Cream Cone. May have "Granny's" written on front cover; otherwise excellent condition. May smell slightly of cigarette smoke or fabric softener sheet.

2 Available

GS-5097 Needlecraft Treasury, Volume 4

Needlecraft Treasury, Volume 4, Needlecraft Treasury, 1989. Reprints of out- of- copyright vintage patterns -- these look like the designs you used to be able to order out of the newspaper. Designs include: Chairback Set, Pineapple Square, Chair and Davenport Set, Pineapple/ Shell Chair Set, Butterfly Chair Set, Filet Dresser Scarf, and Filet Girl with Dog Chair Set. Bent bottom corner, tag smudges on cover; otherwise, excellent condition.

$12.99 SOLD
GS-4850 LA Baskets & Bowls to Crochet

Baskets & Bowls to Crochet, designed by Helen Nissen, Leisure Arts, 1993. 5 projects: large & small Bowls, Flower Girl Basket, Candy Dish, and Cachepot. Excellent condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-4770 LA Crocheted Edgings & Motifs

Crocheted Edgings & Motifs, designed by Barbara Johnston, Leisure Arts, 1979. 24 pattern stitches. Slight MUSTY SMELL; otherwise, excellent condition.

GS-1853 ASN Thread Crochet Easter Eggs

Thread Crochet Easter Eggs, designed by Ismay Bullock, American School of Needlework, 1991. Six different Easter eggs, a Panoramic Egg, a large ruffled Easter Basket, and a Nut Cup created in size 10 thread and shaped over balloons. All instructions for crocheting, starching, and coloring included.

  Details & Ordering
GS-1570 Annie's Attic Victorian Lady Trinket Boxes

Victorian Lady Trinket Boxes, designed by Annie Potter, Annie's Attic, 2000. 5 elegant ladies made using size 10 crochet cotton and porcelain heads, hands, and feet over a 4" tall can with lid. New.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-8336 LA Wedding Accessories to Crochet

Wedding Accessories to Crochet, designed by Lucille LaFlamme, Leisure Arts, 1994. Designs include: Table Runner, Purse, Nosegay Doily, Hat, Handkerchief Edging, Basket, Candleholder, Bideo Tape Case Cover. OK, most of this book is in pretty good condition, but the pages for instructions for the Table Runner are a mess! Light tan stains, pink highlighting and LOTS of notes written in margins.

GS-5766 Annie's Attic Wedding Keepsakes

Wedding Keepsakes, designed by Dot Drake, Annie's Attic, Inc., 1988. Elegant designs include: Napkin Ring, Wedding Sachet, Nut Cup, Flower Girl Basket, Ring Bearer's Pillow, Bridal Gloves, gorgeous flowered Bride's Veil, Bridal Garter, Mother's Corsage, Groom's Boutonnier, Bridal Bouquet, Bridal Shower Parasol, and Wedding Cake Topper. Digest- size booklet may have "Not- returnable" sticker on front cover -- otherwise, in excellent condition.

4 Available

GS-4265 Annie's Attic Thread Crochet Wedding Treasures

Thread Crochet Wedding Treasures, designed by Dot Drake, Annie's Attic, Inc., 1992. Elegant designs include: Bride's Garter, Fan, Headband, Gloves, and Book Cover; Shoe Decoration, Bridesmaid's Headband, Girl's Wrist Bouquet, Ring Bearer's Pillow, Cake Knife Decoration, Champagne Coaster, Small Basket, Large Reception Basket, Napkin Holder, Pew Bell Decoration, Reception Bowl, Wedding Cone, and Wedding Rice Bag. "Non- Returnable" stamped on front cover, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-4251 Annie's Attic Crochet Fairytale Wedding

Crochet Fairytale Wedding, designed by Wilma Bonner, Annie's Attic, Inc., 1999. Gorgeous Irish- style crochet designs include: Photo Album, Memory Book, Guest Book, Video Cover, Unity Candle & Tapers, Flower Girl's Basket, Ring Bearer's Pillow, Door Decoration, and Pew Marker. May have price crossed off on cover -- otherwise, very good condition.

2 Available

GS-3897 LA Crocheted Wedding Accessories

Crocheted Wedding Accessories, designed by Eunice Svinicki, Leisure Arts, 1987. 8 designs include: Hat, Shaped Basket, Flat Basket, Heart Shaped Pillow, Handkerchief Edging, Jewelry Case, Garter, and Sachet or Rice Bag. Good used condition -- overall wear, center pages removed from staples but all here and no writing.

GS-4028 ASN Bridal Thread Crochet

Bridal Thread Crochet, designed by Linda Hammonds, American School of Needlework, 1990. Designs include: Lover's Knot Bridesmaid's Hat and Basket, Lover's Knot Bridal Headband, Lover's Knot Flower Girl's Basket, Lover's Knot Fingerless Gloves in women's and child's sizes, Lover's Knot Garter, Keepsake Bible Cover with Bookmark, Bridal Heart Pillow, Blossom Headpiece, and Wedding Bell Decoration. Very good condition.

2 Available

GS-1734 Annie's Attic Crochet Swan Lake Bath Set

Crochet Swan Lake Bath Set, designed by Frances Hughes & Elizabeth White Annie's Attic, Inc., 1994. Designs worked using pearl cotton, cotton sport yarn, and size 20 crochet cotton include: Hand Towel & Washcloth Edgings, 3 sizes Swan baskets, Sweetheart Swans filet doily, and Vanity Tray. Excellent condition.

2 Available

GS-1416 Cotton Crochet: The Look of Yesteryear

Cotton Crochet: The Look of Yesteryear, designed by Olympia Zachario. 17 Thread crochet projects include: Christmas angel, 3-d ball ornaments, 2 - & 3-D snowflakes, 2 sizes bowls, box, vase, bookmark, napking rings, placemat, hatbands, purse, and sachet. Wear to cover and at spine; overall good used condition. May smell slightly of cigarette smoke.

GS-4068 Nihon Vogue Pineapple Lace with Complete Diagrams

Pineapple Lace with Complete Diagrams, Nihon Vogue, 2005. 98 pages of pineapple designs for "symbol crochet," including many doilies, textured lace, tablecloths, runners, and cushions. There is also a section on symbols and techniques used in this book. NOTE: all designs are worked from DIAGRAMS rather than written instructions. Shelf wear to both covers and some bent bottom corners from mailing, but otherwise excellent condition.

May require additional postage.

$14.99 SOLD
GS-4029 ASN Crochet Floral Jar Lid Covers

Crochet Floral Jar Lid Covers, designed by Maggie Weldon, American School of Needlework, 1992. 12 designs: Forget- Me- Nots, Daffodil, Poppy, Rosebud, Zinnia, Marigold, Daisy, Carnation, Violet, Pansy, Rose, and Poinsettia. Like new.

GS-3001 LA Floral Magnets to Crochet

Floral Magnets to Crochet, designed by Terry Kimbrough, Leisure Arts, 1991. Worked in embroidery floss, designs include: Forget- Me- Nots, Petunia, Lily, Violets, Zinnias, Cosmos, Carnation, Daisy, Tulip. Pansy, Rose, Poppy, and Daffodil. Also use as appliques, jewelry, or stick in a small pot as a floral arrangement. Cover faded from store display, but otherwise like new.

$5.99 SOLD
GS-3944 Annie's Attic Crochet Pineapple Suite

Crochet Pineapple Suite, Annie's Attic, 2001. 5 designs using sizes 10 and 20 crochet cotton thread (Rings Around the Roses Centerpiece, Pineapple & Pearls Bag, Hat, Pineapple Lace Trim, Curtain Valance), and matching afghan in worsted weight yarn. Looks like grease spots on center 2 pages, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-3944r Annie's Attic Crochet Pineapple Suite (glossy cover reprint)

Crochet Pineapple Suite, Annie's Attic, 2001. REPRINT of 2001 book, above. 5 designs using sizes 10 and 20 crochet cotton thread (Rings Around the Roses Centerpiece, Pineapple & Pearls Bag, Hat, Pineapple Lace Trim, Curtain Valance), and matching afghan in worsted weight yarn. Like new, but may smell slightly of cigarette smoke.

$7.99 SOLD

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