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Stuffed Pets, Page 2

Updated 26 March 2019
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Stuffed Pets, Page 2:

GS-4289 Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Amigurumi

Amigurumi, designed by Lan-Ahn Bui & Josephine Wan, Guild of Master Craftsman Publications, 2010. Projects to crochet include: Egg Bear; Frog, Panda, & Lion Charms; Cupcake Bear; Fabulous Flutterby; Toadstool, Snail, Strawberry, Fish, Mouse, Chick, Bunny, Chado Tea Set, Aeroplane, Puppy, Frog, Ballerina Bunny, Dino, Penguin, Robot, Super Monkey, Tiger, Panda, Zebra, Elephant, Giraffe, Bear Bag, Rat, Cat, Seahorse, and Sheep. BRAND NEW!

Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
KS-237 David & Charles Ltd. Knitted Toy Tales

Knitted Toy Tales, designed by Laura Long, David & Charles Ltd, 2009. Wonderful firm- cover 128- page book with patterns to KNIT for The Bunny Bunch, Bertie and Beetrice the Birds, Frederick the Frog Prince, Babushkas, Polly Dolly and her Dress Up Day,Simon Snake, Piggies at Play, Mischievous Mice, Eddie the Friendly Elephant, Three Little Fish, Peter Penguin's Fishing Trip, and The Owl and the Pussycat. Each pattern has a story or poem, and lots of full- color photographs. BRAND NEW!

Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
KS-238 The Best- Dressed Knitted Bear

The Best- Dressed Knitted Bear, designed by Emma King, Collins & Brown, 2009. Small, medium, and large bears in a variety of difficulties, along with 24 outfits, including: Princess, Wizard, Tooth Fairy, Pirate, Ballerina, Springtime, Hula, Robin Hood, Cheerleader, Fisherman, Graduate, Aladin, Safari, Newborn Baby, First Birthday, Swimmer, and Golfer. BRAND NEW!

$19.95 SOLD
Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
KS-239 Dream Toys

Dream Toys, designed by Claire Garland, Octopus Publishing Group Ltd, 2006. A collection of fantastical toys to knit with some crochet accessories. KNIT Basic Doll, Basic Horse, Princess, Castle, Fairy, Baby Fairy, Unicorn, Cowboy, Mustang, Pirate. Pirate's Rat, Mermaid, Fish, Seahorses, Crab, and Dolphin; CROCHET Flower, Flowers and Blanket for Unicorn, Bandanna for Cowboy, Saddle Blanket for Mustang, Pirate's boat. BRAND NEW!

Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
KS-240 Knitted Bears

Knitted Bears, designed by Claire Garland, Octopus North Light Books, 2008. 8 fun bears with outfits and accessories. Bears are KNIT, but some accessories are crocheted. BRAND NEW!

Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
KS-241 Knitted Toys

Knitted Toys, designed by Zoe Mellor, North Light Books, 2006. Designs include: Dress- up Dolly, Airy Fairy, Cat Pyjama Case, Cow Cushion, Cot Hanger Chick, Boy Doll, Squeaky Pig, Finger Puppets, Robot, Flat Ted, Gingerbread Man, Bigfoot Bunny, Cheeky Monkey, Floppy Dog, Roaring Dinosaur, Slithery Snake, Butterfly, Jumbo Elephant, Colorful Mouse, Owl Cushion, Patchwork Tortoise, Dpotty Dog, Stripey Ball, Fish on the Line, and Snappy Crocodile. BRAND NEW!

Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
KS-180 Spud & Chloe At the Farm

Spud & Chloe At the Farm, designed by Susan B. Anderson, Artisan, 2011. A "Knit and Read" hardcover book with adorable projects plus a fun story for the kids. KNIT the doll Chloe, her pet sheep Spud, a farm dog, piglets, mother hen & chicks, cat, cow, and lamb, along with Barn, Hay Bales, Picket Fence, and Buckets. BRAND NEW 2011 RELEASE!

$13.95 Details & Ordering
Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
KS-157 The Big Book of Knitted Monsters

The Big Book of Knitted Monsters, designed by Rebecca Danger, Martingale & Company, 2011. Complete instructions and how- to photos for 20 imaginative , easy- to- KNIT stuffed pets in a variety of shapes and sizes. BRAND NEW 2011 RELEASE!

GS-3815 Jeanette Crews Bath Buddies

Bath Buddies, designed by Heidi Petach, Jeanette Crews Designs, 2006. 6 designs in cotton or worsted weight yarn double as bath sponges or puppets: Bucky the Shark, Claude the Crab, Shelly the Turtle, Goldie the Starfish, Pearly the Oyster, and DJ the Stingray. BRAND NEW!

GS-3558 Shady Lane Crochet Bed Doll Bears

Crochet Bed Doll Bears, designed by Carol Hegar, Shady Lane, 2010. Digest-size book with instructions for three adorable costumes for 12" teddy bears, with suggestions on adjusting for other sizes. BRAND NEW 2010 RELEASE!

$7.95 SOLD
GS-3559 Shady Lane Crocheted Mini Critters

Crocheted Mini Critters, designed by Diane Elliott, Shady Lane, 1988. Digest-size book with Designs for Bear, Unicorn, Piglet, Kitten, Penguin, and Panda. BRAND NEW.

GS-3320 Red Heart Book #712, No Skills, Knit & Crochet Animal Bazaar

Red Heart Book #712, No Skills, Knit & Crochet Animal Bazaar, Coats & Clark, 2003. 7" tall Shaggy Dog is created from a 7 oz skein of yarn, elastic bands, a bit of sewing, and hot glue; Funny Bunny slippers are KNIT, and Ellie the Elephant is CROCHETED. BRAND NEW!

4 Available

PN-249 TNC Plastic Canvas Circus Puppets

Plastic Canvas Circus Puppets, designed by Lee Lindeman, The Needlecraft Shop, 2009. 4 puppets stitched on 7- mesh plastic canvas include: Clown, Puppy, Lion, and Tiger. Complimentary story included. Brand new!

2 Available

GS-2037 Leisure Arts A Zoo For You

A Zoo For You, designed by Cindy Harris, Leisure Arts, 2010. 11 tiny amigurumi- style animals to crochet include: Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Monkey, Zebra, Hippo, Bear, Tiger, Alligator, Rhino, and Polar Bear. Brand new Release!

$6.95 SOLD
KS-039 Leisure Arts KNIT A Collection of Characters

KNIT A Collection of Characters, designed by Chris De Longprè, Leisure Arts, 2008. 4 KNIT toys with matching blankets: Puppy, Pig, Duck, and Mouse. Brand new!

GS-887 Leisure Arts Crochet Noahs Ark for Baby features three baby animals and six afghans

Crocheted Noah's Ark for Baby, Leisure Arts, 1997. Baby Elephants, Monkeys, and Giraffes, plus six afghan patterns, including granny square Noah's Ark.

  Details & Ordering
KS-034 House of White Birches Amigurumi Animal Friends to knit

KNIT Amigurumi Animal Friends , designed by Michele Wilcox, House of White Birches, 2010, 2013. 9 fun & friendly animals to KNIT include: Dog, frog, cat, squirrel, skunk, ruster, bear, owl, and pig. Brand new!

2 Available

KS-035 House of White Birches KNIT: Animal Friends Two By Two

KNIT: Animal Friends Two By Two, designed by Michele Wilcox, House of White Birches, 2009. KNIT 7 fun animal toys and an adroable ripple afghan adorned with Noah's Ark. Animals include: bird, fish, giraffe, monkey, elephant, turtle, and lion.Brand new!

2 Available

GS-1517 Annie Obaachan Amigurumi Animals

Amigurumi Animals, designed by Annie Obaachan, St. Martin's Griffin, 2008. 15 patterns and dozens of techniques for creating cute crochet animals in the Japanese art form. Includes tips on choosing yarn and needles, and step-by-step instructions for making pig, bears, cat, dogs, lion, birds, owl, monkey, panda, mouse, elephant, penguins, bunny, and your own designs -- as elaborate or as simple as you wish! Brand new!

2 Available

Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
GS-1518 Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet

Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet, designed by Ana Paula Rimoli, Martingale & Company, 2008. Over 20 easy-to-make projects using only basic crochet skills and small amounts of yarn, including: Bears, Baby & Daddy Lions, Puppy & Daddy, Baby Monkey & Daddy, Baby Penguin & Mommy, Baby Owl & Mommy, Baby Hedgehog & Mommy, Boy & Girl Elephants, Baby Octopus & Mommy, Mr. & Mrs. Cactus, Happy Eggs, Smiling Cupcake and Ice Cream Cone, Pear, Apple & Worm, & Tiny Ami. Brand new!

Note: Additional postage may be required for shipping outside of the US.
GS-1519 Leisure Arts Cute Critter Purses to Crochet

Cute Critter Purses to Crochet, designed by Cindy Harris, Leisure Arts, 2007. 6 Animal purses in worsted weight yarn, including: Bear, Bunny, Cow, Kitten, Piggy, and Puppy. New, but some spine & cover bending from mailing.

$7.50 SOLD
GS-1410 Leisure Arts Cute Little Animals are crocheted in the Japanese Amagurumi style.

Cute Little Animals, designed by Amy Gaines, Leisure Arts, 2008. 8 collectible animals in the amigurumi style, crocheted in worsted weight yarn: Millicent Rose and Archibald Hiram Bears, Wesley Elephant, Lourdes the hippo Roscoe the pirate panda, Scooter Pup, Nestor the sea monster, and Chaos A. Cat, Brand new!

$9.95 SOLD
GS-1101 Annies Attic Safari Friends

Safari Friends, designed by Lori Jean Karluk, Annie's Attic, 2004. Six creative projects in worsted weight yarn include: Elly Funt, Ty Garre, Jay Raffe, Lemon Lion, Chocolate Chimp, and Al Gatore. Brand new!

2 Available

GS-1102 Annies Attic Holiday Hug ems

Holiday Hug'ems, designed by Sheila Leslie, Annie's Attic, 2009. Six soft huggably stuffed holiday characters complete with crochet-edged fleecie blankies. Snowman, Scarecrow, Bunny, Penguin, Santa, and Uncle Sam Bear. Brand new!

GS-709 Annie's Attic Itty Bitty Animals

Itty Bitty Animals, Annie's Attic, 2009. 15 fun little animals, all under 4" and made with size 10 thread, including: Giraffe, Puppy, Crocodile, Piggy, Kitty, Reindeer, Bunny, Monkey, Elephant, Panda, Ballerina Bear, Baby Bear, Chef Bear, Uncle Sam Bear, and Santa Bear. Brand new!

GS-640 Annies Attic Teddy Bears To Treasure

Teddy Bears To Treasure, Annie's Attic, 2008. Ten cuddly designs in a variety of shapes and sizes, including: Fisherman Bear, Sunny Sabrina, Bearly an Angel, Old-Time Teddy Bear, Scrappy Bear, Bear Family, Rags, Floppy Brown Bear, and Sleepy Time Teddy. Brand new!

$12.95 SOLD
GS-485 Annie's Attic Big Book of Animals

Big Book of Animals, Annie's Attic, 2008. Crochet in worsted weight yarn: Cuddles the Lamb, an entire Piggy Family, Jointed Bunny and Spotted Puppy, Tiger Cat's Bed/floor pillow, Reginald & Regina Elephant, Unicorn Doorstop, and "Pocket Pals" -- 4" tall bear, bunny, puppy, and doll. Brand new!

GS-486 Annie's Attic Fun-Time Bath Mitts

Fun-Time Bath Mitts designed by Darla Simms, Annie's Attic, 2008. Crochted in worsted-weight yarn, these bath mitts also double as hand puppets: Teddy Bear, Bunny, Whale, Penquin, Seahorse, Frog, and Duckie. Brand new!

5 Available

GS-487 Annie's Attic Sugar Bunnies To Crochet

Sugar Bunnies To Crochet, designed by May Meats, Annie's Attic, 1995, 2005. Crocheted in worsted weight yarn, these seven clever bunny patterns incorporate rolled candy treats as accessories in items such as "hare" curlers, roller skate wheels, ammo belt on "Bun-Dito," chocolate coins on the "Hare-m Dancer," etc. Excellent condition.

$9.99 SOLD
GS-488 Annies Attic Beary Tales

Beary Tales, designed by Lori Jean Karluk, Annie's Attic, 2005. Crocheted in worsted weight yarn, "Beary adorable friends" include: Beary Major, Beary Sleepy, Beary Rainy, and Beary Football. Brand new!

2 Available

GS-489 Annies Attic Lady Ester Bear & Friends

Lady Ester Bear & Friends designed by Caroline Christmas, Annie's Attic, 2003. Six different cuddly friends made with bulky chenille and worsted weight yarns in "Crochenit." Patterns include Lady Ester in her Easter Bonnet, Noel, Valentino, Patriotic Pete, Paddie O'Mallie, and Lit'l Punkin. Brand new!

3 Available

GS-917 Annies Attic Purr-Sonality Cats

Annie's Attic Crochet Purr-sonality Cats, designed by Heidi Petach, Annie's Attic, 2003. Six clever designs in sport weight yarn include: Meow West, Sugar Plum Furry, Sophisti-Cat, The Great Catsby Flapper, Meowi Beach Cat, and Cleo Catra. 16" tall. Brand new but may smell slightly of cigarette smoke.

2 Available

GS-8192 LA Care Bears Crochet Characters

Care Bears Crochet Characters, designed by Caroline Christmas, Leisure Arts, 2004. Characters to crochet in worsted weight yarn include: Bedtime Bear, Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Wish Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, Good Luck Bear, Love- A- Lot Bear, Friend Bear. Very good condition.


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