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Updated 6 February 2018
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Stuffed Pets, Page 1:

ED-002 Pastel roses doll blanket and pillow set

Rose Blankie & Pillows
-- now in two sizes for dolls and stuffed pets!

$4.95 Details & Ordering
ED-024 Annabelle's (Doll) Afghans

BRAND NEW for 2016!
Annabelle's Afghans
for dolls and stuffed pets.

$9.95 Details & Ordering
PD-002 Bridal Bear with crocheted gown, hat, and shoes

Bridal or Christening Bear

  Details & Ordering
GS-6659 Crochet World Best Crochet Animals, Toys, & Dolls

Crochet World Best Crochet Animals, Toys, & Dolls, Crochet World, Fall 2014. Projects include: ANIMAL FRIENDS - Night Owls afghan, Jake the Snake, Leopold, Fox Hat & Scarf Set, Spike the dragon, Play With Me Bear, Cuddly Caterpillar, Lollipop Lamb, Sammy Snail Pillow, Monkey on My Back, Baby Giraffe, Panda Travel Pillow; TOYS & GAMES - Let's Bowl, Toss & Twtist Game, Travel Game Bag, Farmyard Finger Puppets, Buggy Wrist Rattles, RIng Toss, Baby's First Soccer Ball; DELIGHTFUL DOLLS -- Pussycat Pussycat Where Have You Been outfit for 18" doll, LIttle Star 10" baby doll dress, Pretty Patti crochet doll, Girl About Town outfit for 18" doll, School Days outfit for 18" doll, Baby Belinda crochet doll & blanket, Skater Boy 5" doll outfit, Holiday Baby 5" doll outfit. Brand new 2014 Release!

  Details & Ordering
GS-6945 Crochet World October 2004.

Crochet World, October 2004. Scruffy the dog

  Details & Ordering
  Crochet World April 2004.

Crochet World Magazine Nearly every issue contains at least one adorable stuffed animal to crochet. Don't let the production quality of the first issues fool you; these magazines are a treasure trove of wonderful designs!

  Details & Ordering
GS-8729 Bernat Cottontots Mini Me

Bernat Cottontots Mini Me, Bernat, 2010. 6 sets with matching 18"tall doll and bear. CROCHET Doll and Bear, Girl's and Doll's Jumper and Hat Girl's and Doll's Cardigan and Beret; KNIT Boy's and Bear's Jacket, Girl's and Doll's Jacket, Earflap Hat, Child's Striped Cardigan and Matching Toy Cardigan. New.

  Details & Ordering
GS-6962 Annie's Baby Blankets & Toys

Baby Blankets & Toys, designed by Teri Crews, Annie's, 2015. 5 sets to crochet in worsted weight yarn: Petal Blanket & Teddy Bear Buddy, Soft Circles Blanket & Dog Buddy, Soft Ripples Blanket & Piggy Buddy, Soft Waves Blanket & Kitty Buddy, Tipsy Stripes Blanket & Bunny Buddy. BRAND NEW 2015 RELEASE!

  Details & Ordering
GS-8201 ASN Crocheted Nap Mats & Pillows

Crocheted Nap Mats & Pillows, designed by Joyce Vanderslice, American School of Needlework, 1990. Double- sided designs include: Benjamin Bear, Katy Kat, My Dog Spot, Lopsy Rabbit.

  Details & Ordering
GS-8676 LA Baby's Buddy Amigurumi

Baby's Buddy Amigurumi, designed by Tamara Ramsey, Leisure Arts, 2016. Crochet Elephant, T-Rex, Lamb, Doll, Turtle, Teddy Bear, Dumbell Rattle, Bunny, and a Blanket. BRAND NEW 2016 RELEASE!

GS-8677 LA Water Babies Amigurumi

Water Babies Amigurumi, designed by Jessica Boyer, Leisure Arts, 2017. Crochet Crab, Sea Horse, Octopus, Puffer Fish, Mermaid, Seal, Shark, Starfish, Whale. BRAND NEW 2017 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-8190 Annie's Barnyard Bowling Set

Barnyard Bowling Set, designed by Kathleen Stuart, Annie's, 2016. Bowling Pins and Ball worked in worsted- weight yarn; designs include: Pig, Sheep, Duck, Dog, Cat, Cow. BRAND NEW 2016 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-8124 Annie's Happy Hippo Family

Happy Hippo Family, designed Martha Ess, Annie's, 2016. 3 sizes, depending on yarn/ thread used: Large (9-1/2" tall) with chunky weight yarn, Medium (6-1/2" tall) with Caron Simply Soft yarn, and Small (3-1/2" tall) with size 10 crochet cotton. BRAND NEW 2016 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-7520 Annie's At the Zoo

At the Zoo, designed by Cindy Cseh, Annie's, 2016. Stacker to crochet in worsted weight yarn featuring Zoo sign base, Hippo, Rhino. Panda, Snake, and Panda. BRAND NEW 2016 RELEASE!

2 Available

GS-7448 Annie's Puppy Love

Puppy Love, designed by Fran Goreham, Annie's, 2015. Two designs to crochet in DK- weight yarn. BRAND NEW 2015 RELEASE!

2 Available