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Stuffed Pets, Page 4

Updated 21 April 2024
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        Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       PleaseEmail me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back! Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.

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Stuffed Pets, Page 4:

MS-050 Kappie Kritters for Pom Poms and Chenille

Kappie Kritters for Pom Poms and Chenille, designed by Pat Winson, Kappie Originals Ltd., 1984. CRAFT animals using chenille sticks and pom poms: Pom Pom Owl, Humpty, Mother Unicorn, Baby Unicorn, Snake,Yellow Duck, Peppi Penguin, Whale, Poodle, Skunk, Tucan, Turtle, Baby Brown Bear, Green Dinosaur, Ram, Rabbit with Balloon, Bumble Bee, Piggy, Bumpie Rabbit, Kangaroo, with Baby, Dragon, Chenille Rabbit, Chenille Dog, Siamese Cat, Ms. Squirrel, Baby Harp Seal, Robin, Rex, Elephant Magnet, Owl Magnet, Lion Refrigerator Magnet, Duck in Hat and Shawl, Giraffe, Brown Dog with Red Collar, Swans, Ballerina Dog. Tag on cover, center staples rusted, but otherwise like new.

MS-041 Mangelsen More Chenille Show- Offs

More Chenille Show- Offs, designed by Eunice Dorholt, Harold Mangelsen & Sons, Inc., 1975. CRAFT animals using chenille sticks and bumps: Debonaire Duck, Percy Pig, Carrot Chomper, Bowser, Harold G. Holstein, Fluff, Becky Beaver, Al R. Funt, Missy Mouse, Baby Bird, Cora Cluck, Thanksgiving Special, Oscar Owl, Silly Santa, Tre- Elegant, Door Ornament, Chenille Stem Foolery. Price sticker on cover, but otherwise very good condition.

MS-042 Pat Depke Chenille- Imals

Chenille- Imals, designed by Nancy Disbro, Pat Deptke/ Craft World, 1984. Designs to CRAFT with Chenille sticks include: Fat Rabbit, Bumble Bee, Hen, Cow, Raccoon, Strawberry, Frog, Teddy Bear. Slightly yellowed, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-6650 Hazel's Playtime Parade Crocheted Toys

Playtime Parade Crocheted Toys, designed by Sue Penrod, Hazel's Needlework Collection, Hazel Pearson Handicrafts, 1978. Designs include: Pinkie doll and tiny clown, Mr. & Mrs. Santa, "legs" the Clown, Bunny and Ben Rabbit, Lion Tooth Fairy Pillow, Ponty Penguin, Tubby Turtle, Barnyard Birds (Harriet Hen, Chick In Egg, Denny Duck, Grandmother Goose). Price tag smudge and cross- off on front cover, but otherwise like new.

KS-438 KNITTED Bears: All Dressed Up

KNITTED Bears: All Dressed Up, designed by Val Pierce, Search Press, Ltd., 2010. Digest- size book containing instructions for twenty 8" bears and outfits to KNIT include: Katy Strawberry, Oliver Baby, Peter Pumpkin, Freddy Football, Toby Toddler, Billy Bridgroom, Grace Bride, Pippa Dolly, Holly Christmas, Abi Ballet, Barney College, Sweet Honey Bee, Olivia Sweetheart, Emily Knitting, Sophie Bikini, Poppy Panda, Hector Hiking, Lucky Ladybird, Pretty Party, and Ellie Bouquet Bears. Very good condition.

GS-6248 LA Musical Cute Couples to Crochet

Musical Cute Couples to Crochet, designed by Cindy Harris, Leisure Arts, 1993. Designs in worsted weight yarn include: Bunny Buddies (on see- saw), Ducky Love on Pond, Mouse Mates Bride & Groom, Bear Pair fishing from a rock base. Some cover & spine wear, but pages in very good condition.

GS-9280 Annie's Attic Baby Bow Trims

Annie's Attic Baby Bow Trims, designed by Barbara Anderson, Annie's Attic, 1988. Tiny treasures crocheted in baby weight yarn include: Puppy, Piglet, Frog, Lamb, bear, Chick, Mouse, Bunny, Kitten, Turtle, Raccoon, Girl Baby, and Boy Baby.

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GS-9281 Annie's Attic Tiny Additions

Tiny Additions, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, 1989. Digest-size leaflet; designs worked in sports yarn include: Country Lady, Little Teddy Bear, Bee, Tiny Ladybug, Chicken with Eggs, Worm, Turkey, Apple, Duck, Rabbit, Gingerbread Boy, Country Hat, Frog, Duck, and Potluck Porky. Excellent condition.

GS-9282 Annie's Attic Animal Clip-Ons

Animal Clip-Ons, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, 1988. Digest-size leaflet; designs worked in sports yarn include: Caterpiller, Koala Bear, Parrot, Dinosaur, Hippo, Monkey, Elephant, Tiger, Giraffe, Skunk, Raccoon, Lion. Excellent condition.

GS-5972 Annie's Attic Pocket Pals

Pocket Pals, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, 1986. Digest-size leaflet for 4" - 5" tall pets worked in worsted weight yarn: Lovely Butterfly, Darling Doll, Marvin Mouse, Baby Ber, Prancin' Pig, Ruff the Dog, Tommy Turtle, Jumpin' Frog, Jolly Elephant, Cool chicken, Cruisin' Car, Dexter Duck, Leo the Lion, Friendly Flyer, Wooly Sheep, Casual Caterpiller, Goofy Goose, and Peter Panda. Excellent condition.

GS-5972b Annie's Attic Pocket Pals

Pocket Pals, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, 1986. Digest-size leaflet same as above EXCEPT Good used condition -- some cover & spine wear; most of the pages are clean but lots of "hash marks" and some notes on the first two, some "hash marks" to keep track of rows worked on a few other pages. Everything is readable.

GS-5972c Annie's Attic Pocket Pals

Pocket Pals, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, 1986. Digest-size leaflet same as above, except may have slight MUSTY smell -- otherwise, like new.

GS-5950 Annie's Attic Prairie Schooner Bunnies

Prairie Schooner Bunnies, designed by Lois Lee, Annie's Attic, 1989. Digest-size leaflet for 25" tall Mama & Papa Bunnies, and 11" tall Farmer & Family Bunnies, all worked in worsted weight yarn. Excellent condition, though may smell slightly of cigarette smoke.

GS-5863 Millcraft Inc. Garfield Crochet Designs

Garfield Crochet Designs, designed by Cheryl DeVeronica, Millcraft, Inc., 1986. Crochet Garfield, Pooky, Odie, Arlene, and Nermal in worsted weight yarn. Slight page- yellowing but otherwise excellent condition.

$24.99 SOLD
GS-5864 Mary Maxim Three Bears

Mary Maxim Three Bears, Mary Maxim, nd. Outfits for 8", 10", and 13" - 15" bears include: KNIT Papa Bear Pants & Sweater, Papa's Tuxedo, Mama's Formal and Shawl; Papa's Mountie Uniform, Baby's Pajamas, Papa's and Baby's Double- Breasted Vests and Tams, Mama's Knitted Dress and Panties, Baby's Shorts - Sweater - Stocking Hat; CROCHET Baby Bear's Shorts - Top- Ruffled Hat, Mama's Short Dress - Panties - Hat - Purse, Mama's Crocheted Dress with Bow. Corners bent but otherwise very good condition.

GS-5774 Kappie Country Folk Dolls to Crochet

Country Folk Dolls to Crochet, designed by Alexander Atrattion Designs, Inc., Kappie Originals Ltd, 1992. Mama Cat, Papa Cat, Ms. Prudence Pig, Mr. Percival Pig, and Jessica & Jake Rabbit. Excellent condition.

2 Available

GS-5627 Annie's Attic Crochet Big Book of Bears

Crochet Big Book of Bears, Annie's Attic, 2004. 19 loveable bears in a variety of sizes and yarns. Like new.

$14.99 SOLD
GS-5628 Patons A Bevy of Bears to Knit and Crochet

A Bevy of Bears to Knit and Crochet, Patons, 2004. One pattern each to KNIT and CROCHET; work up in several different sizes depending on the size yarn used. May have tag smudge on cover, but otherwise like new.

2 Available

GS-6352 TNS Crochet Private Collection

Crochet Private Collection, The Needlecraft Shop, 1999. Hardcover book; designs include: Kitchen Charm -- Sunshine Set, Pumpkin Caddy, Happy Hot Mats, Apple Medley, Watermelon Trio, Floral Jar Covers, Farm Friends; Family Comforts -- World Friendship, Trio of Pillows, Home Sweet Home, Tapestry Jewels, Timeless Tablecloth, Mountain Laurel, Ruffled Bath Set, Berry Ripples; Beautiful Baby -- Bring Me Home, Heirloom Baby Dress, Antique Bib & Booties, Baby Bubbles, Afghan & Bunting, Baby Blocks; Sun- Kissed Gardens -- Rose Cafe Curtain, Butterflies in Flight, Floal Jewels, Irish Mint Doily, Petite Petals Runner, Enchanted Garden Quilt, Flower Coasters, Coleus; Playful Pets -- Claudia Cottontail, Sara Squirrel, Forever Friends Puppy & Kitten, CHARLIE CHIMP, Clara Cow, Bashful Bear; Christmas Splendor -- Poinsettia Garden, Poinsettia Decor, Holly Afghan, Christmas Tree Pillow, Mistletoe Stocking, Dimensional Snowflakes, Rose Wreath; Gifts & Goodies -- Simply Sarah, Lacy Tissue Cover, Ring Bearer's Pillow, Hidden Warmth, Pink Confection, Quick & Esy Slippers, Elegant Accessories, Needles & Pins, Rosebud Bed Jacket. Excellent condition.

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GS-3201b Annie's Attic Year-Round Scraps Aplenty

Year-Round Scraps Aplenty, Annie's Attic, 2005. 28 fun- to- stitch scrap projects in a variety of yarns and thread. Includes the very popular Barbara Anderson Charlie Chimp w/ banana, as well as: Rose Barrette & Button Covers, Wine Caddy & Coasters, Itzy-Bitzy Bear, doggy Bow Tie & Sailor Collar, Flower Garden Bolero, Ponytail Pretties, Rainbow hat & scarf Set, Tissue Cover, Wild With Color afghan, Repeating Rainbows afghan, Color Wheels afghan and pillow, Random Acts of Kindness afghan, Garden afghan, Happy Times afghan, Colored Chalk reversible afghan, Summer Colors doily, Starburst pillow, Bag Lady, Spring Baskets doily, Butterfly's Fancy Tplace mat and napkin holder, Hot Mats, Coasters, Floral Jar Covers, Checkered Hot Mats, daisy & hearts placemat & napkin holders, and Halloween Jar Covers.

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GS-7371 Crochet Fun No. 2, Dec/ Jan 1988

Crochet Fun No. 2, Dec/ Jan 1988. Charlie Chimp

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GS-5654 LA Disney Home: Pooh -- Little Buddies

Disney Home: Pooh - Little Buddies, Leisure Arts, 2002. Beautifully detailed to crochet in size 10 crochet cotton: Pooh with Honey Pot (7" tall sitting), Tigger & Dragonfly (7" tall sitting), Eeyore & Butterfly (7" sitting), and Piglet with Flower (5-1/2" tall sitting). Tag smudges on front cover, but otherwise like new.

GS-5602 Coats & Clark Book 1442: Luster Sheen Bean Bag Buddies

Coats & Clark Book 1442: Luster Sheen Bean Bag Buddies, designed by Sue Penrod, Coats & Clark, 1999. Pocket- Sized pals to crochet include: Ellie Elephant, Fred Frog, Lila Ladybug, Hamilton Pig, and Frannie Fish. Excellent condition.

GS-5914 Millcraft Inc. Playful Puppy

Playful Puppy, designed by Cheryl Vanderwall De Veronica, Millcraft Inc., 1985. Crochet four 18" long "Pound Puppies" (Bulldog, Terrier, Spaniel, Hound) plus a variety of outfits to fit them and other stuffed pets of the same size: Boy Puppy Hat, Sweater, Pants, Nightcap, and Pajamas; Girl Puppy Bonnet, Sweater, Skirt, Nightcap, and Pajamas; and Blanket and Slippers for either. Really cute! Very good condition.

$24.99 SOLD
GS-5559 Pick of the Litter Puppies

Pick of the Litter Puppies, designed by Cheryl Vanderwall De Veronica, Millcraft Inc., 1985. Crochet five 9" long "Pound Puppies" (Bulldog, Terrier, Lab, Spaniel, Hound) plus a variety of outfits to fit them and other stuffed pets of the same size: Bunting, Girls' & Boys' Layette, Christening Gown and Suit, Christening Blanket, Girls' & Boys' Sleepers, Girls' & Boys' Tennis Outits, Girls' & Boys' Sailor Suits, Girls' & Boys' Sunsuits, Girls' & Boys' Swimsuits, Bone, and Bottles. Really cute! Very good condition.

$24.99 SOLD
GS-5487 Annie's Attic Dear to My Heart

Dear to My Heart, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, 1987. Designs include: Mama Doll and Her Baby, Mama Duck and Babies, Kangaroo & Joey, Koala With Baby in Backpack, and Mrs. Hen with Baby Chick. Like new.

GS-5241 Annie's Attic Crochet Backpack Buddies

Crochet Backpack Buddies, designed by Michele Wilcox, Annie's Attic, nd. 12 designs in worsted weight yarn include: Snowman, Heart with Bee, Leprechaun, Bunny, Flower with Ladybug, Frog, Stars, Elephant, Apple with Worm, Bat, Turkey, and Stocking with Kitten. Like new.

GS-5242 LA Magnetic Notepad Holders

Magnetic Notepad Holders, designed by Sue Penrod, Leisure Arts, 1993. 9 designs to crochet in worsted weight yarn: Dog, Duck, Lady Bug, Turtle, Chicken, Bunny, Frog, Cat, and Pig. Like new.

$7.99 SOLD
PN-711 Plaid Plastic Canvas Woodland Animals

Plastic Canvas Woodland Animals, designed by Sue Penrod, Plaid Enterprises, Inc., 1982. 10 charming 3-d animals worked on 7- mesh plastic canvas include: Fox, Skunk, Black Bear, Beaver, Barn Owl, Quail, Robin, Squirrel, Chipmunk, and Raccoon. Some animals worked in a cut loop stitch and brushed to look like fur! Fragile spine -- splits in cover at spine about an inch up and down. Pages in very good condition.

PN-1545 Plaid Ent. Needlework on Plastic Canvas: Pets & Playmates

Needlework on Plastic Canvas: Pets & Playmates, designed by Sue Penrod, Plaid Enterprises, 1982. 3- D Animal Designs on 7- mesh include: Mini Mouse, Funny the Feline, Montgomery Monkey Business, Limelight the Lion, Tardy the Turtle, Honey Bunny, Blackface the Little Lamb, Ginny the Guinea Pig,Polly Wants a Penny Parrot Bank, Bow- Wowser Schnauzer. Some patterns have yarn separated into "fur" -- very cute! Overall good condition. May smell faintly of cigarette smoke.

  Details & Ordering
GS-4857 Annie's Attic Dragons & Dinosaurs

Dragons & Dinosaurs, designed by Betty Blount, Annie's Attic, 1985. Green and Turquise Dragons and Blue and Yellow Dinosaurs crocheted in worsted weight yarn. Like new.

$14.99 SOLD
GS-4288 The Pattern Library Playful Friends Crochet

Playful Friends Crochet, The Pattern Library, nd. Designs in worsted weight yarn include: Seal, Cat Nap, Aerobi-Cat, Little Whiskers (mouse?), and Dinosaur. Like new.

GS-3192 LA Miniature Bears

Miniature Bears, designed by Sue Penrod, Leisure Arts, 1991. 6 designs to crochet in size 10 crochet cotton: Ballerina, Elf, Santa, Angel, Girl, & Boy. Excellent condition.

  Details and Ordering
GS-628 Leisure Arts Easter Projects to Crochet

Easter Projects to Crochet, Designs from Carol's Creations of Georgia for Leisure Arts, 1990. Patterns include: Chicken, Bunny, & Duck Hand Puppets; Hatching Bunny, Granny and Daphne Ducks,; Duckling, Chick, & Flower Egg Covers; and Bunny, Chicken, and Duck Mini Baskets. Like new.

2 Available

GS-3913 HWB Playtime Pets

Playtime Pets, designed by Robin L. Murphy, House of White Birches, 1999. & pairs of pets in adorable outfits, worked in worsted weight yarn: Mice, Ducks, Elephants, Rabbits, Bears, Pigs, and Cows. Notes to keep track of rows in margins of Rabbit patterns; all others in excellent condition.

$8.99 SOLD
GS-3625 LA Egg Critters to Crochet

Egg Critters to Crochet, designed by Dianne Bee, Leisure Arts, 1993. 13 designs crochted in size 10 crochet cotton and starched around styrofoam egg shape: Cat, Mouse, Owl, Dog, Rooster, Hen, Chick, Turkey, Elephant, Pig, Bunny, Bat, and Koala. "X" on cover; otherwise, excellent condition.


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